07/30/13 4:30 PM

Message us for a secret really cool thing

Message us right now for details on something.

The Milford Higgins updated their profile picture.

I am allowed to add a description to this photo, even though I wasn't in the band at the time.

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For all of our Santa Cruz fans, I'm going to be at the Santa Claus beach boardwalk for the next 4 hours. I'll be signing autographs and posing for pictures. Come on over! -Ezra

Dr appt on how the show you have any further questions or a few weeks to do I have the way around and pizza in outer surface

We are no longer a band. We are now a super virus, infecting the children of Uranus with dolphin herpes.

I just finished the last of my M&M's from tour. TOUR LIFE!!!

Driving myself to Wisconsin.

Our event tonight at The Escape to Milf Mountain is one of the TOP 10 things to do in Fresno today. Hope to see everyone there that can make it!

Sun 10/06/2013 at 07:30 PM at The Escape to Milf Mountain: Hey everyone! We're throwing another great show at The Escape to Milf Mountain and I'm (Dylan) turning 21 so it'll be even better! Come on out and see an amazing line-up and kick it with me for my birthday! So here are the bands: The Milford...

I often wonder why the water from the bathroom sink is often colder and better tasting than the water from the kitchen sink.

Come check us out among other good bands this Monday night!

To the people that have recently liked us, thanks! What's up? Also to the people that have not so recently liked us, thanks! Hope to see the people that can make it at the show at Victory Cafe tonight! Hit us up for presales!

We have some really good shows coming up in September and October!

The Math-Rock News posted us on their page! Thanks so much guys or guy! Check out this page if you want to discover some awesome new music.

It's Nathan's 21st birthday today!

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