Mondays are a little sweeter with a Pink Drink from Starbucks. Grab your favorite (colorful) beverage at The Pike Outlets on The Paseo.

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Shopping all day, everyday.
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ay'Elena Love
· October 29, 2017
Everyone is so nice food is good parking is reasonable and easy to find came for the fall festival my girls had fun even if half the stores ran out of candy thank you for this event we did have fun
Michelle Drake-Ghiassi
· April 29, 2017
We went for the Hive Market on Fridays. It is not worth the money if you have to pay for parking. We got a meter so we were lucky. But after reading these reviews about parking I am thankful we didn't... use the structure. There are only 3 food vendors so not much of a selection. The vendors selling items gave free samples but the vendors are also expensive in their pricing for jewelry and clothing. The Cakepop vendor was really nice. But I expected a lot more food and vendors selling cheaper items. See More
Maggie Zhang
· August 7, 2016
The mall was good, nice theatre with great seating. But their parking structure is a scam. We went there at 2:07pm, shopping around and came out of the movie at 4:05pm. The theatre said they validate ...three hours, but when we got to the parking lot, it asked us to pay the whole 4 hours because they said we past 3 and half hours break point. What is that even mean? So the validation means nothing at this point I guess? Try to talk sense out of their parking structure manager and she was mean as hell. Well guess what the Pike outlet parking, I will never come back again to you and I will make sure the world knows you are a scam! See More
Justin Edson
· December 10, 2017
Horrible management. They delete my post on this Facebook about the failure of their santa showing up at the designated time and how a dozen of us were waiting an hour and he still never showed. They ...then message me claiming he is allowed a 15min break, but we all expected him there at 1pm like they advertise for 1-8pm...we waited until 2pm and no show. Many unhappy parents. And then they delete posts that show dissatisfaction with their special event. See More
Tina Carrillo
· November 29, 2015
I'm glad they did something with this area but their parking policy is outrageous. We went to the movies, had some lunch, and did some shopping at the new stores. We got validation at the movies and a...sked the server at the restaurant if we needed to get validation there also to extend the time and he said they don't do that. So we ended up having to pay $9 for parking. I am sorry I just spent money at three different shops and I still had to pay parking?? They need to change the parking situation quick or you will lose shoppers. See More
Nubia Diaz
· December 30, 2016
We are frequent visitors to the Pike. Today, we spent over $300 on movies, ice skating, Nike store, Starbucks and Chillis. Upon exit our ticket got jammed and parking attendant Xaveria was extremely r...ude. She said in order for us to exit we had to pay a lost ticket fee of $24. She also added what we spent at the Pike was between us and the vendor!! To make matters worse it was raining and we had our 2 small children in the back. She never once apologized and was humming the whole time. Felt like she was joyful that she held us captive for $24. See More
Fernando J Diaz
· December 29, 2015
I added this to the review section as Im not sure if the Pike Management will see it as a comment on someone else's thread. Nonetheless, It looks like the driving theme is parking. Hopefully 2016 will... bring about some change.

I agree, parking should be validated for atleast 4-hours with maybe a 2 hour extension. But 4 hrs I think would do the trick. My wife, kids & I visit almost weekly but we are usually in & out as we feel we shouldn't be spending anywhere from $85.00 to $200 on dinner and movies plus ice cream and maybe a train ride for the kids and than $$ for parking. Please change the parking policy. This should be a destination to enjoy not just stop & run
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Denise Gordon
· July 24, 2017
Great place to relax, browse, eat, shop. The atmosphere is totally a California lifestyle. Still, there are not enough shops. If one doesn't enjoy the Pike, Shoreline Village is just a walk away.
Jaime Calderon
· April 23, 2017
We had a great time except but when my entire family went to the restrooms, they where all closed. At one of the restrooms, there was a security guard and I even asked him if he could open one of the... restrooms for my kids and he said he couldn't. Wow! Talk about leaving angry. This doesn't motivate me to want to come back. See More
Rocio Salvatierra Ramos
· September 26, 2016
Saturday night I went to the pike for dinner but I saw it was to busy so we decided to go somewhere else but when we were going in the parking structure the handle was up so we just drove by with out ...getting a parking ticket so we didn't think that was right so we went back to get a parking ticket and the handle was down already so I got off the car and got a parking ticket and it gave it to me so I thought I was going to be okay but as we were driving out we inserted the ticket it took it but said it was not valid so we called for help the only answer they have us was oh you have to pay $24 dollars and call Monday to see if you lucky enough to get a refund so I asked why we weren't the only once that was happening to there was few other cars complaining about the same thing so there for it was something going wrong the the entrance gate not us they still made us pay then I asked for the number to call they have us a number I call the number right away and the young lady that answered said I had the wrong number they are rude they called security so he could make us pay if not they were calling the cops like wow. See More
Daphna Gabriella
· November 26, 2016
Worst customer service experience ever. Your parking structure ticket booths are broken. It wouldn't take my ticket then tried to charge me $6, despite having validation and attempting to leave before... my time is up.

The parking office is useless. Instead of having a grain of customer service they proceeded to argue with me about how I was wrong (I wasn't, the machine is broken!). There were three other people who had the same issue as I did. The "manager" refused to give me a phone number to escalate until I called the police.

The number eventually given to me went back into their office where they refused to help me or entertain the fact that if three other people were having an issue it could be the machines.

"The manager" told the police I was over by just a few seconds and had to pay $6. Those few seconds were the time spent when the ticket machine didn't take my ticket! Then they gave the police a phone number and "managers" name to call. The phone number is disconnected. I called it three times, once in front of the police.

When I finally left, with the intent to contact about my experience and request my rightful refund, the fee increased to $9!!!!!!!! All because your parking machines are broken AND the parking staff has ZERO customer service skills. To add insult to injury the AmeriPark website on the card I was given doesn't work. Seriously unhappy.
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Aida Pascual
· March 26, 2017
I'm a local so I don't deal with parking issues. Only issue I have is there are not enough stores to call it an outlet. There is so much retail space available, not sure why other companies haven't co...nsidered this location.
I go every weekend with my children and there is always something to do there or some kind of activity going on. Tuesdays are the best because it's matinee day at the Cinenark.
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Trés Palmer
· August 24, 2017
I love this place. It's absolutely gorgeous, has adequate parking and validation, Cinemark theater is the BEST, especially on Half Price Tuesdays... It's definitely one of Long Beach's gems! (Oh, and ...EXCELLENT for people-watching!) :-D See More
Heather Martin Ochoa
· December 19, 2015
So upset! We shopped, had drinks and food, went to a movie--spent quite a bit of money! Then had to pay $11 for parking with a validation! Are you kidding me?! This is ridiculous--steer clear, they you in with the promise of $5 parking with validation. See More
Mitchell Stephen Iliff
· October 3, 2016
We go shopping at the Pike Outlets a couple of times a week. We really enjoy the friendly people, reasonable prices, and great quality of the goods for sale. I am eager to see it grow with more stores... and they are coming. Love going there. See More
Frances Ramos
· July 10, 2017
Nice place to walk around and shop.... Had a great breeze to cool us off...
Antonio Stephens
· June 18, 2017
I have been to better outlet malls. The parking wasn't that bad, but none of the elevators worked. Also, I'm not a local to the area, so I think I would rather see the sites instead of this mall.
Kenneth Sales
· April 16, 2017
Great place to shop!! We loved it!! Great Atmosphere even tho we had an small issue with the rude parking attendant!! But I realized he's just a disgruntled worker!!��
Roman Seano
· November 3, 2015
The updates & additions to The Pike are awesome. Now that we're heading into the holidays, a well-publicized Christmas Tree Lighting event to bring LB families into the center's holiday shopping seaso...n is a must! See More
Dane Navarro
· April 24, 2017
Hope they could host more family events there. Loved the sales too. My husband got more items from Nike at the Pike than an outlet that we went to! Hopefully more stores open too.
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