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So long, Rob Ford. We'll be digging out this #pinbutton now: #georgesmitherman #robford #topoli

George Smitherman for Mayor CB1349 2.25″ On September 9, 2009, George Smitherman strongly suggested that he would be running for mayor of Toronto...

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It's the National Day of Philanthropy! Did you know that Canada is the only country with such a day?

We were down for a few days, but The Pin Button Project is back up and running!

Toucha-toucha-toucha-touch me!

The Pin Button Project is hoping everyone at the CLGA country-style Fowl Supper is having an amazing time!

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We've added a new page of #pinbuttons photos! Check them out at

Leslie and his very own @pinbuttons

Connor & Terry hanging out @pinbuttons

@msfrolick @mmaxxime @ddrapala @pinbuttons

@seankelly4 & @spinner_tom waiting for their @pinbuttons

@pinbuttons lovely mixologist Michael

Patricia creating her @pinbuttons gem

@zakearns & John at the @pinbuttons creation station