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The 7-Figure Networker System:

There’s a secret to fast, effortless, & scientific success when you’re just starting out on the Internet… a SYSTEM. Any good entrepreneur knows that if they’re following a well planned, carefully created system that’s been PROVEN to produce results… you will reach your goals faster.


Well, that’s EXACTLY what the 7-figure networker system is for home based business owners wanting to MASTER the strategies of Internet Marketing to grow their business. This tell all presentation on the next page will reveal how Jonathan Budd has generated hundreds of thousands of leads, made millions of dollars, & become one of our industry’s global superstars in just a few short years...

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= GKIC - Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle =

Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle is about making you money through better marketing. This is an exclusive group of like-minded entrepreneurs, business people, and managers who want to increase their reach, maximize their profits and create for themselves a better, more rewarding lifestyle.

Using road-tested methods — not unproven theory — Dan and Bill have created a system that shows entrepreneurs who have joined this exclusive club to market better through our methods. Learn how to sell more and market your business better using the self-tested and proven strategies of world-renowned marketing gurus, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer.

We provide the resources - books, tele-coaching, hands-on coaching, newsletters, one-on-one telephone calls and more. We have the information for you - when you become a member of the Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle, you will find we can lead you through the process step-by-step.

The Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle shows you how to cut through the B.S. and learn to market yourself more effectively. Marketing means money.

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StomperNet has been providing world-class online business building information to entrepreneurs and business owners since 2006, and we have the largest and most active online community in the world.

And being the leader in Online Business Training we know one of the most frustrating parts of trying to get a new business off the ground – especially if you’ve never done it before – is there are always questions you just can’t seem to get answered.


“You already know the ONLY way to grow your online business is by learning from people who have already surpassed what you desire to achieve. What you have to realize is THEY are also constantly learning and growing, so the question is: Are YOU? If not, sadly you are just falling farther and farther behind!”

And that’s exactly why the members of StomperNet have such a high success rate (and why you will too!)

What´s In For You?:

• Massive Online Community
• Business Building Groups, Masterminds and Coaching
• Replays of Online Workshops
• Proven Systems and Techniques
• Live Events, Meet-ups and Private Workshops
• A lot of Products and Services to provide to your Customers
• Multimedia Training and More…

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"Best Online Business Ideas for 2011"


Here are a some of the best online business ideas that will help grow your business:



I. The company:

 The business you invest your time and money in is important. Most online businesses are affiliate based and is my favorite type on online business. That means your contribution to the company operation is to conduct business marketing. Several of the business product or service providers will expect you do the selling, but I'm more of a "hands off" business operator, so I steer clear of them or let a professional sales staff handle the day-to-day selling. However, your idea of best business practices would be to generate your own business sales. Typically, affiliate marketing will not require that you purchase expensive business equipment, like the credit card terminals or carry an inventory of products. The supporting online business should handle that for you.


II. The product:

  The product is extremely important. Be sure you do your due diligence for researching the best business and products. Make sure you get an idea about your business product/service provider from other persons or organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau, that will not have an equity in the business. Check to see if the product or service has received online business or industry awards for notable achievements such as trade and business magazines or articles. Further, make sure the product has value for others and is in demand. Your product line should offer "small" (less that $100) and "big" (more than $100) ticket items. By offering both, you'll have the smaller items to sustain the business, but knock it out of the park with the "big" ticket items. That's where you'll make the big bucks.


III. Lead generation:

Purchasing leads from a lead broker can be very expensive and can quickly drain your bottom line. Google "Adwords" advertising charges are ridiculous. You'll find the competitive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) costs well over $3.00 per click for effective advertisements. The best idea for generating leads is the creation of my own leads. It's fun and keeps me challenged. I particularly like the idea of creating the best leads through professional online articles and blogs.


This business idea will demonstrate several things to a prospective information seeking entrepreneur. First, because you've taken the time to document your online business efforts and experiences, your business articles will imply professionalism and will demonstrate that you are serious about your trade. Second, the lead source (online blogs / articles) is a semi-permanent lead generator and will crank out leads over and over again for you as long as you remain an active contributor. Conversely, purchased business leads are a one-shot deal. Once you've qualified your paid lead, they're gone. Therefore, my preferences are for blogs and articles.


IV. Stay the course:

Despite some claims, the best online business ideas do not include making a thousand dollars in one night, while you sleep. That's just not likely to happen. However, if you persevere in promoting your online business, the rewards will come. Keep adding online content (build on your experiences), use professional business blogs and articles, and pass along this information to others. Following these guidelines help you to generate the results you expected when you started your business, which is the goal to have the best online business possible.



Overview:  Online Business & Tips...

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"10 Online Business Ideas"


In the few years that I have worked online as an online entrepreneur, one area that many newbie entrepreneur have requested for my help is in getting Online Business Ideas. Many folks want ideas on the kind of online business they can invest in to earn passive income. The Global Economic Crisis have increased the of folks looking for profitable Online business Opportunities to implement on part time basis so as to complement the income from their 8-5p.m job. Well, there are a thousand- and-one online business opportunities out there. It takes business skill and persistence to succeed online.


I. Ten online business ideas:

If you are looking for extra income or a home based business opportunity, here are ten quick online businesses tips that you can implement to earn passive income consistently online. The income may trickle in cents at startup, but if you are patient and persistent in building your online business, you will end up with online businesses that generate passive income even while you sleep:


1. Online Research

2. Copy-writing for Webmasters

3. Yahoo Store

4. eBay business

5. Data Entry

6. Affiliate Marketing

7. Online Paid Surveys

8. Article Submissions

9. Online Marketing business

10. Online business Mentor


More online business opportunities exist, but I believe the ten ideas listed above will kick-start your imagination in the right direction.


II. Fear of Failure:

More than 50% of would-be online businesses never get started. Getting a viable online business idea is just the first step in becoming an online entrepreneur. After getting the idea, you need to test run it. Never mind the scary picture being painted by the news media about the high rate of failure among webpreneurs.


The truth is that every business has it's own risk. However, online business tends to do better than traditional businesses in that, with the right knowledge, you can start off your business with little or no fund Also, there are some online business opportunities that can be implemented without spending fund. For example, you can run a Affiliate Marketing business with a free Blog opened with Google's famous The blog will cost you nothing more than the time and energy you spend designing and updating it. Yet, you can earn fat income from the business.


III. Income Expectation:

How much an online business idea will generate as income is difficult to predict. It often depend on the knowledge and experience of the online entrepreneur. The more you work online (assuming you are working with the right folks and tools), the more your potential to earn income will increase. The online community have a greater respect to a well known entrepreneur and tend to show loyalty to a proven small business owner. So the only thing that is sure is the fact that different online business ideas will generate different amount of income based on the knowledge and experience of the webpreneur.


IV. Avoid Get Rich Quick Packages:

Never purchase a Get Rich Quick Packages. My advice is that you should do yourself a favor and acquire knowledge before parting with cash. If anyone tells you they can show you how to make huge sums of fund overnight, they are lying. You can be rest assured that they have no HOT online business idea that will make you rich overnight. They are only out to con you out of your hard earned fund. If they truly know how to make huge income overnight, they will be living in Hawaii and they won't have time for online business. In case you still don't know where to start from, I recommend you read a few more free articles on Online Business Ideas at Naija Entrepreneur Cheers.



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The newest entry in's Business Tips Video Series.

"Taking Action With an Online Business"


Taking action is something that clearly needs to be done to make any internet marketing business successful. Many people just starting out however often find themselves unable to take action due to in most cases a clearly defined online business plan.



Here is an easy to implement 5 step plan that can be used for any market allowing you to take action without delay and start earning an income:


I. Determine Niche/Passion:

Your very first step is to determine what the focus of your efforts will be in terms of market or interests. It is always recommended to choose a niche with which you have a personal interest when you can since it will help take the 'drudgery' out of the work involved.


II. Build a Squeeze Page:

When working on the internet it is always wise to incorporate list building into your online business plan. Collecting the contact information of anybody who has shown interest in what you do will make your future promotional efforts that much easier! Building a squeeze page will help you do this and is a relatively simple page to build since it does not require much in terms of content or graphics.


III. Establish a Presence:

No matter what type of internet marketing business you have it will need to establish an online presence whether it is a blog or website. Blogs are generally recommended for use in this area due to their ease of operation and the flexibility they offer. Even the most inexperienced can be live online with a blog in a very short period of time!


IV. Build a Foundation:

Developing a positive and recognizable reputation along with building credibility is important when working online and publishing articles is a great start! Circulating content that reflects accurate, useful and interesting information with a link back to your site should be part of your online business plan. This is a very effective way to draw attention to what you do while establishing credibility at the same time!


V. Social Networking:

Making use of the social networking site Twitter to help you expand your online exposure is almost a must since it is ridiculously easy to do. There is no need to get caught up in composing lengthy sales copy or website content when using this site since Twitter only allows for messages 140 characters or less. The popularity (traffic) of this site makes very hard to ignore and is a great way to quickly grow an internet marketing business!


Taking action on your part is the first step towards establishing a successful internet marketing business. Of course to do so you will need to have some sort of online business plan to give you direction and this is where many get stuck. The 5 step plan offered will gives you the direction needed to take action, build momentum and experience the success a well established internet marketing business can offer!



Overview:  Online Business & Tips...

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Advice for starting out on your own; for entrepreneurs curious about the fundamentals. Starting your own business is NOT easy but highly fulfilling. Know wha...

"Online Business Tips for Beginners"


Making yourself successful in your online business requires effort, knowledge, time and technique. Being a successful entrepreneur in today's online business world is getting tough. It is growing highly competitive because of the unlimited involvement of people in the business and it is increasing day by day... in this sector. So, it is crucial for anyone starting out to follow some effective online business tips to gain the pleasant success within the shortest possible time. Here are some online business tips to follow:


• First you have to choose an online business strategy you like, brainstorm first.


• Focus on your goals, make a list of 10 goals and write them down, return to your list often.


• Don't work on more than one idea at a time, you'll get overwhelmed, stay focused.


• Decide on how much investment money you have and are willing to spend now and in the future.


• Get settled on your work /life balance and make mindful efforts to sustain it.


• Get to know your customers and what they want, provide it.


• Don't be afraid of diversity in your online businesses, it's online; you are connected to the world!


• Websites are the primary mediums for online businesses, so make your site unique and uncommon as search engines look for quality text-based content that is pertinent to the search term entered.


• Make hot deals famous on your site!


• Let the world know of your Internet existence, do not hide behind the Internet.


• Learn and correct your mistakes quickly to develop your business.


• Try to give full effort to customers to boost up your business profits.


• A well-established online home business depends on your use of time, make plans and do your groundwork.


• Being concerned about customer's demands will help you move forward with your online home business. If you are concerned about them, they will be loyal customers because they will know, like and trust you!


If you are still confused about starting an online home business, take a deep breath and clear your mind. It can be confusing at first, but it will get better. Start preparing your mind for becoming an entrepreneur. Stay online and research more tips to starting an online business and find online businesses you can establish relationships with early.


Regular online presence is a mandatory prerequisite for a successful online home business. It is a powerful communication and marketing tool, a symbol of professionalism. Once your business opens you will have to spend time online and be available for customers. Having a consistent customer service and support area will also promote consumer confidence in your business. To keep customers coming back, they need to know, like and trust you.



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"Starting a Online Business - 5 Businesses You Can Start In 1 Day and Profit Big"


You don't need to be rich to make money on online. Start an online business at home from your kitchen table or garage for less than $100. This step-by-step money-making guide will help you start living your dreams:



I. Personal Virtual Assistan:

If you're great with details and very organized, you can start a virtual assistant online business.

You'll solve your clients problems by writing letters, planning events, making calls, and more.

Best of all technology allows you do this job with only a mobile phone and a laptop. Don't underestimate how many people are disorganized. Their weakness is your opportunity to profit.


II. Online Superstore:

Sell products in high demand like brand name TV's, Cameras, Mp3 players, and more. Most companies will provide you with a turn-key fully stocked website ready for business.

You can also customize your website to look how you want it to. I really like this idea because of its low-cost, simplicity, and high profit potential.


III. Information Entrepreneur a.k.a Inforpreneur:

An infopreneur is an online writer who provides problem solving information. They also recommend the best related products to the reader seeking solutions. This business is perfect for the "know it all" types.

You can create a blog to post your "How To" articles on or join a high-end article directory.

The key to success in this business is good keyword research. Keywords are what people type into search engines like Google looking for answers.

Simply write an easy to read solution, suggest a relevant product or service, and earn a commission.


IV. Social Media Mogul:

If you're a Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter expert then you can make big money doing what you do now for free.

Social networking has become a billion dollar industry. You can cash in by marketing yourself as a consultant.

You'll help small business owners set up accounts to attract new customers. It may seem simple to you, but there are small businesses who will pay you lots of money for your social networking talents.


V. Blog For Money:

  • Are you opinionated?
  • Do you have a lot to say about a particular topic?

Then you are perfect for blogging. Starting an online blogging business is fun and exciting.

Your job is to stay up-to-date on your favorite subject and share your perspective with the world.

Once you build up an audience you simply monetize your blog with relevant advertisements or affiliate products to make money.


Things To Do Now - Take Action!

  • Pick a business you will love. I would make a list of my hobbies, talents, and interest.
  • Next, choose the topic you know a lot about and you're good at.
  • Research your competition for concept ideas and business planning.
  • Then, draft a 12 month business plan to follow. This is very important, don't skip this part.


Overview:  Online Business & Tips...

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"Proven Online Business Opportunities"


Believe it or not, making a full time income from working online isn't really as tough as you might think. Nor will it take you as long as you might think either.



However, the fear of failure or the fear of being ridiculed by their friends, family or co-workers is enough to stop most people from even trying. But that still leaves the question hanging in the air "Are there any proven online business opportunities that aren't just outright scams?"


The good news is, there is so; so many ways to make money online folks that this article would turn into a 300-page eBook just cover half of them. So what I'm going to do here is give you a run down on my Top 4 Favorite Internet Based Business Opportunities that have a proven track record in generating a full time income, at the very least, for you:


I. Affiliate Marketing:

The best way to explain this is that you'll be acting as a middleman or woman between buyer and seller. You find a product manufactured by another company that you think would sell well online.

You then create a website around that product or range of products. If a web visitor buys the product through your affiliate link you get paid a commission. There are thousands upon thousands of companies looking for people just like you to promote their products through your website or blog - everything from garden furniture and kids toys to web site hosting and telephone services.


II. Create Info products:

An info product is basically a digital product or eBook that you create and then sell online. The topic of the eBook will be a huge deciding factor in how successful the product is - info products on making money online and losing weight are particularly popular for example.


The neat thing about info product marketing is that you don't even need to write it yourself. Nope. You can come up with the idea and hire somebody to ghost write the eBook for you but you retain all rights to the finished product. One of the most popular info product vendors is Clickbank and a lot of the products listed there were ghost written for that purpose. Plus the other nice thing about info products is that you create them once and then sell them over and over again.


III. Sell Your Services:

When you're first getting started online you might not really be sure where to start and if that's you then don't worry. A great way to see how easily you can earn money online is to offer your services for hire to other Internet marketers. If you can write reasonably well you could offer an article marketing service. Or if you know a bit about search engine optimization you could help clients build backlinks to their sites.


Or maybe you've got a real movie star type of voice that people would love as their voiceover for their videos. Or maybe you're really good at creating short promotional videos? Look at what skills you already have and make the most of those - there's always a demand for people who are simply willing to work hard.


IV. Drop Shipping:

This is one that doesn't get mentioned that often anymore but is still an extremely profitable business model. With drop shipping you use a drop shipping directory to locate a company who manufactures a product you want to sell online - they could be based anywhere in the world.


But instead of promoting the product as an affiliate you're actually going to sell it directly to the customers yourself. But here's the cool part - you don't actually do any of the shipping yourself! Instead the manufacturer gets the order from you and ships the product directly to the customer for you. Again there are thousands of companies with millions of products to sell this way.


And those are just my personal favorite online business opportunities - there are plenty more to choose from. All you need to do is decide which model suits you best, do your research and go for it.



Overview:  Online Business & Tips...

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