Have the Gorsuch confirmation hearings taught us anything in recent weeks? It would seem that Democrats are trying to fire their shots without gun powder. Whatever the Democrats try it is very difficult to find anything under Neil Gorsuch that would put him in hot water. He is a very fair both in hi
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Gregg Jarrett Highlights

Did MSNBC commit a crime by releasing President Trump's tax returns? Listen to my discussion.

In case you missed it, watch my recent appearance as I discuss if it was illegal of MSNBC to publish President Trump tax return.

In case you missed it here is a recap of my analysis over Trump's wiretapping claims.

Can Trump bring forward any wiretapping evidence to prove his claim that President Obama ordered Trump to be wiretapped? Gregg Jarret discusses on Fox News.

In case you missed it check out my recent article and appearance on Cavuto discussing AG Sessions recusal from the Russian Probe.

Did Attorney General Sessions commit perjury? No and no. Read my resent article and listen to my resent interview on Cavuto.

Special prosecutor may be called upon to investigate allegations of Trump ties to Russia. Listen in to Happening Now at 11:40am EST on Fox News as we discuss more.

Is there something suspicious with the relationship between Trump Administration and Russia? Tune in this afternoon to Neil Cavuto on Fox News at 4pm EST as we discuss a possible investigation.

In you case you missed my discussion on Fox News about the violence going on in Chicago.

Can President Trump send Federal troops into Chicago to help the violence outbreak?

Trump tweets he is going to send Feds to Chicago. Learn why this morning. I will be on Fox News in 10 minutes to discuss.

Interested in learning more about Trump's recent executive orders around the pipelines? Tune in 30 min to Fox News.

Here is an excerpt from my show tonight in the Strategy Room where we discussed Obama's staff taking heat from ripping into Trump's cabinet nominees.

Strategy Room: David Mercer and Brad Blakeman discuss Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub's concerns about Trump's cabinet nominees

Congress is trying again to pass Kate's Law with stricter prison term for repeat offenders of deportation and illegally entering the country. Listen to my analysis.

Measure cracks down on illegal immigrants who return to the U.S. after deportation by imposing a minimum five year prison sentence on them

The suspects so enjoyed their heinous acts, they videotaped themselves kicking, punching and cutting their victim with a knife.

Chicago PD Superintendent expressed in his reaction to the video that sometimes there are things in life you just shouldn't see and this was one of them.

In the 19th century, “parlour games” (yes, that’s how it was spelled) were a popular way for gentlemen and ladies of leisure to amuse themselves. The games often involved suspense, intrigue and a healthy dose of conjecture.

So President-elect Donald Trump do with his business.

Never before has a businessman with such vast wealth and hundreds of businesses been elected to the presidency.

Just released my latest column. She obviously has never played "Monopoly" because you should always hang on to your "get out of jail free" card.

Hillary Clinton’s decision to embrace a challenge to Trump’s election is both confounding and inexplicable.