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In the news: March of Dimes Selects 3-Yr-Old Everett Boy as Ambassador

The Everett Clinic is a proud supporter of March of Dimes - Washington State! Dr. Nari Heshmati and The Everett Clinic's Primary Care & Surgery teams are competing with local healthcare organizations like Providence Health & Services, Northwest Washington NICU on who can raise the most money for the cause. More than $37,000 has been raised.

The 2018 March of Dimes Snohomish County March for Babies is bringing our community together to improve the health of all moms and babies. Three-year-old Dominic Gonzalez, who was born almost six weeks prematurely, has been selected as the 2018 March of Dimes Snohomish County March for Babies® Amba...

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It's easy to lose our cool when we're tired, hungry or feeling overwhelmed. How can we work to keep ourselves in check?
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Doris Carlson
· February 18, 2018
I have been going to the Everett Clinic for the past 46 years. I have been to many doctors there from Oncology to General Practice. For the most part the doctors have been great. They take the time you and they do not hesitate to refer you to other specialties if needed. My main doctor Dr.Rahman is great. She spends as much time as she can to listen to my concerns and fears. I think when a person has had cancer and went through chemo the body changes for the rest of your life. I also think you are in constant fear the cancer will come back. She is very understanding and compassionate of this. I also like the fact that most test and procedures can be performed at one of the clinics. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. See More
Chelsie Burke
· November 24, 2017
This is going to be lengthy. I have been in considerable abdominal pain for over three years. In the Spring I met with a Physicians Assistant for my annual woman's exam and expressed my concern about ...the pain. In the past I expressed these concerns with other physicians and was told it was all in my head, I was laughed at and told to just accept the pain. Not at TEC, she heard my concerns and recommended I see a surgeon. Scheduled me an appt and told me that I will be cared for. I got in with Doctor Vold and since that day I felt cared for. He listened to all of my concerns and was able to help me make a care plan. We built a plan of attack together. Not once did I feel like he was just going along with me. He expressed real concern and wanted my pain to go away as much as I did. I can't believe that it took me three years to find a doctor who was genuinely concerned about my pain. We are hoping that the steps we have taken will end the constant pain I have been in and I will be able to live a pain free life. I cannot express my appreciation enough. See More
Desiree Ross
· November 10, 2017
To Whom it may Concern, why on the after visit summary from my mom seeing Dr Feng Wang, does it say she had an "old M I "? She's never had an MI. Also it says she has HyperTension, She's never had Hig...h Blood Pressure. Again, The Everett Clinic has added a bunch of falsehoods into her chart that require an act of God to remove, we've come in only to have the representatives placate us with their name badges turned backwards.
The last time she noticed they had her history as having a Sister with breast cancer (she has no siblings), a child with Chron's Disease (absolutely untrue) and again with the High Blood Pressure diagnosis on there when she has the BP of a slug.
To get a phone call back is another big issue. You don't. Not even the pharmacy had any luck calling the endocrinology department, nor did my mom's GP.
Medical Assistants are constantly being misrepresented as Nurses, which I believe is illegal. My mother is an RN and if she ever did any of these things, her license would be in jeopardy.
I want the number of a person with the power to make the changes in her file that are all completely wrong. I do not want more smoke blown up my mom's ass by people who consider themselves all important gatekeepers who's biggest skill is obviously being a tappa tappa tappa , while they massage a keyboard and mistype entries. My mother is is planning on calling the Board of Nursing to inform them and make a complaint about med techs being represented as Nurses.
My Mother is Irene R Corlis and I am
Desiree D Ross
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Dawn Bennett
· December 15, 2017
In a short review, I can say that we avoid the Everett clinic like the plague. We have had good experiences, and have had some bad ones also. Unfortunately, in the last 5 years it has always been more... bad than good and therefore I can’t bring myself to even do a neutral review.

My children have had great care. Their doctor ha always been thorough and careful and over cautious. After losing one child, over caution is just what I want.

Personally, it took over a year and thousands of dollars in testing to determine that I was right when I told them I was having gallbladder specific issues. �

Myself and my girls caught bronchitis and since my husband sees the same doctor as the girls and myself, he said to just call if his symptoms started also and a quick trip in and he could be treated for it also. Well, the day came to make the appointment and he can’t get in for over a week. With bronchitis that’s not an option. After FOUR visits to the walk-in clinic, where he was told he had allergies all four times he went to the originally appointment with the doctor who now had diagnosed him with walking pneumonia because no one was treating his bronchitis. Not only was it time consuming, it was very expensive and frustrating to not be listened to.

After a plethora of issues, every problem requires upwards of 2-3 visits before they’re handled.

Again, extremely expensive and no results. We won’t be returning.
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Ashley Marie Arvizu
· March 1, 2018
UPDATE: So I felt the need to update and change my rating after the clinic reached out to me. I’m upset it had to get to this point but the clinic did reach out when I expressed an issue and try to he...lp me and my husband out. Ultimately I want to give credit where credit is due and the woman who contacted us and worked with us was extremely helpful and was finally able to help us with the billing issue. We plan on giving the clinic another chance and hopefully we have a better experience!

This is mainly in regards to their billing department than their clinical staff. The doctor and MA I had were lovely but due to the incompetency of their billing staff I will not be back here again. They overcharged my husband and I yet still have not fixed the problem. They keep saying people will call back and then they don’t and when I called because I got a notice talking about an overdue bill I got told “that’s just automatic thing that gets sent and don’t worry about it” Come to find out they sent my bill that was supposed to be put on hold to collections without even fixing the problem.
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Shelby Moan
· November 7, 2017
Most of the doctors are good, Its the behind the scense thats a joke. My son has a bill, but they wont send it to me.... Yep, thats right. I am his mother, if the bill isn't paid it hits my credit and... my husbands, but they wont send it. Why? Cause they wont let me change his address cause I'm not Dad... So now I have to get my husband who works two jobs to support his family, doesnt get enough sleep and now take time to sit on hold to change the address. So we can give them money...Sure makes sense. See More
Leah Walsh
· September 19, 2017
I am writing to inform the Everett Clinic that we are considerably frustrated with your company and the billing department. We received care over a few months for a work injury. Initially this was through insurance; however, it turned into an L&I claim. We called several times to let the billing department know that ALL bills relating to this injury needed to be forwarded to that claim. Every single time i spoke with someone your system did not register the claim number and they said they would call "when they get a chance" to the claims manager at L&I and that i would have to keep calling back until someone sometime could reach the L&I manager. I have been waiting months now for this to be resolved. The claim was to be sent over to L&I as of June. It is now September. That is 3 months i have been calling your billing department to get them to call L&I to send the claim over. I again received Another bill dated 9/13/17 with the full balance still noted. So i call the billing department and of course they have no idea what's going on, no claim number on file, and the balance is showing a different number that supposedly we owe. Now i AGAIN have to wait for the billing department to figure out what's going on. And AGAIN had to wait to find out what's going on with this bill that we don't even owe anything on because it's an L&I claim. I should not have to wait 3 months for a claim to be sent over to L&I and i shouldn't have to keep tabs on a company to make sure it gets taken care of properly. Very poor service. See More
Carrie England-Hartwig
· August 29, 2017
Wait time has increased and Dr. time has decreased !!!! Also the price range is too high for a 15 minute visit. Check your bills and what they charge your insurance company by looking closely at your ...EOB (explanation of benefits) sent by your medical insurance to you. I just found a huge mistake and the only answers from them is a excuse why they did it ... I will have my medicare and United Health checking into soon if they do not fix it!!! See More
Kory Kelso Hanke
· November 17, 2017
The wait times on the phone are absolutely ridiculous. EVERY time I call to schedule, cancel, ask a question, physical therapy, anything, I am on hold for a minimum of 10 minutes and upwards to 15 min...utes just to speak to a human. It has really gotten out of control and I dread when I need to call. Needs fixed. If I were the patient I would find some where new- I am caretaker for my mom in law and her Drs are with Everett Clinic. See More
Brian Diver
· December 16, 2017
I waited over an hour just to have a simple blood draw on my Saturday. It's bad enough they changed their hours from 8-9 so now half my day is gone.
Nancy Novak
· March 5, 2018
I revived new medical insurance on March 1st and had not gotten my new medical card. I needed to see a Dr. and stopped at the Smokey Point clinic. They were exstreamly helpful and got me in to see a D...r. same day. Thank you to your great staff! Excellent customer service! See More
Rick Cooper
· November 15, 2017
I have been going to the Everett Clinic for over 30 years. I am so disappointed anymore. No reply to messages sent through my chart. No promised call backs. Go through circles to reach a department. I... am now looking for a new health facility. See More
Ioana Preda
· September 21, 2017
UPDATE: The Everett Clinic reached out to me and fixed my bill so I am changing my review to 4 stars (Very Good). I still think their phone customer service/billing customer service needs improvement,... but I am happier that they provided another avenue to feedback. Thank you.


I would give The Everett Clinic negative starts if it was possible – their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. They consistently told me one thing then charged me for another. I will not be coming back nor recommend them to anyone – awful, awful, more awful.
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Jennifer Mattos
· February 20, 2018
billing department Sucks and are really stupid and un organized .. Dont waste your time trying to get a little assistance as there is more ppwrk involved than buying a car, then they tell you its not ...good enough See More
Carly McGinn
· November 25, 2017
My three year old daughter gave everyone a scare yesterday when her temp jumped up to 105 during a visit to the Stanwood Clinic. The nurse and doctor were fantastic, caring and responsive and went the... extra mile with apple juice and TLC; but the really impressive part was the sweet phone call I got this morning to follow up and see how she was doing. The Everett Clinic is a caring bunch, thank you for all you do! See More
Ranae Bourland
· August 16, 2017
As a former employee of 7 years, I've watched your business decline. Misdiagnosing patients, etc. I'm appalled at the Lack of Compassion in your Oncology Dept. As I watch my friend die, she waits on y...ou for a simple letter of necessity. Does it seriously take weeks to get one?? She desperately needs this to begin the medication that may save her life. When she calls, numerous times BTW, she is treated as though she's bothering your department. No compassion, NO SIMPLE APOLOGY, for this life threatening delay. I'm sickened by you. See More
Patty Bran
· September 14, 2017
I went in for numbness in three fingers Dr. Said she was going to give me a sling to wear to release pressure on fingers & guess what- I walked out without one! I'm 69 but I remember she was at least ...20 yrs younger & she can't remember to follow thru! See More
Carol Olsen Whitney
· September 12, 2017
As if having to go to the everett walk in clinic is not miserable enough the receptionist, Laura is as rude as they get. What a b+#@&. Why would the clinic put such rude, impersonal person out ther...e to "help" of the clinic. See More
Danielle Valentine
· April 21, 2017
Customer service is awful! Try treating each situation like a person instead of "the system says"...would NOT recommend! I'm sure no one there even bothers to take these review seriously but what a cl...uster. Why do you leave a post option open for people to post on your wall and then block it from showing up for others to view? Afraid of honest feedback?

5/6 edit: How insulting. I call, am basically told by the representative that sh can't help because "the system says x", she can't get a supervisor, can't tell me the name of a supervisor, can't get the name of a VP or executive that this matter can be escalated to...but I get *this* in the mail a week and a half later. A couple years ago my nephew was prescribed a medication by one of your physicians that (as it turns out) was not appropriate for a child. Thankfully the pharmacist at our local Bartell caught it before it was an issue. We called at that point and they offered us a $25 gift card for our troubles. Pissed off, I declined. They seemed genuinely sorry so we didn't escalate. This recent issue has me SO ANGRY at how it was handled. I am working on posting to every review site I can find. Yelp, Vitals, Health grades, web md, consumer reports, etc. in addition, I plan to file complaints with the insurance company, the State of WA, the BBB, the AMA and anyone else I can find.
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Kathy McInroy
· April 18, 2017
I was at the Main Everett Clinic yesterday morning when an emergency evacuation was ordered. I just want to give kudo's to all the clinic staff and security for the quick and ready response and for s...afely helping everyone get out in a timely manner. I have been a patient at the Everett Clinic for over 25 years and have been given the best healthcare ever. Thank you for the great care my family and I have received over the years! See More