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Thee brand new LIGHT book, The Light: A Book of Knowing, is out today - hooray!!!!

Keidi Keating

YAY YAY YAY - TODAY IS THE DAY!!! The pre-sale period is over and today is the official launch date of The Light: A Book of Knowing. This magical book will help... you shine your own Light even brighter, while also helping others to shine theirs. In turn, this will create a whirlwind of manifestation magic in your life and things will start unfolding in the highest and best way possible for you and others around you... after all, that's the beauty of the Light!

I hope, from the depths of my heart, that you enjoy reading this book, and that you continue to shine and spread your Light to a world that needs a whole lot more LOVING right now.

Admittedly, it took me a while longer than I had originally planned to complete this book - mainly because I had a beautiful baby boy in the process (how's that for the Light in action?!)

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If you'd like a copy of the book then hit the link below - in the comments

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Following on from the success of the first book in the Light series - The Light: A Book of Wisdom, the second book in the series is launching in January, 2017 - The Light: A Book of Knowing.

Here are the images of all the contributors, who share their spiritual teachings to aid you on your journey of enlightenment... Be warned: the light coming off this group of bright sparks is so strong, you may need to wear sunglasses!!!

No one person is of greater or lesser importance than any other. In the realms of Light all souls are equally magnificent. And that includes YOU!

Excitement is in the air... within the next five days I'll be announcing the launch date of The Light: Book of Knowing with chapters and teachings by luminaries including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Bruce Lipton, Anita Moorjani, Joe Vitale, Deva Premal and Miten, and more... keep your eyes peeled for more info coming soon

Meditating is one thing... meditating on Love is something else all together. I call it LOVEITATION - through loving ourselves and others (and meditating on that feel-good vibe), we then elevate on all levels of consciousness.... and we SHINE!!!

Officially Launched! VERY happy to announce that Experiences from the Light: Ordinary People's Extraordinary Experiences of Transformation, Miracles, and Spiritual Awakening, is OUT TODAY, and can now be purchased on Amazon. Also stocked in Barnes and Nobel stores throughout the US Love, Light and gratitude to all those who purchase a copy - and please share the news with your friends....

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Go out there and Light up the world with your unique Self

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So far there are 21 confirmed contributors to The Light: A Book of Knowing, volume 2 in The Light series. The list of contributors will be announced soon - and they're all totally amazing - but there's one remaining place left. If you have any ideas of a great spiritual teacher / author who you'd like to read a chapter by please comment below

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Keidi Keating

Here's the book cover of The Light, Complex Chinese edition....launching soon

A great article published on the Inner Self site today:…/9861-getting-in-touch-with-your-tru…

by Terry Tillman. Connecting to the true Self gives me access to information and knowledge way beyond anything I have ever learned in a book or the limited amount stored in my memory. I know if I can tap into my true Self I will have access to all the information I need.

Experiences from the Light: Ordinary People's Extraordinary Experiences of Transformation, Miracles and Spiritual Awakening is now available on pre-order from…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

Experiences From the Light shares more than 50 fascinating stories of extraordinary, true-life adventures of light, including spiritual awakenings, near-death experiences, unexplainable synchronicities, and stories of love and heart.It sometimes seems that the world in which we live is falling ap...