Danielle Wheeler addressing the crowd
John Kaye MLC addressing the rally to highlight what TAFE cuts will mean for the Hawkesbury and for disadvantaged members of our community.
Danielle Wheeler - Greens for Hawkesbury Candidate addresses staff and students at yesterday's rally at Richmond TAFE. The Hawkesbury has TAFE attendance rates above the Sydney average. We need more TAFE courses, not less, especially in industries that the Hawkesbury excels in, like turf management, equine studies, farming, horticulture, animal studies, accounting and second chance education.

Barnaby Joyce has today said he will avoid anymore drama in his life by pulling out.

"I have informed the acting Prime Minister. I think pulling out is the smartest thing to do right now."

We’re just shy of three months without a single week with no cancellation or delays. 90min trips are taking more than 2hours. Our trains have no water or toilets and the stations are unstaffed after 2pm so all the toilets are locked. We have people sneaking into gullies behind stations to pee because they are so busting. Trains are terminated without warning, leaving people stranded on platforms late at night. Recently we had a teacher stuck on a platform at 11 pm at night with a group of teenage girls coming home from a play. It’s hopeless. Time to get serious and demand changes from this government!

Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi has been taking up the fight for better transport and holding the Government to account.

About 50 people gathered to express their frustration with the train service to the Hawkesbury on Sunday, February 18.

Gov under pays people in the Green Army without WHS protections to take 'direct action' on climate change while allowing polluters to increase their emissions... you can't make this stuff up..

Exclusive: Nearly 60 industrial sites get green light to increase emissions, cancelling out cuts paid for by Coalition using public money

🚄🚅🚈🚉 Want to say something about the current train timetable? 2pm tomorrow at Richmond Park! See you there!

Sun 2:00 PM UTC+11Richmond Park East Market St RICHMOND
39 people interested

Spotted today at the transport rally in Sydney

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Ann Brita Nilsson is attending FIX NSW Transport.

Be like this guy. Loved the revolving lemons with all different mesages

New train timetable causing you grief? Sick and tired of cancellations and disruptions on the Richmond line? Come to Richmond Park tomorrow at 2pm, meet with other commuters and have your say. See you there!

Sun 2:00 PM UTC+11Richmond Park East Market St RICHMOND
39 people interested

Invite your family, friend, comrades and allies to
Stop Black Deaths in Custody: Protest
1pm Sat 12-5-2018 Sydney Town Hall, 483 George St, Sydney 2000

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David Shoebridge

"Too many coppers not enough justice" was the loudest call at TJ Hickey's rally on Wednesday.

Deputy PM Barnaby's assessment of Turnbull at this morning's presser

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Australian Young Greens

Barnaby's assessment of Turnbull at this morning's presser

Find out more and have your say on the proposal to raise Warragamba Dam. Tonight at Windsor and next Thursday at North Richmond. What are the real pros and cons of this proposal?


WaterNSW will be holding pop up information sessions about the Warragamba Dam Raising proposal a...t the following locations;

Penrith Westfield Shopping Centre - Thursday 8 February 6pm - 9pm
Windsor Riverview Shopping Centre - Thursday 15 February 6pm to 9pm
North Richmond Community Centre - Thursday 22 February 6pm to 9pm
Wisemans Ferry Community Centre - Wednesday 28 February 6pm - 9pm

Further details on this project can be found here

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In May 2017, the NSW Government released Resilient Valley, Resilient Communities - the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Flood Risk Management Strategy (Flood Strategy), providing a comprehensive long-term framework for the NSW Government, local councils, businesses and the community working together to redu...

Clr Danielle Wheeler raised a Notice of Motion at last night's council meeting which got full support of the Councillors to urgently contact the EPA and NSW Water regarding their investigations in relation to the death of waterbirds, turtles, eels and fish in Hawkesbury River Lagoons seeking more information, their proposed actions and timeframes. More to come.

Dead fish, pelicans and turtles at Bushells Lagoon in north-western Sydney, prompting local authorities to take action.

Greens Councillor Danielle Wheeler told the Gazette the DCP was ‘light’ in her opinion, and did not provide enough control to ensure new development fit in with the character of the region.

“It doesn’t provide enough certainty for staff, councillors developers or the community to set the character of and standards for development in the Hawkesbury into the future,” she said.

“It needs lots of changes and some very specific inclusions, like what we allow in heritage precincts,... the character of our Town Centres, standards for roads, boarding house conditions, green space, design quality, sustainability, the mix of housing in developments including affordable housing, tree cover, set backs and environmental protections.

“It’s a really essential and fundamentally important document and ours isn’t up to the task at the moment.”

IHAPs are set to become a reality in early March, and Hawkesbury Mayor Mary Lyons-Buckett said it was unclear to her just how much significance would be placed on DCPs.

“There are also a whole lot of new planning documents the government has, so I am really not sure what the whole hierarchy will be,” she said.

Cr Wheeler said if Council wanted to retain some control over development in the area, it was best to make sure its DCP was as tight as possible.

“Without a strong DCP or a strong history of Council adherence to a DCP, the IHAP will have very little to use to maintain what is unique about the Hawkesbury and what our community values,” she said.

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The DCP is an important planning document for the Hawkesbury region.

Decisions on DAs belong with elected councillors because they're the ones accountable to the local community. Thank you David Shoebridge for your long-time leadership on this issue.

Today marks 10 years since the National Apology to the Stolen Generation, but more Aboriginal children are being removed from their families than ever before.
In the last 10 years the number of Aboriginal kids taken from their families has doubled.
Aboriginal children are ten times more likely to be placed in out of home care than non-Indigenous children.

Thank you to Grandmothers Against Removals for all of the work you do, fighting to keep kids with their families, in homes and with their culture.
Sorry means you don’t do it again.

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David Shoebridge

Aboriginal people out of prison, Aboriginal kids with their families, it's not enough to change the date we have to change the country.

Pretty much

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Arthur Rorris

Today's Illawarra Mercury cartoon is a postal survey on ....

Some may call it Karma.

It's extremely disheartening to see so many dead fish, birds and turtles in our wetlands. We're looking into it

Richie Benson to Wetlands of the Hawkesbury

Hi Everyone,
Over the last month I have been watching the deterioration on our Hawkesbury Wetlands.
It seemed to all start on Christmas Day, when a pelican was ...found suffering and quickly dying at ‘Deep Lagoon’ in the suburb of Cumberland Reach.

Soon after, there were similar reports of up to 7 dead pelicans at Bushells Lagoon at Wilberforce.

Then, another report just 2 weeks ago that another 2 dead pelicans at were found the the same water body in Cumberland Reach.

Last week, Streamwatch testing was conducted on both Lagoons.
Upon arrival at Bushells, we had a dead pelican and about 30 dead carp spread across the flats. The shallows were riddled with carp and eels and turtles had their heads out of the water.
The biggest concern for Bushells Lagoon was the temperature of the water. It sat at a very hot 34C.

The Deep Lagoon at Cumberland Reach had a temperature of 28.5C. However, Deep Lagoon does have more trees shading it.
I found 1 dead carp, 1 dead mullet, 1 dead turtle, the 3 dead pelicans previously reported and many other decomposing wetland birds including water hens.

These concerning realities have been reported to Hawkesbury City Council, NPWS, DPI, EPA and WIRES by the Hawkesbury Environment Network.
I just hope the authorities work out what is going on and what could be done to minimise the risk of such large scales deaths from happening again.

I understand carp are unwanted, but the scenes suggest something isn’t right, including the death of our pelicans.

Today I went to Bushells Lagoon via a private property. I founds 1000’s of dead carp. Lots of large dead eels with smaller ones only just alive. It was hard to tell if I was looking at anymore dead pelicans out in the middle or only carp which look mostly white too.

If you would like to see Bushells Lagoon yourself, the best access point is Brewers Lane, Freeman’s Reach.
Keep an eye out for updates.
Please share to other groups and pages!

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