Despite some reports last year suggesting that Microsoft may have discontinued HoloLens, the company has affirmed its work on a new version of the AR headset. Back in July of 2017, HoloLens’ Director of Science, Marc Pollefeys, wrote that the company was working on a new version of HoloLens’ so-...

How HoloLens is helping surgeons.

A medical revolution is upon us, thanks to the wonders of technology

How HoloLens is helping train nurses.

Mixed-reality curriculum of six apps uses HoloLens and other headsets to immerse students in subject areas such as health, history, chemistry and maths.


Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality headset has found a ready home in the European car industry, and now Renault Trucks is the latest to trial the headset on the factory floor. The company is planning to use the headset to assist employees in carrying out complex quality control procedures which cu...

Some best practices when developing HoloLens:

Best practice in creating a Hololens Actiongram video

Looks like HoloLens works well in the snow:

yay it snowed today, but unlike other people who reach for their sled, I reach for HoloLens .. because MR
Over its 170-year history, Siemens has continually reinvented itself. One of its recent innovations is the eHighway, an electrified freight transport system ...

A good list of resources if you're looking to get started with HoloLens:…/hololens-toolkit-vid…/

There are lots of great video tutorials and advanced HoloLens materials online that even people who work with HoloLens aren’t always aware of. I’d like to fix that in this post. 1. The Fundamentals…
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Develop-One Inc. is watching Microsoft Connect.

Heads up to all developers: Microsoft Connect() is about the start:

Want to learn HoloLens development? Check this out!

Learn how to program the future, making virtual reality and augmented reality apps for the HoloLens. Find out how to get started developing HoloLens applications for enterprise business and gaming.

We had Commodore 64 when I was in school... these kids have much cooler stuff!

Students at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs are using tomorrow's technology in today's classroom. Using Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality, they can...
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Sean Ong to HoloLens Developers

Hey everyone, I'm proud to announce that my Windows Mixed Reality book has finally been published! You can find them at a variety of places, including Amazon:

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Summary In this project, we explore how digital holography can be used to build novel near-eye displays for virtual and mixed (or augmented) reality. We experiment with true, phase-only holograms in which the image is formed by the interference of laser light. We address some of the known limitatio...
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It’s reality magnified. How augmenting our experiences of the world around us can bring industries unexpected benefits.
Microsoft overhauled its fading corporate image nearly three years ago with that announcement of a powerful new operating system, Windows 10. The most surprising facet of this rebranding effort was a promising augmented reality headset, HoloLens, shown off at a press conference in January 2015. When...
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Dennis Vroegop is feeling proud.

It feels kinda special to finally have the end result in my hands... #HoloLens