The Plague Doctor from the sketching scene.

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Sketchbook elements from sketching scene.

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Scene 4 background plate with scale stand ins and lighting reference - reference material for compositing in the puppets at a later date.

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Scene 2 BG plate, before atmospherics

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Some elements from scene 1B.

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Here she is. It's no longer advantageous to keep the film off the internet. So here is the mother in it's goddamn entirety (change settings - gears symbol - to HD to make it look pretty)

The Hell Painting: 20:51, 2014, Canada. Stop Motion Animation Synopsis: After long years of religious war, the mighty Lord William seeks to make immortal his...

Didn't make it into Sundance. The acceptance rate this year was 0.08 %.

Contacted by Peep from Melbourne Int. Animation Fest (also co-director of a few others). The ol' HP might be going to kangaroo-land.

Ottawa Animation Fest was too cool for us. They've also got one of the snottier FAQs i've encountered recently; 'OMG, just because you got into Cannes doesn't mean you're going to get into OIFF, chaa'.

Goddam movie is 100% done. Sound too. 5.1, lol. Now we'll see if anybody wants to show the damn thing. Ottawa was too cool for us.

Sound mix is underway for the mother. It's gonna be all crazy, like

This is what michael bay thinks of when making transformers movies

There's gonna be a bit of a wait before anything exciting happens with the movie. The plan is to shoot for the Ottawa Animation Festival. If that happens, are shit is dialed in. If not, our shit is shit.

That's it - finished the mother. Just the mix, then BLAM. Something.

There's been delays due to life/business stuff. But i'm currently working putting in the sound effects for the last scene - the climax. Then we do the final mix (which we're currently working on arranging). Then that's it - bentleys and fur coats from then on.

Evene though i'm now over half way done all the sound work, the film is now locked. So about 2 full days left. Then the mix. Then she's done. #booze #coke #bentleys

About 5 full working days left on the film (sound). Then she's done. That's 5 days out of about 1200 full days of work. Less than 1/2 a percent left to do.