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Today's the pub date in all formats (print, Kindle, audio) for The Manor's Exec Producer Laurie Gwen Shapiro's first nonfiction book The Stowaway: A Young Man's Extraordinary Journey to Antarctica. Short excerpt up today at Longreads.

Billy Gawronski was hell-bent on stowing away to Antarctica on Richard Evelyn Byrd’s 1928 expedition.

On January 16 Simon & Schuster (USA) will publish the hardcover adult non-fiction debut of our New York Exec Producer Laurie Gwen Shapiro - called The Stowaway - about the 17-year-old reader with a thirst for adventure books who swam across the Hudson to stow away on the first American Expedition to Antarctica. Simon & Schuster Canada is also publishing - so if you are living in Canada - here's a Goodreads giveaway to enter for Canadians who may be interested.

Enter to win one of 10 free copies available. Giveaway dates from Nov 10-Nov 30, 2017. Enter for the chance to win an advance copy of Laurie Gwen Shapiro...

Here's the trailer to Shawney Cohen's latest film.

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VICE Canada

All eyes are on Toronto rap. Meet the next wave.

Noisey presents: 6IX RISING.

Full doc coming soon.

Two free tickets per person for those who want to attend the premiere of Shawney Cohen's newest film - from VICE and Noisey
- Congrats, Shawney - from The Manor Documentary team.

Join us and Vice/Noisey for the premiere of the music-filled and insistently local new film from Shawney Cohen (whose debut film The Manor opened Hot Docs Festival in 2013). Following the success of Drake and The Weeknd, 6ix Rising follows emerging Toronto rap artists whose lives are all on the cusp...

Canadians! Tonight on Vice! A very funny new film on the mushroom rush directed by The Manor's Shawney Cohen! Congratulations, Shawney!

Check out our new doc on the supposed billion dollar industry of culinary mushroom harvesting. VICE host Adam Gollner heads on a road trip to the remote wilderness of Canada's Northwest Territories to meet the international characters who have dropped everything to try and strike it rich picking the…

Happy Father's Day to the unforgettable Roger Cohen! With love from The Manor team.

Happy Mother's Day to Brenda Cohen! We love you, Brenda.

From "The Manor" team.

The Manor now available on Vimeo On Demand! Tell your friends!

Shawney calls himself a filmmaker, but he's been a strip-club manager for longer. When he was six his father bought “The Manor,” a small-town strip club in Canada.…

Canadians, The Manor Documentary is on TVO tonight! (But our director Shawney is at Palm Springs International Film Festival & ShortFest - lucky duck!)
"In the mood for a great doc about an unconventional family business? Watch The Manor at 9 pm (ET)"

The story of a prodigal son who, after avoiding his family for more than a decade, reluctantly comes home to make some money in the family business,

Dazzling Canadian presence at one of US top fests. Director Shawney Cohen will attend.

Roger Cohen falls in love with his future wife, Brenda. He starts a business and ropes in the sons. Sounds like a very Jewish story, right? Only in this case, the business is a strip club.

The Manor makes a very short list by Filmmaker Magazine - what 5 films to catch at DOCNYC. Tomorrow Nov 15 930 pm at IFC Center, NYC -- send your New Yorkers!…

Wedged between international documentary mega-fests CPH:DOX and IDFA on the festival calendar, this country’s largest documentary film fest DOC NYC might seem a

Thrilled The Manor Documentary made the top 10 films to see at DOC NYC
Join us this Friday, our only NYC screening at 930 pm

Sure, it's ostensibly about the eponymous strip club (The Manor) and the family who owns it, but don't go into this doc expecting glitzy sensationalism and lap dances. Shawney Cohen's heartfelt portrait of his dysfunctional Canadian Jewish family -- who happens to own and operate a small town strip club -- is about so much more than the sex industry. ...Although the film, which opened this year's Hot Docs, has some darkly humorous moments, it's more tragic than comic. As his obese father compulsively eats and balloons in size, Cohen's anorexic mother nibbles on lettuce and dwindles away until she's barely there, as the future of The Manor remains unclear and Cohen struggles with his family's legacy. Cohen portrays his family with brutal honesty and enough love that after leaving the theater, you'll undoubtedly be thinking about the Cohen family and wondering how they're faring -- a true sign of a story well told.

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Indiewire picks 10 films to watch at DOC NYC, New York's documentary film festival, which is being held from November 14-21, 2013.

Very excited to share an article by Shawney in indieWIRE - his advice for making a film about your own family and keeping your sanity! Join us in NYC this Friday at 930 pm for NYC premiere at DOC NYC at IFC Center

Shawney Cohen, the director of "The Manor," which will screen at DOC NYC, provides tips on how to make a personal documentary without losing your sanity.

New Yorkers -- One week from today, our only NYC screening -- Friday Nov 15 at 930 @ the IFC Center 6th Ave & West 3rd Street -- hope you can come. Our director Shawney Cohen will be in town for the screening.

NYC PREMIERE Director Shawney Cohen is called back to his small hometown to help out with his family’s unorthodox business, the eponymous strip club and adjoining motel they’ve run since he was six years old. Try as he might to escape their pull, he finds himself having to face his parents’ extreme…