The Homing Pigeons... Teaser #1
The Homing Pigeons - Post Launch 1
The Homing Pigeons Teaser

So happy to find, The Homing Pigeons amongst the best #Indian #books of 2013 by yet another popular portal, Reminder India #reading

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The Homing Pigeons now only at Inr 113 on Grab your copy now!!!

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A Great Response to The Homing Pieons at The New Delhi World Book Fair. All copies sold! Those who bought it, please share your feedback.

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The Homing Pigeons. at DELHI WORLD BOOK FAIR at 30% discount on STALL IN HALL NO.11

Srishti Publishers & Distributors

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Sid Bahri author of The Homing Pigeons. along with Nikita Singh and Neeta Iyer shall be discussing:Love& Relationships in Contemporary Writings @DelhiLitFest on 8th of February 2014, at 6 PM. Do join us there.

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Another amazing review today for The Homing Pigeons.....announced as one of the top 5 reads by best bloggers in India ...this time Abhinand Jaguva says

"I still feel so much involved into the story though I have finished my read few minutes back. I think it’s the author’s spell on the readers. Surely a un-put-down-able book that keeps me wondered about the author’s imagination. No other Indian contemporary has left such an impact like this and no book has ever made me so excited to review."...and much more ...Read the complete Review here…/book-review-homing-pige…

_via #TheReadersCosmosBookReviewProgram

"Meanwhile, the readers are also kept engaged by the past revelations, Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the adoption, the abandonment, the separation and coming back together, the failed marriages, the sufferings, aloofness, and recession. So many sub plots are intertwined in a single plot.

The book is undoubtedly appealing. There can be various reasons, some of which I have already listed: the cover, the title, a different and interesting plot, etc. The book has sheer realism which is the USP according to me. "

says author Ila Garg for The Homing Pigeons. by Siddartha Bahri.…/the-homing-pigeons-book-…

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Another one of the Top Indian Bloggers Priyanka Roy Banerjee has The Homing Pigeons. at the top of her #BestReadsof2013. have you read it yet? Grab your copy here :


I had set a target of reviewing twenty books when I began a new inning at blogging this year. Surprisingly, at the end of the year I realized that I have achieved the target. It fills me with immen...

The Homing Pigeons. by Sid Bahri in the Best Reads list of one The Topmost Blogger of the nation Abhilash Ruhela!!! Have you read it yet?

You can get yours here

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" The presentation is so raw, jacose, amusing, and umbriferous of dingy realities, that a reader cannot help but feel a “book hangover” upon parting with it." says a reviewer for The Homing Pigeons. by Sid Bahri…/book-review-homing-…

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Doesnt this remind you of Aditya and Radhika?

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"It’s not just a ‘book’ but it is a ‘master piece"...praise for The Homing Pigeons…/book-homing-pigeons…

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"The author has narrated story of Radhika and Aditya very well and as they start with their respective stories the reader would never imagine that the two entirely different stories are somehow connected and are just pieces of a puzzle which will eventually fall in place and complete the whole picture." says Dipali Sharma for The Homing Pigeons. by Sid Bahri…/book-review-homing-pigeon…

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Coverage in The Hindu

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