The Fires Of updated their cover photo.
January 5
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Came up with a "Best Of" tracklist for The Fires Of. Anyone have any different suggestions? The Fires Of is a collective of Canadian musicians that thrives on bringing joy and melody to the people with their infectious brand of indie-pop and high-energy live shows. The

Finished Day Three Demo. More than half a day late. Can't seem to catch up. Not as happy with this one, but my ears need a break. Succeeds in being more upbeat, however.

Day 3 Challenge: Write the words first. This turned out interesting, but not quite as strong as the other tracks. It needs a bit more time spent on it, especially on the words (ironically).

Day Three Challenge: Start with the words. Just in under the wire, although the words aren't very clear due to "trying not to wake the baby". Next up: drum programming and song structure.

Day 3 Challenge: Write the words first...also a bit upbeat. I like this idea, although the words are iffy. I couldn't get a very clear take while trying not to wake up the sleeping baby...will have t

Here's the final-for-now Day Two Demo, now called "Wayward Satellite". I wasn't expecting there to be a harmony to this melody, but now it sounds a little Everly Brothers.…/wayward-satellite-day-two-challeng…

Day 2 Challenge (finish a really old song) Complete: Added lead vocals and harmony.

Day Two Challenge begins (late): finish off that damn song that's been hanging around for years. Here's the acoustic backing track.

Day Two Demo. The challenge is to finish off that damn song that's been hanging around for years. Here is the acoustic backing track. It needs melody and words and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Here's the final-for-now Day One Demo "Memories Of A Sunday." Definitely sadder than I was hoping for.

I stole some scrap lyrics lying around and now the song seems mostly done (and very crowded). Probably needs some electric guitar, but it's time to move on to Day 2 now.

Well, my Day 1 challenge has stretched to Day 2 already, but here it is with bass, and some vocals. More to come.…

I went over time, but it now has bass and some vocals. More to come! It is slowly turning into a "real" song. Not sure about the dramatic beginning, but keeping it for now.

The plan this week is to write and demo a song every day--hoping for inspiration to hit. DAY 1 OBSTRUCTION: Non-standard tuning.…/sets/songwriting-challenge

SONGWRITING CHALLENGE: Write and Record one new song per day for 5 days. Day 1 Challenge: non-standard tuning.

Testing...testing. Is this thing still on?

No automatic alt text available.

If you need a love song to get you through Valentine's Day...

If I’m gonna write a love song, I’ll at least make it true. This one doesn’t walk on air like those other songs do and it doesn’t mind my narrow range or the fact I can barely play. All it really need

In memory of some great shows we had at The Silver Dollar, here is Song In My Head...

It’s good enough that I knew you once, though I’ll probably not see you again. You passed me once with your radio on. I’ve got your song now in my head. I’ve got your song now in my head. If hanging a

Here's a version of Wonderful Christmastime without that obnoxious synth:

Generate your own Metallica logo : enter a word/sentence and it will shape it like the Metallica logo.#Metallicator

This track from our latest EP, The Way The World Ends, might seem relevant to a few folks this morning:…/this-is-the-way-the-world-ends-1…

THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD ENDS (HOPE/DESPAIR) The sky is getting dark and it’s cold. It only needs a spark to explode into chaos. It already feels like we’ve lost it all. Try not to despair. Try not

Steve adds some cool guitar parts to our demo of "I Don't Care Anymore", listenable here:

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