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Introducing Science Stories

"The orangutan's prime habitat in Borneo is lowland rain forests, which have been ravaged for decades by illegal logging operations and slash-and-burn land clearing for palm oil plantations and other agricultural activities."

Deforestation on the island has harmed the primates, but a study found they also disappeared from more intact forests, suggesting people may be killing them.
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Michael Dugan
· January 16, 2018
We have a family membership and make it there about 3 times per year, mainly to hit the traveling exhibits. My son (9) was in awe with the Terra-cotta Warriors and had to keep asking me to verify that... they were over 2000 years old. We will be back in the spring for the Video Game exhibit.
As for the rest of the museum, some of the exhibits are too long in the tooth, having been there for 30+ years. There are some exhibits that I have never seen in operation and some that are perpetually broken. The museum is in need of a great refresh.
We will continue with our membership, as the price is made up by the savings on the traveling exhibits.
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Helene Siegel Glazer
· January 16, 2018
We came chiefly for the Terra-cotta Warriors exhibit which lived up to my expectations. It was not crowded, and I felt that I had ample time to study the exhibits. Security politely reminded me to kil...l my flash. We visited a few other exhibits, including the Planetarium which was enjoyable, and The Brain which was new to us, and was the most crowded exhibit we visited. There were a few interactive exhibits in the Space Station that didn't seem to be working. We didn't have time for more. I loved the updated glowing earth at the center of the Foucoult Pendulum. See More
Tabatha Burden
· February 1, 2018
Haven't been here since I was a kid came with my sons school I felt like everything was so clean every room we entered was interesting the only problem i had was when it was time to go we couldn't fi...nd our coats we were told they were downstairs then up stairs i had a group of kids and was tired finally one of the parents came on the elevator she found them it was 1:20 our bus was set to leave at 1:00 but i had a great time and plan to come back. See More
Justin Huleatt
· January 28, 2018
We have not been to the institution in many years, while the exhibits are good, some parts didn’t work or were broken. We felt too many kids were all over like a jungle gym and didn’t feel comfortable... that anyone was watching all the kids on the exhibit equipment. More caution and respect to exhibits by the parents and kids alike would be appropriate. It felt like a day care center without parental supervision. See More
Betty Bailey
· January 21, 2018
My 16-year old and I came to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit, which was excellent. But I must say that the thing I most enjoyed was watching my teen play like a child again. We haven't been to t...he Franklin since he was in middle school, and there was so much to see! He spent so much time in the simple machines exhibit, learning by doing, and with such joy! We were both thrilled with our visit. See More
Bernice Balinski
· 7 hours ago
A great exhibit. The movie was well done and very informative. Moving thru the exhibit (on a saturday afternoon) w the audio was great. The other attendees never hogged a view and it seemed all got they liked. I loved it and my 26 yr old son. Another fantastic exhibit by the Franklin Institute. So happy i live close See More
Mike Ranson
· February 13, 2018
I think the museum charges an outrageous amount of money for entry and parking to an old outdated facility. The "warrior" exhibit had little to do with science and frankly belongs in the Art Museum. ...Instead the Franklin Institute brings it in as an attempt to lure visitors with something "New". Most of the other exhibits have been there since the fifties. They were paid for decades ago and still they are charging me $23 to see them today. Sorry, I'm not a fan. See More
Michael Melillo
· February 10, 2018
We paid a good bit of cash to attend an overnight event, and not only could we not park our car in the garage due to a malfunction that kept us from entering, half the exhibits did not operate, and la...rge groups of teens ran wild through every exhibit. We had to pay nearly $40 to park several blocks away. Very disappointed See More
Josh Parris
· January 21, 2018
Wanted to see the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit, and to see what else might be interesting considering I'd not being there in almost 20 years. The main exhibit was beautiful... up until the tchotchkies... shop at the end. What a bucket of cold water on an otherwise overwhelming sense of history and awe. (Yes, I know they need to fundraise....)

The rest of the Institute? Meh. Everything was designed for kids, something that had not been the case (that I remember) from my sole previous experience. Sections of note as interesting to adults as well as kids are the 3D printing and the observatory.
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Christine Carnwath
· January 29, 2018
My son and I went for a camp-in with Scouts Saturday night and it was such a great experience. The whole event was so well put together. The staff did a wonderful job with the organization of the night. I definitely recommend anyone that has the opportunity to do a camp-in should definitely go. See More
Diane Jarvis
· January 30, 2018
My son and I so enjoyed this exhibit. It was absolutely amazing to recognize that at three and 50 BC they have the skills to create such masterpieces. Exhibit was well set up we use the audio tour and... we found that to be very beneficial. Definitely a must see See More
Olivia Bo
· February 14, 2018
The museum is fun in general, been there a bunch. But the Night Skies observatory was disappointing. Not worth the trip if the cloud coverage is too thick to see anything. Plus half the machines were ...busted in the additional exhibits so it really was a waste. See More
Alison Chard Wells
· January 23, 2018
I have been going to the Franklin Institute since I was a small child more than 40 years ago. My father used to take me and we always had an amazing time!
Now I go with with my own personal children, well as chaperone school trips.
The Franklin Institute is always evolving and has never ever been boring!!!!
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Mary Cui
· February 17, 2018
I never thought I could ever be so disappointed with a place, with the people.

An over 2,000-year-old statue was damaged and lost its thumb, yet it took the museum almost 20 DAYS to notice it. With ...this level of negligence, I don't know how you kept the place running.

To whoever damaged and stole the Warrior's thumb, I think you are a disgrace. You lack some basic values that make humankind. If you don't know what respect is, what history means and represents, you better learn them.

And to this museum, by all means, if you can't protect the artworks, you might as well just shut the museum forever.

You have the ability to better protect the artwork, yet chose not to...You don't deserve to appreciate or even see such treasure.
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Kyung Jung
· January 22, 2018
My 12 year old boy had the entire day full of fun and educational activities learning so much about science, art, history, economy, geology, and more. Highly recommend to visit when you are in Phily a...nd have kids 1-13 year olds. See More
Debora Thornton-Mallard
· January 17, 2018
My daughter and I loved the Terra Cotta Warriors Exhibit! I’d seen documentaries about them but never thought I’d get to see any in person. The exhibit was awesome! We both learned a lot and I have al...ready recommended to friends and family that It’s definitely worth a visit! Bravo! See More
Sue Carroll
· January 18, 2018
Took my daughter with her 5th grade class here to see the exhibit. They were fascinated at everything they saw. The pictures were very informative so not only could they see the statues and treasures ...they discovered they could also learn so much about the history and age. Would def recommend See More
Patti Kearney
· January 18, 2018
We had a great time as usual! Some things were broken, though. Also could you have more demos in afternoon? We missed the last show at the planetarium - it was at 12:30? We also could not figure o...ut when the Tesla coil was? We like to arrive at lunchtime and stay until 5. All of the staff was very courteous and helpful !!! The bathrooms were very nice and we enjoyed our lunch! Thanks !!! See More
Tina Nicholas
· January 16, 2018
What a great experience for the whole family,thank you for participation in the $2 access card admission program our family would have never been able to visit without this discount and my children learned so much they can't stop sharing facts. See More
Denise Farrell Taylor
· January 24, 2018
This was the first Science After Hours event that I’ve attended and will definitely be back. It was nice roaming the venue with other adults and attending the presentations. We especially enjoyed the ...Math and Music segment as well as the finale. See More