Ladies and gents, need help. And at the same time, here's an opportunity to see #tnks come to life on the silver screen!

Drishyam Films (the makers of Masaan etc) are looking for scripts and all that in their Quest for Stories. More details are at

I'd love to send #tnks for the same. To enter, I need to send them a 5-page synopsis. Now I have no clue how to reduce my book to that much. I need someone to work with me on it and do... it for me.

You know someone who can? Am willing to pay for this. Please help! Please spread word. Thanks!

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Makers of Masaan (Cannes 2015) Dhanak (Berlinale 2015) Umrika (Sundance 2015).Journey that started with Ankhon Dekhi is going steady

So, I have been MIA last few days. Here are couple of updates.

A. This blog post.…/alive-and-kicking.html.

B. Work at C4 Events has been keeping me busy. In case you want to help me with that, read This is an ongoing list of things that I am working on at C4E.


C. I have finally started to work on Book 2 - Working Title. Late by three years. But now that work is underway, I will get it out. The tough part would be to find a publisher.

D. onWriting has a new website. And a new focus. Do see it, like it and all that. Do tell us (my partner and I) how to make it better. The agenda is to create a community of people that love to write and read and onWriting is the place where they gather together to celebrate.

Thats about it from me. What are you guys upto? What other new things are you reading? Do tell me!

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Last few days have been such a roller coaster ride. From trying to recuperate after a stressful event (which went ok) to doing another under...

As I get ready to get Book 2 - Working Title out soon, here is something that I just got on Twitter. After a long long time

If you're still looking for a reason to read the book, come on!

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Guys guys, help me translate the book in other language. Know and publishers? commissioning agents etc?

Saurabh Garg

Who can #help me connect with Hindi (and other vernacular language) publishers and do a version of The Nidhi Kapoor Story / #tnks / #tnks in Hindi / Tamil / Bengali?

Here's a question. As I work on Book 2 - Working Title, I am short by a character. And I am thinking, do I get one of the characters from #tnks back!

I have conflicting opinions and thoughts and I cant seem to crack it. As a reader of #tnks, what do you think? Does it merit to get a character back? Someone that adds value to a crime story?



P.S.: And in case you say yes, please do tell me which one.

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For the uninitiated, The Nidhi Kapoor Story was my attempt to look at afflictions that we suffer as individuals. While reading something, I stumbled onto and while there is no "direct" connect, as a reader (or a supporter) of #tnks, you ought to see this!

Thou shall not sin. But that does that include Googling yourself? In Seven Digital Deadly Sins, watch video confessions, read first person accounts & weigh in with your judgement. Participate in an interactive reflection of our digital selves.

So, Book 2 - Working Title requires a character that I can simply lift from #tnks. Not sure if I want to recycle characters. And not sure if I have the time to create a new one.

Cant decide!

Long shot! But any #tnks reader in Perth / Melbourne / Sydney? Am here for the next few days and would love to take your feedback.


"What is love?"

I said, "Music, writing and Diet Coke.

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Hello! This may not be an appropriate place, but my day job needs help. I am looking for someone to lead BD effort at C4 Events. Know someone?


Looking for someone to lead the Business Development function at C4 Events. You must be from events background with 3-4 years of experience in the business.

To... know more about us, the team, how we work, how we think, what we believe the future would be like and other such things, please see our blog at


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C4 Events and Entertainment

For as meaningful as Likes are on FB, I am crawling towards the 700 mark. Hope it eggs me to go faster on the next book!

Ladies and Gents, I am in Delhi till Sunday evening. Any one wants to rack brains about #tnks? Or may be about the next one?

Happy birthday Jill Justus-Foran - the photographer that shot cover image for #tnks. Thank you so much!

Looking for somoene to #translate #tnks in #Hindi.
Willing to pay for it.
Can someone connect?

Yay! One more like on the page!

Hello! I tried my hand at "commercial" travel writing recently. Please read and give feedback?


Random text, gibberish and biased opinions. Trying to track culture, trends, internet, ideas and people. Trying to learn. Trying to evolve.

Hi Guys, Apologies that I haven't been checking / updating the page lately - been busy with work and all that. Of course the writing has taken a back seat.

Promise to get back to writing soon. Hope you continue with your patronage.


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