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Dear DJs,

As founders of The Hoskins Family, Reva and I would like to take this opportunity to do a little bragging on our daughter Angie. After all, that’s what parents do, right?


God has given her a great talent and a great love for God’s children. I know you have the same love for God’s people, otherwise you’d be playing something other than Gospel music because there’s little reward in this life for doing so. The reward we seek is God’s “Well Done”.

Angie has a “God Given” talent and calling to share the Truth to a lost world. We are very careful to chose songs full of God’s truth. We are very careful to live good and stay spotless before God. No one is perfect but we can have a perfect motive.

We would ask you to help us Spread the “Good News” in song to your audience. We are nearing the end of this race. Please finish strong.

God’s blessings to you

Rick Hoskins
The Hoskins Family

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Thankful for a wonderful weekend with such amazing friends!