The Hike to Help is with Pete Klabe and Jeremy Slappey.

So in the craziness that is the real world I have just made the realization that I never made an official announcement on here for the completion of my hike. Well I did it! A month ago.
Thanks a million to all who supported this insane idea I came up with and for helping to make it become a reality.
None of it would have ever happened without your support.

Almost 2 years ago we started this fundraising process and ended up raising over $7000 for Philabundance and Big City Mo...untaineers and then I actually made it from Springer Mountain to Mount Katahdin.
Because we can.
And you can too.

Until next time!

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115 miles until KATAHDIN!

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The picture is blurry as this wonderful state welcomed us with a down poor. We couldn't have it any other way. Got above tree line shortly before the state line and saw some nasty clouds rolling it. Basically ran across the ridge to the line hoping I was faster than the lightning. I won!
1918 down. 267 to go.

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Made it to NH! 440 miles to go! Back into some serious climbing now. Wish me luck!

We take a pretty terrible picture but the sign behind us says "Welcome to Massachusetts"!!
Makes me realize how much I need Dragon back out here for some photo action.
11 states down. 3 to go!

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In NY!
Enlarge the picture and look closely in the distance between the trees.
Pretty sweet!

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What's up!!
Guess what river that is behind me....
Know what that means?
I'm in NJ!!!!!...
It was nice to be in PA but I could not wait to get out. It is by far the flattest state thus far but it had more rocks than one could imagine. Miles of fist-watermelon sized rocks that were pointed in every direction and constantly stabbing you and doing their best to make you roll/snap an ankle. But I survived.
Another 40 miles to go in NJ then I'll be in NY for a few days.
7 states down and 7 to go. These next few are all short so it will feel like I'm actually making progress for a while.
By July I will hopefully be approaching the White Mountains where I'll get back into the serious climbing.
1326.7 miles down. 859.2 to go.

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Hello again!
Lots has happened since my last post.
I went home for a few days over Mother's Day weekend after days of rain in Shenandoah but I am now back out and pushing north.
Finally made it through all 535 miles of VA and I am posting this from MD!!
Just in the past few days I hit the 1000 mile mark, crossed into WV, hit the ATC headquarters and then crossed into MD. I checked in as the 135th through hiker at the ATC for 2013. ...
VA was beautiful but I am certainly glad to have it behind me. I'll be in PA and north of the Mason Dixon in a few days and in NJ by the first week of June!
Maine is looking more and more feasible every mile...
Until next time.

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Bailing out of Daleville, VA today. Stopped in for a resupply and a much needed zero day. It was glorious. Currently around mile 720 and headed for Waynesboro for the next stop. Almost 1/3 of the trail is behind me! The picture was taken at McAfee's Kbob which is one of the most famous spots on the AT. Google it! It is pretty sweet and now there are leaves on the trees! Spring! Well I'm off. Later folks.

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In Pearisburg, VA for a resupply. Heading out in a few hours. At mile 630 with about 370 left to go in VA. This state is longgggggg.
Back into the woods!

The Hike to Help is with Jeremy Slappey in Damascus, Virginia.
April 11, 2013

Well Hello!
Sorry its been awhile. Between crappy weather and little to no cell signal, it has been tough to find a good place to update from.
But I am still alive!
Posting from the library in Damascus, VA.
What does VA stand for you ask??...
VIRGINIA! State number 4!
We are at mile 467 and taking a zero to relax in this awesome little trail town.
To briefly update you on the last 3 weeks...
We had pretty smooth sailing from Gatlinburg on through the rest of the smokies. However. my impression of warmer weather on the other side of the smokies was quickly proven wrong. We were a day or two outside of Hot Springs, NC and got a freak snow storm. In total it was probably only about 10-12" but it fell over 2 days, drifts could be almost waist deep in spots and during the storm the trail was almost invisible. Needless to say, it took a few short days in Hot Springs to recover but we made it through.
Then when we thought it really had to be over we got another sizeable winter storm. We did a short 6 miles outside of Erwin, TN to a shelter and bunkered down watching freezing rain, sleet and snow fall to coat and freeze EVERYTHING is sight. It was a cold and wet day but the hike out the next morning brought us up and over Roan Mountain and down to clear balds where the sun was finally poking through. And then just like that, summer was here and we were sweating bullets and taking siestas to keep cool midday.
Never a dull moment!
Sadly this is the town where Pete has to get off the trail to return for work. His companionship, cheer and love for making fires have been greatly appreciated and many of us are sad to see him go.
Last night was spent celebrating our accomplishment of making it to VA with many hikers who all happened to converge on Damascus at the same time. We couldn't have asked for more.
I'd say on to West Virgina now but its abotu 540 miles out so hopefully I'll have a few updates in between.

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Hey people!
Updating from Gatlinburg, TN. State number 3!
The picture was taken yesterday at Clingman's Dome which is the highest point on the trail at about 6500'. I was joined at the top with many new friends including Woodrow, Leprechaun, Roswell and Fly. Oh and of course Dragon was there. Still super cold out even though I am now being told it was in the 80's around here this time last year. I guess we picked the wrong year! At mile 208 with less than only 1,979 to go! I believe I've pretty much got my trail legs now and we pushed out 18 miles yesterday to make it into town. Can't wait for the 30 mile days, smooth rolling hills of PA and 80 degree temps. Soon enough!
See you in Hot Springs, NC in another few days!

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Hey folks!
In Franklin, NC for a zero day so I wanted to send out another update.
Weather has been up and down. Nights are still pretty cold though we've gotten some nice sunny days. First day of hard rain was yesterday so we hauled 16 miles up the trail to Winding Stair Gap and caught a ride into Franklin. Once again we missed another awesome view atop Albert Mountain which is around 5250'. The wind was gusting up to 50 while we were up there and you could see the clouds bl...asting through right in front of your nose. It was intense to say the least. We're right at about 110 miles in from Spinger and....we're in the second state! Only 12 more to go.
My last update was from Neels Gap and while we were leaving there we were stopped by a local reporter and interviewed. Standing there for 10 minutes freezing to death ended up not being worth it as he cut out almost everything we said but it was still pretty cool. The hiker with me is a new friend, Leprechaun and I am the guy in the blue jacket.
Check it out!
See you again in Tennessee!

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Good day!
Currently at 31.7 miles in. (40.5 with the approach)
So far we have seen 15* with snow, 50 and sunny and today it is 40 with thunder showers!
Feet hurt. Shoulders hurt. But I am dry and loving life.
Climbed Blood Mnt today which is the first 4000' peek. Of course it was in zero visibility so we couldn't enjoy the views. There will be plenty more though. ...
On to Hiawassee, GA for a resupply.

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So the time has come.

Our checks have been written and all of the efforts from the last year and a half have come down to a walk into the woods.

Though we did not meet the high goal originally set when this endeavor began, we were still able to raise an honorable amount of funds. In total, $3,600 was donated to Philabundance and $3,600 was donated to Big City Mountaineers.


I cannot thank you all enough for your support and please remember that you helped to do something truly awesome.

Well, wish me luck.

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The Hike to Help added 13 new photos to the album: A Laugh to Help! — with Steven Butler and 14 others at Sarcasm Comedy Club.

Our Final Event!

HUGE SUCCESS at our final event last night!

Thank you to all of our supporters!

The fundraising chapter has come to a close and now it is time write a couple of fat checks for Philabundance and Big City Mountaineers, weigh the pack a few more times and then hit the trail in just 2 weeks. ...
We couldn't have made it to this point with out your support and the support of our sponsors!


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