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DREAMREALITY - “My Dream Can Become My Reality..”
Russell LaKey Mathis

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Atlanta, Georgia (Thursday, September 8, 2011) – September 8th marks a special day for Russell L. Mathis. It's his birthday and not only that, he was blessed with the ultimate birthday present. His dad Russell Mathis Sr. presented him the start-up of his own Non-profit Organization. Yes, this 23 year old young man is now a CEO/President of "The Mathis Project". Many of you know that Russell is passionate about the Arts and Entertainment. It is his passion to help young individuals who would like to pursue a career in singing, dancing, modeling, acting and etc. "The Mathis Project" will provide scholarships to them to the school of their choice. Russell is promoting education first, allowing these individual to understand the history of the arts, how to read/write music, how to compose, things that they will need in the field.


Support Russell as he starts his journey as CEO of "The Mathis Project.”

The official facebook page contains full detailed information about the non-profit organization. 

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DREAMREALITY - “My Dream Can Become My Reality..”