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Catherine Smith
· February 21, 2018
Tonight’s set up and service was great. We booked the upstairs for c.30 people and would def recommend it for a private party (I believe it holds 60ish for the whole floor). It was cosy and intimate, ...the live music was piped from downstairs and sounded great and the food was tasty and plentiful! We could have football on a screen if we wanted - just had to ask.

Room hire was free and I’d recommend setting a minimum spend limit so that the upstairs bar is open - otherwise it would be a pain going up and down and waiting to be served. The minimum spend was only £500, including food, so not a problem at all for that number.

Staff were friendly and accommodating - if you go for a larger/ bigger drinking party, you might want to ask for/pay for extra bar staff - especially if you think your group might all want cocktails.

All in all, a great venue - would def book again!
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Victoria Houseman
· January 11, 2018
The Potting Shed has probably been open just over a month now. I know it was a hurried start to get open before Christmas and although I can see there are still things to be finished including the hea...ting I highly recommend The Potting Shed in Guiseley.
The staff are very friendly and helpful and nothing seems to be too much trouble. The Manager checked we were warm enough and made sure heaters were evenly distributed through the bar. The menu is varied with lots of healthy and varied options with a good selection of wines to accompany. I’m sure the minor issues will soon be sorted. I look forward to spending more happy hours here.
Certainly Fizz Friday sounds interesting �
See you soon
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Julie Wilks
· December 21, 2017
My new local! I've had 3 meals here already, 2 pizzas and a three course from the festive menu, all good food! The place is buzzing, live music or DJ several times a week. The manager and staff are ex...ceptionally friendly and attentive given the busyness of the place. Loving the rustic look, assortment of seating and general ambience of people enjoying themselves. A great venue with shed loads more appeal than a dusty old bank. Still areas outside to finish off but hey........we can wait!
Well done 'The Potting Shed'
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Andrew Eastaugh
· December 20, 2017
Inviting atmosphere, nicely decorated, and with a varied menu to suit several palates.

However, the layout and amenities are not brilliant for those of a disabled bent - tables are very close, there is little space to manoeuvre (especially with staff and customers standing in the way), and the door to the disabled loo doesn't close. Not lock. Close. Which could be embarrassing.

Nice selection of beers and ciders available, though at over £4 for a pint, you'd be hard-pressed to stay for more than a couple of rounds, especially with The Station less than a stone's throw away and two pubs just up the road.

All told, the hype ahead of the (delayed) opening seems to have been offset by simple teething problems. I will likely not be back, which is a shame, because as a former chef I was interested in trying the menu.
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Alan Smith
· February 5, 2018
Bit of a mixed bag really - already commented on the booking process. Drinks not a bad price, but sometimes we had to go downstairs for some as apparently the bar upstairs is a gin bar, although they have other drinks there. Some bar staff were happy to get the drinks from downstairs for us - others weren't. About 4 or 5 of our meals came out along with some that weren't ours & then another table started getting served next to us. Those that received their meals were half way through when the others came out & then some extra items were missing & we kept having to ask for cutlery. Some of the meals were barely warm, whilst others were piping hot. Pizzas seemed to get the best feedback - there was definitely a lack of cheese & bacon on the burgers. Not bad in all but wouldn't rush back. There seems to be a lot of younger staff who need a bit of direction / further training. See More
Laura Lakin
· March 4, 2018
Been a few times now since opening. Was excited about this new addition to Guiseley. Just can’t help but feel a little disappointed each time. Yesterday our lunch took half an hour to come which, with... warning or apology, wouldn’t have been a problem. The management are friendly but the young members of staff just look like then don’t want to be there. They also come across as unconfident when serving which in all fairness suggests they’ve not received adequate training. Our plates were never cleared before leaving and we certainly didn’t rush off. Has so much potential but just doesn’t quite get it spot on which is a shame. See More
John Finglass
· March 4, 2018
First food was very good , decor was good .
But sevice was not to good .
Got my order wrong staff said I will sort that straight away. 15,20 mins later I had to find and ask for this to be put rite ....
Then after main course which was lovely. 20 mins had past with no one clearing table or asking if we wanted any thing else. I had to ask someone for the second time to clear and take a order for dessert.
But I would go again cos thing happen and I enjoyed the food and place.
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Laura Johnson
· January 15, 2018
Well.... we gave these guys enough time to get their act together before we went for some drinks and food, possibly.

I won’t waste much of my time, because it’s my birthday and we’ve just returned f...rom there.

Staff are so arrogant, uninterested in their surroundings. Shocking!!!!

My birthday drink was awful. Cocktail makers don’t know what they’re doing/ or how to make their cocktails. ���

Table was not cleaned. I had no coaster for my drink, it left stains. Another shocker!

Food was just ok. I suppose I had higher expectations.

Enough of my time wasted on this! If I could this place would get big fat zero from me! Not returning!!!
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Jenny Busfield
· December 18, 2017
Looks good but was freezing downstairs. We found the only empty table with 2 lovely wing back chairs, next to patio doors, but there was an awful draught coming in through the doors. Could do with curtains over the patio doors in winter unless the doors are yet to fitted with draught excluders? There looked to be a big heater at the other side of the fireplace, but unfortunately it didn't heat the whole area. We browsed the menu, but unfortunately opted to go elsewhere where it warm. Didn't feel like shivering all night. Will try again when hopefully they have finished all works and it's warmer! Fingers crossed and good luck. See More
Gem Robinson
· March 5, 2018
First visit for my mother in laws birthday. We had the Sunday lunch (2 courses) beef lovely and tender and lean, chicken also nice. Only criticism is a long wait after plates cleared to order desserts... and had to go ask for someone to come take our order. Beautiful Gin garden upstairs, great selection of gins although surprised that there was no just rhubarb gin shame they were served in wine glasses See More
Lynda Parkinson
· December 30, 2017
Popped in for lunch today; my husband, 7 year old, 4 year old and myself.
We must have just missed the rush as we easily got a table although it quickly became much busier.
Bar staff, management and ...servers were all attentive and polite despite the feeling that everyone was still finding their feet & a large delivery had arrived bang on lunchtime (and blocking access to the car park)
I had previously seen a friends post showing their children doing some colouring in which looked like it was provided by the bar so was quite surprised to find no evidence of a children’s menu, or any activities when we arrived. On enquiry I was verbally told children’s options were chicken (breast, grilled) & chips, fish & chips or pizza. 4 year old plumped for fish & chips, 7 year old for ham pizza.
Fish & chips went down a storm but the pizza was unfortunately not well received by the picky 7 year old who was horrified to find shredded ham hock, rather than the usual cubed slices, and herbs (firmly on the poison list) on her pizza. It would have been nice to have a few more kids options such as a burger or offer smaller portions of whatever else is on the menu to ease the burden on parents trying to enjoy a meal out without feeling the sullen resentment of a dissatisfied child radiating out at them the whole meal. ( & please, for the sake of parents everywhere, don’t EVER put herbs on a kids meal without specifically asking if it’s ok - too many meals out have been ruined by a seemingly innocuous sprinkling of dried oregano or casual pinch of coriander �.
Our (adult) burgers were really tasty; he went for a classic bacon & cheese and myself for the halloumi although a side of onion rings proved a push too far, portions were certainly generous!
We will definitely be back (hopefully minus the kids!)
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Sharon Grace
· December 20, 2017
Nice atmosphere. Nice food. Just need to sort out a few things like decaf coffee, herbal teas and maybe a few more gluten free options. Some work still going on to finish off but overall loved the atm...osphere and feel although it was very cold inside so they need to sort that out . I had mixed feelings as this was my old bank and was gutted when it closed! See More
Steven Joy
· January 25, 2018
It is pleasant enough,but not dissimilar to other modern type venues, such as Everybody's. I find traditional pubs such as The Yorkshire Rose or New Inn much better. The prices here are good enough, b...ut must say given supposedly open till midnight, and we got a taxi there specifically for that reason, for last orders to be 10.45 and then wanting people out was a bit poor See More
Stephen Muir
· December 21, 2017
Midweek visit. Disorganised and service was extremely slow. 7 apparent members of staff but only 2 on the bar area - which caused approx 10min wait.

We ordered foot as well. I enjoyed mine - great bu...rger but service slow again; no condiments and no pride in food chucked onto table.

Live music was good and overall atmosphere was vibrant. Just needs a bit more customer focus and attentiveness.

Hopefully things improve...
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Mischelle Akid
· December 22, 2017
What a shambles, booked a table and arrived at 7.45pm for our 8pm booking to be told no table available initially and we're not on the list. ( I show them my reservation on my phone) They find us a ta...ble and we order 2 drinks at 8pm. By 8.20 no drinks so ask where they are to be told they are ' on the list ' and eventually they arrive, in the mean time we order food ( and notice that the next table have their food but for 15 minutes with no cutlery !!) The onion rings ( our side dish ) arrive but nothing else and are stone cold so we send them back and about 10 minutes later the onion rings are back ( again only them) and are still stone cold. There is builders rubbish inside ( I took photo's) bits of wiring on the floor and in the dining area lots of drunk people knocking diners about at their tables. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING !! I should add we left and went to Saffron Desi in Guiseley where the service was outstanding..... We did tell the manager at the Potting shed all of this before we left and her reply - Regarding how bad things are was ' I know ' !! See More
Tracy Smith
· January 6, 2018
Visited a few times now, plenty of friendly bar staff, eaten twice and the food was served promptly and very nice both times, the live entertainment has always been very enjoyable, we'll definitely be... making it a regular of ours. See More
Amy Lester
· January 3, 2018
We went for our works xmas do and loved it! A great friendly atmosphere and certainly enjoyed the bar staff getting involved keeping the room lively. We was served by gabby who was very friendly and w...elcoming and had a dance with us all too! Great night and great staff�� See More
Tom Islip
· December 22, 2017
Went with a few friends last night and had a good time. Nice to have another good bar in the area.
Few pointers for consideration....
Someone had been sick near the toilet and it wasn't cleaned up all... night.
Music slightly loud (might just be me)
No sign for where the toilets are or how to get upstairs.
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Marc Richard Philpott
· February 9, 2018
Very frustrated by the service & standard off the bar.. if you want a table it’s very much a no go.. tried to book a few times & they only book out a certain amount of covers, every other table is come first served, there are 7 tables down stairs ..? There for finding a table that is free impossible!!
So you are left stand with all you glasses, ice bucket etc.. not very pleasant!
So after the carnage of find a table being told to move 3 times I decided to have a quick break outside & use my Ecig.
That was an even worse experience & concreted my feeling in never returning.
The door man with a chip on his shoulder asked me to move away from the door when smoking my Ecig (far enough) so I did! To then see him chatting away to his mate who smoked actual cigarettes In the door way, I found so disrespectful (clearly it’s double standards)
When saying to him “why did I have to move but they don’t”
He replied - “ don’t start with me”

- that’s the person protecting the interest of the public - I DONT THINK SO!!! He is rude, intimidating & does not deserve to wear that badge.

Gutted about this as I thought it would be great to have a cool bar near by!!
This bar is likely to end up being a dive full off 18 year olds!! Very sad!
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Derry Ellen
· December 29, 2017
Nicely done out, the singer was great and would have loved to see upstairs but it wasn’t ready.
I ordered a bottle of wine to share with friends and paid £17.00. My friend went for a second bottle and... was charged £10.00, we challenged it but told it was a mistake, no refund. We ordered halumi fries and they were cold, we went for a third bottle and Charges £10.00 again � See More


We have 2 fantastic LIVE acts to kick off Friday Night Live in true Shed style.

Steven Lindsey 6pm - 8pm...
Sarah Widdup & Phil Swale

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Live Music at the Shed is going from Strength to Strength.

Tonight we have 2 fantastic LIVE acts to kick off Friday in true Shed style 🎤🥂.


Steven Lindsey 6pm - 10pm
Sarah Widdup & Phil Swale 8pm till 10pm

#FizzFridays #LiveMusic #PotandRoll #HappyPotting

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A fantastic performance from the Act Up Choir earlier tonight. Well done kids!🎄🎅🏼🎁 Don’t forget, we have live music every night 7-9 from now until the big man in red comes. Simon Walker will be serenading you this evening, with his mix of classic and up to date tunes. #LiveMusic #SoundsoftheShed #PotandRoll #HappyPotting 🎄🎄🎄


It started with a seed.

Now our Potting Shed bartenders have created a Brand New Menu just for you Potters.


Think Fun, Floral and a garden inspired theme. We have retained many of our old favourites with some NEW exciting editions like Rhubarb & Flustered, Passion Fruit and Basil Crush and Gin Thyme.

Who’s thirsty??

Full Menu Below 👇

#FunAndFloral #NewMenu #Cocktails #SeeYouintheGarden

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Hailing from the wilds of The Yorkshire Moors we have singer/songwriter Rupert Stroud oozing lots of Northern passion tonight 7pm - 9pm

#LiveMusic #PotandRoll #ShedRock #HappyPotting

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Not long to go now Potters...!

The 'King of the Ring" Anthony Joshua returns on Saturday 31st March as he takes on Joseph Parker in a fight that could change the boxing world.

Catch all the action on our BIg Screen with LIVE commentary.

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ShedStock is back for a Big Bank Holiday Sunday Special🌼🌸

Live Music is from 3pm till 9pm with some of the best local talent finished with Headline act D.M.A.

The Shed will be rocking and don’t worry the party will keep on going with Dj and Saxophonist from 10pm till Late🎶🎧🎺

Sun 2:00 PM UTC+01The Potting Shed - GuiseleyGuiseley, United Kingdom
47 people interested


Drum roll please. Here’s the line up for our Bank Holiday Shedstock!!!

#ShedStock #PotandRoll #GardenVibes #HappyPotting

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Potting Shed favourite Sean Hurley is back tonight 7pm - 9pm . Expect lots of your favourite acoustic covers spanning decades and genres.

#ShedSessions #PotandRoll #AcousticVibes #HappyPotting

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Swing on by Potters and fuel your APE-itite with our Cask Ale selection from Beer Monkey Brew Co 🐵🐵.

#MonkeyBuisness #YorkshirePale #BitterPerfection #ShedLife

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Monday 7-9pm Sebastian John

Tuesday 7-9pm Sean Hurley


Wednesday 7-9pm Tom Van Wren

Thursday 7-9pm Rupert Stroud

Friday 6-8pm Steven Lindsay

Friday 8-10pm Phil Swale & Sarah Widdup

Saturday 7-9pm Lewis Crossley

Sunday 3-5pm Daisy Willock

Sunday 5-7pm Dave Pilla & Ellie Coast

#LiveMusic #SoundsoftheShed #PotandRoll #HappyPotting

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Picking up our Best Newcomer Award from H&N Magazine in the Eat Awards 2017.

Massive thank you to all those that voted. We are very Happy Potters.

#BestNewcomer #EatAwards2017 #ShedLife #Guiseley

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Ronan Keating was busy tonight so we got the next best thing instead.

The Keating Brothers will be providing the St Patrick’s Day entertainment 7pm till 9pm.


We have plenty of Guinness and Jameson in stock so come join in the St Patrick’s Day fun.

#StPatricksDay2018 #LiveMusic #Shamrock #PartyThymes

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We just can't stop GROWING Potters!

Our New site in Harrogate is opening soon. Do you know any one who would like to join our ever growing team?

#BranchingOut #Harrogate #Shedlife #OpeningSoon

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The Potting Shed - Harrogate
The Potting Shed - Harrogate

We are hiring Potters!

All positions available - please send your CV and Covering Letter to

- General Manager...
- Assistant Manager
- Bar Managers
- Bar Staff
- Waiting Staff
- Chefs
- Kitchen Porters

Know anyone who would be good? Let them know!

#ShedLife #Harrogate #Jobs

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It’s Friday Potters🤗🤗

Shed Chicken Club Sandwhich anyone???

Triple stacked Sandwhich with grilled chicken, bacon , advocado, mixed salad and fries.

... See More
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