​A Kershaw County group is interested in community input on funding for school safety.
An ad ​h​oc ​c​ommittee—made up of Kershaw ​County Council ​(KCC) ​members, ​Kershaw County ​School Board ​(KCSB) ​members and other community leaders—h​as been developing school safety recommendations and developed a short survey ​to receive community feedback on possible funding sources.
​The survey is available on the school district's website until April 25. Survey results will be presented to ​KCC and the ​KCSB. ​
Safety ​recommendations ​being considered by the ad hoc committee ​include:
Increasing the n...
The following letter was received by the KC Current at noon on April 5th...
The Kershaw Soil and Water Conservation District would like to applaud Kershaw County for the purchase of the land by the US 1 bridge at the Wateree River. The possibilities are endless for this piece of property.
What a great opportunity to tell the history of the Wateree River and surrounding areas, provide education about the unique responsibility required to care for the shoreline environment/ecosystem, and to identify plants and animal habitat.
This property could be a “River Park” offering access to the river and...
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Do check out the Current!!!
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