9th of April. It's time for The Key Key's annual report. I'm still producing on a daily basis. However, atm. i'm mostly focusing on Feelium. You can find our first album on spotify:
(for more Feelium adventures, go here: or here

Nevertheless, there is some great songs on my computer i wish to share with you some day, when the time is righ...t.

And last bot not least, i give you a brand new song: Madame Bovary. It's dedicated to a book with the same name, written by Gustav Flaubert, published 150 years ago:
I hope you like it.

Stay curious,

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Dedicated to Gustav Flaubert's great novel with the same name. Happy 150th birthday Madame! SoundCloud:

Three years ago since i released this song/video:

Time flies

Lost your key? - Use The Key Key! The album on Spotify: The album on Itune...

Dear friends of The Key Key,

As you might have noticed i’ve been away for quite some time. It’s actually - on this very day - exactly one year ago i posted something on this page. ONE YEAR! That’s a looong time. This doesn’t mean that i’m gone. Even thou keeping up the daily flow of social media isn’t my strongest side IM STILL HERE! During this ”lost times” i’ve mostly been focusing on Feelium (a project i have with my friend Simon). If you haven’t already checked it out, i ...highly recommend that you do (here is our EP on spotify: I’ve also been working a bit as a freelance composer/producer on a range of other productions. The music will never stop for me. And so for The Key Key - there’s a huge amount of melodies, ideas and songs i’ve been putting on a big pile since ~2012. At one point i had the idea of making an album with 100 songs. As for now, there’s at least 13-14 really good songs which i think is just too great to never be shared. Maybe you’ll have the chance to hear them (or at least some of them) in 2015. ALSO, a week ago or so i found another super lovely blog post about my music -…/…/the-key-key-what-it-takes/ - very nice surprise indeed. Well i guess that’s it for now. Wish you all a great future!! Take care!!

Big big love, Jakob

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!!!!!!!!NEW SONG!!!!!!!!!NEW VIDEO!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FOLLOW THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more music & updates, give some love to ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** FOLLOW THE LIGHT - the first single & video from the ...
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A swedish based blog wrote about me. Najs bajs!…/12/the-key-key-order-disorder-chaos/

Jag har en hel del musik kvar att presentera på min skrivarlista, så det är bäst att jag ångar på om jag ska hinna med alla. Nästa artist kallar sig

Hey everyone! I'm feeling rough, I'm feeling raw, I'm in the prime of my life, currently traveling around the world to get inspiration. I'll be home in the summer of 2013, and then - let's make some music, make some money, find some models for wives! Happy new year and what not / Jakob

مرحبا! هذه رسالة لجميع المشجعين العربية. أريد فقط أن أقول مرحبا لك.

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Made in paint

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