The Florida Suite Trailer -- Harvest
The Florida Suite at the Fort Myers Film Festival 2013
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The Florida Suite updated their cover photo.
April 15
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The Florida Suite updated their cover photo.
January 21
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The Florida Suite updated their cover photo.
January 21
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The Florida Suite updated their cover photo.
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Walker is home, safe and sound. Thank you to everyone who responded to our request for help. After 53 hours, Walker is home!

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Thanks to Spacecoast Living for this feature on Brevard artists in the September issue. An honor to be in the company of such great local talents as Chris Kahl and Brian Slawson.

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Pepper and Fang, March 2017. Both are quite well, six years after their appearance in the Florida Suite. Callie, the third dog, passed away shortly before my Grandmother passed in 2013.

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The Florida Suite updated their cover photo.
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My friend, Dr. Robert Lamb, posted this great shot of the Delius cabin. Rescued years later, this cabin had been built at Solano grove and is where Delius lived when he was in Florida. I hope to visit one day. Thank you, Robert Earl Lamb!

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Robert Earl Lamb

Delius's house on the campus of Jacksonville University--thinking if my friends, Jeff Thompson and Joyce Wilden.

The Mullet Hill Grove Fruit Stand is decorated for Christmas and open for business! Stop by and get some fresh fruit, and check out the new metal Florida Suite sign. Life in the Grove is Sweet.

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Notes from Hurricane Matthew, along with photos of the damage. This photo montage will be placed on the Mullet Hill Grove fruit stand, open this week.

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The cabin withstood Hurricane Matthew beautifully, and all people and dogs are safe. Mullet Hill Grove itself, however, did suffer damage: About 25 palm trees were downed, dozen of fruit trees were upturned, and a lot of fruit was blown off the trees. Still, the majority of the grove survived. My father has already cleaned up many of the downed palms, and we'll be tackling the barn this weekend. Mullet Hill Grove will go on.

Variations on the Florida Suite poster, courtesy from our friends at Prisma.

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Last month a fellow filmmaker, whom I've never met, messaged me on FB, asking for some advice about using inexpensive microphones for capturing dialogue in film.... I think he probably saw a post I did on my TUES. Night page about selecting microphones for that project. Of course, I've never actually made a dramatic film with dialogue, so I'm no expert, but I shared what I knew. Well, a few days later this same filmmaker messaged me again with a follow-up question and I didn't have the chance to respond right away, and when I did have time, I could find no trace of his text.

So, in hopes that he may see this, I will respond now. First, about using the Behringer C2's for film dialogue, here's a link that will explain better than I can:

You will also, if you look, see a bunch of varieties of a pencil microphone, all of which are fairly inexpensive, and some of which have hypercardiod versions. Typically, hypercardiod microphones are used to capture indoor dialogue, though I think a good cardiod should not be overlooked. Anyway, a few microphones you might consider:

Samson C02 (supercardiod) $109 (pair)
Golden Age Project FC-4 (hyper +2 other capsules) $110
Avantone Pro CK-1 (hyper + 2 other capsules) $149

Of these, I've only heard of the Samson's being used for film dialogue, but that doesn't mean the other microphones might not be good for that purpose as well.

I still think the Behringer C2 is your best low-price option (and lowest in cost), but you can check out a video review of the Samson C02, here:

Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't respond to you second message, dear fellow filmmaker, but I hope you come across this information and that it is helpful to you.

All good wishes,

Jeff Thompson

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I see tons of questions from film students on pro sound forums about cheap mics that might get the basic job done. The stock answer from many pros is “forget about it. It's not a Schoeps. Save up and buy the industry standard or rent”I don’t see how that helps.