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Clark Ellice
· December 2, 2017
It’s kind of like marriage, a love hate relationship with something that sets a whole new tone of stepping up in your life.
Brutally honest but I feel pretty stoked about life as a goat finisher toda...y ����I’ll be back no longer a newby in 2018 See More
Jodie Clayton
· December 5, 2017
Loved every minute of this hard alpine run... The mamas mile of road at the end was cruel 😉
It was very well organised and the volunteers were awesome.
Thank you and I will be back.
Sheree Haynes
· December 5, 2017
Great Event, bloody hard, but fun. The organisation was like clockwork, the volunteers were amazing and the last bit of road up to the finish line was just cruel. Loved it. Thanks so much for the adventure.
Andy Town
· December 4, 2017
The most 'technical' run in NZ by far, every step is a challenge and a delight, well organised and a great team looking after you all the way, congratulations on presenting what has to be the best race in NZ!
Nick Ashcroft
· December 1, 2017
A massive thanks to the awesome team out on the track today. That was tougher than I thought but a few of the crew really helped my out today! Thank you Hadley and Annie!! �
Sebastian Skiff
· December 3, 2017
Bloody good fun, thank you everyone. Hope you all had as good time as I did.
Campbell Forlong
· December 6, 2016
Just having completed my 7th Goat I must say these events are such a perfect blend of fun and gutsy challenge. At the start your are nervously excited, midway its exhilarating to be running on such a...n awesome landscape, and towards the end you are hurting so bad you wish you had never entered in the first place ... and then you cross that finish line and have the most ridiculous thought "hey lets do it again next year!"
Check out this years event with my mates on youtube - search "The lads take on the mighty GOAT - 2016" Campbell Forlong
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Lyn Clark
· December 1, 2017
The Goat - often cursed, never beaten!!! Not my best time, but then every time conditions are different.
Emma McClintock
· December 8, 2013
Thank-you to the event directors for having the balls to let us "run" in such dreadful conditions. I am grateful we still got to tackle the mountain again and whilst very tough physically and mentally... we survived injury free! Had loads of fun. lots of mud slides, a wee swim (unintentional)and some dark times too... A huge thank-you to the volunteers who are the real heroes, it was always a lift to see a fluro figure appear out of the the mist, complete with big cheery smiles and sadly no vodka :)Was a little disappointed not to receive a medal at the end having almost been to hell and back but other than that had a great day with some very special friends who may never agree to do another event with me :) An awesome event like no other and I plan to be back next year...congratulations to all the first time goats who crossed the line, you should all feel very proud of what you achieved and to Brian the 81 year old you really are an inspiration!! See More
Murray Beer
· March 23, 2015
The Goat Kaimai & Tongariro are Kiwi treasures! The organisers are a fantastic bunch who keep it real & work hard to deliver an adventure run worth repeating, because this is real adventure! No cotton... wool, no aid stations just breath takingly beautiful NZ terrain that will test you & enthralled you.
This is not just a run - it's an experience.
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Michelle Cliffe
· December 8, 2013
Well said I would never ever ever do it again but time is dulling the pain but not the sense of achievement. Certainly the toughest mental challenge I've done. Would like to have been able to run it r...ather than just battling to stay upright in the mud... That mud just did my head in. Loved the waterfall!
Think gloves need to be on compulsory check list.
The winners times are astounding, the 81 year old competitor is inspirational and the volunteers/ Marshalls - thank you thank you thank you.
Maybe I'll give it another go??
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Paul Gordon
· December 7, 2013
Had total confidence in the organisers and marshals, definitely a run for taking responsibility for listening to advice and making the right decisions. Plus fellow competitors would have come to aid o...f anyone in danger. This run is talked of with awe for a reason. Huge respect for the marshals and support crew. See More
Gordon Whitelaw
· July 21, 2016
Magic Must Do event. Excellent organisation in a truly unique setting.
We are all privileged to be able to participate. The Goat gets into your blood !!---and---occasionally sets a little of it free!!
Marty Loughnan
July 2, 2014
It was a joy to run around that part of the "round the mountain " track without the burden of a 20kg pack and heavy boots in typical ruapehu weather -so easy for the runners ,but my hero's for the day... were the marshals who selflessly gave up their time risking hypothermia to ensure the runners were ok A big thank you! See More
Nigel Blakeborough
· December 8, 2013
Thank you to Luke, Jason (& wife)!, PR lady, all Goat families, Medics, ALL Vollies, marshalls, beer & burger folk, luggage guys....... A truely amazing experience. Have never had to fight so hard for... something in my life!! I made it. Hopefully I'll be one of the very lucky Goats to make it again next year?! See More
Andrew Wilson
· March 28, 2015
Stairs,roots clay streams, this run has it all & by far the toughest trail run of the year!
Brian Sorensen
· December 7, 2013
Wow, gruelling event.
Everyone has mentioned the guys at the finish, awesome.
But a big thanks to the on course marshals, encouraging, helpful and especially the guy on the waterfall handing out lollies.
Kaya Henderson-Corporaal
· December 6, 2015
i sure loved this one alrite, such a stand out run from all others which i have attended! definatly on the cards for next year. cheers to jase and his team for the superb organisation
Kerry Templeton
· December 7, 2013
Bloody tough race with the weather but that can't be controlled. One of the toughest I've done. Will be back next year hopefully fitter and with a better idea of what to expect. A real challenge man v...s nature. Awesome!! See More
Amy Gillespie
· December 5, 2015
Amazing event!! It was my first time but definitely won't be the last!
Lucinda Searle
· December 7, 2013
Awesome event! Loved it! never been in wind and rain like that before coming up mamas mile!
Olivia Kathan
· December 4, 2015
It was so well organised. I absolutely loved the run. Such awsome terrain . Doing it again next year :)
Jake Newman
· December 7, 2013
It was crazy hard. Cold, wet, muddy, rocky, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, wind, rain and more. Loved it!
Alex Anderson
· December 6, 2013
Fantastic event. As tough as it gets but superbly organized,eco friendly and great camaraderie amongst the runners.
Jac Attack
· December 7, 2013
Incredible experience, great people and a massive but well supported challenge. See ya next year
Jason Jones
· December 5, 2014
A fantastic event! Superbly organised and such great people running it!!
Slim AndLeah
· March 28, 2015
Wickedly run event, you guys are legends.. tough, challenging, technical and did I mention tough.. day out there, but sooo stoked !! Thanks Master Goats !!!
Glen Kivell
· December 7, 2013
What a Day ! an epic mountain adventure with weather to match.
Cam Anderson
· December 7, 2013
The weather was crap and the track was a bog but fun was had by all
I think at a minimum this quick event video will bring back some great memories - it may just even choke a few people up as they remember that feeling of reaching Mama's Mile and seeing these guys! Billy and his team were nothing short of AMAZING (once Jason and I turned up with their Goat bells!)

Congrats Seven times Goat Champion Sjors Corporaal, son Kaya Corporaal & Oliver Thompson (Trident High School) 2nd men’s relay team in today’s Ring of Fire - Volcanic Ultra, 50km and Relay, Ruapehu, New Zealand.

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