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Kay Prothero
· 10 hours ago
I ordered on Etsy about a week ago. Was told they didn't have the material I wanted so I asked for a refund. They cancelled my order but still have not given me my refund. I asked after 3 days and the...y said it would be taken care of that afternoon. It's been an additional 3 days. This is getting pretty ridiculous. See More
Bev Kopmann Heiden
· January 2, 2018
I just spoke to Scarlett this morning, I don’t believe I have ever met anyone as helpful as she. Is going above and beyond in customer service. I’m not a quilter yet but will definitely recommend he...r to my quilting friends. See More
Carolyn Miller
· November 15, 2017
I've written a review before but I just wanted to say thank you again. Because of your fabric my business has went up. Everyone loves the choices I have now especially since no one else has them! Than...k you so much!!! See More
Tina Donohue St Pierre
· January 12, 2018
I only found the etsy shop because I googled "hp marauder map knit fabric". I ordered the 9th and received it today, the 12th. Will definitely be ordering again
Andrew Fisher
· June 1, 2016
I know what you're thinking, "Does he actually work with fabric?" and the answer is no. However! I do knit so I'd put that in the "kinda" category.

I'm writing this review for a simple and wonderful... reason today. I had the eminence pleasure of spending a full day at the cobbler recently and I got to see first hand what they are all about.

If there is one thing I look for in an establishment, it is good service, but more so service that shows that one cares. It was so wonderful to see how much of a family atmosphere exists at The Fabric Cobbler. To see Scarlett interact with her wonderful employees and vice versa. To see customers coming to and fro as they browse, all the while having conversations with everyone, it was as if someone just so happened to bring a fabric store into their very home, how comfortable they seemed.

I have to say that is something that I honestly have never witnessed in an establishment before. Such an inviting atmosphere, so inviting that despite my lack of fabric skill, I still was able to enjoy myself.

If that was the only thing, the only part of this review, I would still give it a 5 star rating but I feel I'd be missing something if I didn't mention this. Yes, I have personally witnessed the infamous Friday fabric releases. When you have a business owner who spends personal time to address and speak to and interact with each customer, that is a step, way beyond, what is called for. It would be all too easy to mitigate that responsibility to others or find ways to make it automatic, yet The Fabric Cobbler is helmed by a woman who is genuine and strives to go the extra mile always.

In conclusion, and while I may not be one who will shop for fabric, I will still support a business that is this dedicated and committed to providing excellent service and family atmosphere. I wish The Fabric Cobbler more and more success.
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Amanda Young
· November 7, 2016
Make the trip to the shop if you can, or shop online. I travelled 8 hours in August just for the pleasure of meeting Scarlett and her wonderful staff in person and shopping in the store. I have been a... loyal customer in her Facebook group, and I will continue to be as long as I have money to spend on fabric!! The customer service is overall unbeatable and the fabric is high quality. Things have been crazy in the shop lately due to a large business conference and staff illness, but I know the ladies are doing everything they can. I would give this small business 10 stars if I could :) See More
Victoria Brown
· October 20, 2016
I live in Delaware, so I shop with her online. I so wish I was closer. Scarlett and her staff really take care of you, and have great customer service. I am making a quilt and I work in small business..., so I wanted to shop small. Her and her team found matching fabric for me and it was way better then I could imagine. every question I ask has been answered in a timely fashion. I love the fabric choices, customer service and overall process of shopping online. Highly recommended. See More
Hester Maurice Bownds Adamson-Bounds
· October 24, 2016
Got my fabric in the mail today. I ordered the Coast Guard fabric and I am so happy. I have searched high and low for this. I make lap quilts every year for the veterans that live in the Va nursing ho...mes. In the past I used anchors and lighthouses. Now I can make them like I do for the other services. I will order more if you have more. See More
Holly Noland
· December 19, 2017
Amazing selection of fabrics and kits! Great prices too! �
Kathy Crockett
· February 2, 2017
Every time I go in to shop, I find just what I need. Scarlett and her staff are so helpful and there to help if you need it. I've found the perfect fabric several times to finish a project or to sta...rt a new one. See More
Leticia Arriaga
· February 18, 2015
I have been sewing for more than 40 years now, I remember local fabric shops, in small towns where everyone in the shop knew your name, your family and what you were working on, how many kids you had,... if you were making your fancy dress for the next high school dance, your girlfriend's wedding dress or your own. Then the big boxes came in, the internet arrived and it was all about selling you fabric.

My oldest daughter took up sewing last year and turned me onto The Fabric Cobbler. I have not had a store owner or shop employee help me match my fabric real time in decades and I certainly have not had any ebay, etsy or arfire seller take the time to suggest fabric matches on request. Scarlett doesn't just sell fabric, she understands that it is difficult to match fabric online, colors don't always photograph well and its nerve racking when we are trying to get the right match with postings of hundreds of fabrics. Her attention to this need, the need to make the best creations we can is just not found anymore.

One thing about buying through FB is that it is more than just a shop, it is "social' media. Scarlett builds a community here. If you want truly personal service you are in the right place, she listens to the stories of the kids, the parents, your pet projects and the organizations you support. I'll always shop here first. Thanks Scarlett!
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Cheryl Speights
· November 7, 2016
I haven't purchased fabric from any other store since I found The Fabric Cobbler a few years ago. At first I was hesitant to purchase fabric online that I couldn't see and feel, but I gave it a try an...d have never been disappointed. The fabric quality is amazing. If I need a match-up, they take the time to find options. The customer service can't be beat. I love shopping here. See More
Katie Eller
· January 21, 2017
I just have to say that I discovered the Fabric Cobbler via a random pattern group a few weeks ago and I only live 45 minutes away...I visited the store today and I felt like I walked into heaven on e...arth. It was AMAZING!!!! The ladies were super friendly and I will definitely be back� See More
Tara Hunt
· March 8, 2016
Best fabric and best customer service. I will only buy from Scarlett from now on. 10 stars all around if I could give that many. I have never had a bad experience with this shop after many orders. Thi...s is my first stop no matter what. I LOVE the Fabric Cobbler!! See More
Jenni Martin McDaniel
· August 14, 2015
I love all of her fabrics. They are great quality and have even better service. The whole crew go above and beyond for each and every client. I will always return to shop here. Thanks for such ama...zing service. You ladies are awesome. See More
Belinda Painter
· November 7, 2016
I travel a lot, and I go to a great many fabric shops. I have never seen a shop where the service was as good as The Fabric Cobbler. I live 2 hours away, and I will happily make the drive to her sho...p when I need to restock my fabric supplies. Excellent quality fabric, and an amazing variety. Stop by in you are in the area. You will not be disappointed! See More
AshLee Nicole Penney
· November 7, 2016
Scarlett is wonderful and always works so hard to take care of her customers. She has a beautiful fabric selection and stocks a wide variety of items. She is the first place I go when I need fabric �
Linda Jim Fleming
· February 18, 2015
Love this shop, so nice and friendly always gets back with you on any questions you have about what she has or don't have and if she can order it for you she will. I live 1 mile from a quilt shop jus...t like this, the reason I order from here is like $3.00 a yard cheaper and if you buy a bolt from her its a lot cheaper. I don't get any discounts from my local shop so I'll stay with THE FABRIC COBBLER!!!!! See More
Aislinn Koenig
· November 26, 2016
Scarlett and her staff are amazing! Even though I have never been in her shop, they have been able to help me plan so many projects and have amazing customer service! Also...they have pretty much any... fabric I would ever need! ♥ See More
Mary Anne Herring Wiley
· February 18, 2015
Scarlett goes above and beyond what any fabric store could ever do. My favorite quilt shop does not give me the attention and customer service that Scarlett does. Products are of the highest quality.... Shipments are combined to make the most of my shipping dollars. And I just plain like Scarlett! Best customer service ever! See More
So I am in tears. Really and truly in tears. I am so proud of this one. Really really so proud. I had a vision of what commercial I wanted to produce. The story behind it, the emotion that we mamas put into our creations. And it worked. It really worked. Joe, my producer, believed in my idea from moment one and helped me bring it to fruition.
I just picked up the cake for the party!!!!!!!!
Fabric that has arrived this week!

Have you checked out our Easter Kits? They are limited, so stop by the store today! We have hot pads, aprons, table runners and more! Located at 324 E. Ruehl St., Forysth, IL 62535, we would love to show you how great we are at customer service!

Spring is drawing close! Time to start that spring sewing, whether it be quilting, clothing or home goods! The Fabric Cobbler has everything you need. From fabric and thread to notions and patterns ~ stop by and let us show you what we have! 324. E. Reuhl St., Forysth, IL 62535