Earth Hour 2013 - Jetstream

What you aspire to and hold dear in your heart is a good estimation of who you are and what you stand for. When we dream, we bring ourselves to a higher plane of existence and being. We truly elevate our state of being and function on the highest possible frequency that we know. Don't be afraid to express your dreams.

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We do our best in life to avoid pitfalls, challenges or anything that rocks the boat. We imagine that we are living in a safe zone where nothing much can harm us or hurt us. The problem with this is that in the pursuit of routine and stability- nothing happens. No matter what you make of it adventure is essential to the progress of your soul. Do not be afraid to take the leap.

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Understand the powerful role that goal-setting has in your life. If you are unable to see what it is that you would like to achieve, you are less likely to achieve it. Just for today, take the time to get real and get focused about who you are and what you're about. Knowing your mind leads to achieving your goals.

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Curiosity is the life blood behind everything that exists. Creativity, monuments, artifacts everything that comes into being at it's core, was once driven by feelings of curiosity and the desire to know more. When last did you feel the stirrings of interest in your soul?

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There are a number of little voices and opinions of other people that can end up clouding your judgement if you allow it to. It is up to you to develop a filter and discern whether you allow this kind of distraction into your space. Better still is being able to listen to and appreciate the value of your own voice and trust in it. Trust in your voice.

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Live in the moment- not for it, but in it. We've all heard this many times before but have we truly heeded the message? Too often in life, we are so busy planning, projecting, reminiscing and pining that we lose sight of one of the most important assets that we have- TODAY.

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We all have the capacity to look beyond what appears on the surface. There is always more to a situation than meets the eye each and every time. The real question is then, do you have the courage to take a step beyond your comfort zone and discover what is happening on the other side?

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Many aspects of life may be analyzed, projected, restructured and re-imagined to bring about different results. When it comes to success though there is an undiluted sense of enthusiasm that will take you from where you are to where you need to be.

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There are moments in which we all look our world around us and imagine how we could be better. We imagine that if we just had those sculpted arms or somebody else's wardrobe that we would be able to live a more fulfilled life. What we need to acknowledge is that we are the only ones with our very own combination of traits housed within our bodies. Step forward and celebrate this.

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Dreaming, wishful thinking, hopes and dreams... call it what you like, will always remain unfulfilled if you do not have the courage to act. Remove yourself from your sense of inertia by being dynamic enough to walk actively towards everything that you've ever dreamed of.

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There comes a time in life when nothing but a change of scenery will do. The concept of travel allows us to move ourselves from where we are to where we need to be. If nothing else- challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zone and allow your eyes to truly see.

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The way in which we approach our days sets the tone for our lives. Our attitudes have the power to shift who we are and propel us forward to who we wish we could become. If you feel as if you are not happy with your life, it is time to dial into a new frequency. Get up and change your attitude.

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The imagination is a fresh and fertile landscape upon which we lay our hopes, thoughts and dreams. What we feed our minds is perhaps as important as what we feed our bodies. Learn that what you feed your mind and your imagination has the power to grow. Use that knowledge to the best of your ability.

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Allow every action that you take to emanate from origins of peace and love. As you allow yourself to see that, you will invest your purest thoughts and intentions into all aspects of your life. A life fueled with actions driven by a loving heart will always shine through the brightest.

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Be fully present in the moment. Understand that no matter where you may be in your life, if you are bringing your full attention and potential to the moment, you are in the perfect position to learn, prosper and grow.

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We all have the power of free will and identity. Any actions that we choose today, will help us further our goals and take us from where we are, to where we need to be. Choose freedom of movement.
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