Mora Asian Kitchen's Asian Heritage Festival.

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The course is up and running! Stop out and see if you can beat the Ninja! $2.00 for a single try $10.00 unlimited. Funds collected will be donated to help Parkinson's Disease.

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There's still time to make a Wind Chime for your chance to win $200! Four Age Categories + a Business Category + A Non-Profit Category! Winners in each category. Next kit pick up is on 05.18 (5pm to 9pm) and on 06.03 (2pm to 5pm). ( you can paint it at The Promenade, we will supply the paint) The #Live360 space located between Sunglass Hut & Champs! All in partnership with Bolingbrook Arts Council! Details: #Bolingbrook #ShopPromenade
Play Time. Play Games. Play Around. Play Date.
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Debbie Schmitt
· September 3, 2017
We went to see Strung Out, the band playing there for the event yesterday. The poor guys only played about 5 songs and the skies opened up unexpectedly and it started pouring rain!! We felt so bad they were scrambling for tarps to cover their equipment. I think in the future there should be a tent covering where the live bands play. Not only were we disappointed they had to quit playing so soon, but also felt bad for them trying to protect their equipment. I hope you have Strung Out back there cause they definately draw a crowd. But next time, please consider the band's equipment if it should rain. See More
Joe Anguiano
· July 31, 2017
My wife and I decided to go to the mall for a stroll. I live approximately 5 minutes away and visit once in a while. we have no children but we have to agree that the family friendly atmosphere is after sitting and people watching for a while we noticed how unappealing it was to most people it seemed that it lost it's most important factor which is to keep people entertained and the want to be there.... There seems to be the train of thought "Let's have the people purchase what they need and leave" instead of giving them the choice to hang around and contemplate things they could possibly need or want for them or the kids.... See More
Sandra Vidales
· November 26, 2016
Remodel- since the remodel and removal of the Hippo park, my children, ages 5 & 8, can care less about going to the mall. It used to be a win-win. I shop, you play or vice versa. Even if I didn't feel... the need to shop, we would go lounge around in the Hippo area and it would eventually lead my family into Go Roma, Red Mango, Mago Cantina, Barnes & Noble, etc. The Hippo park would bring families in for an afternoon or evening of relaxation, play dates, girlfriends catching up, or just a Parent unwinding after shopping/eating and having kids let loose.
On Thursdays during the Farmer Market Days, we would make it into a whole day event. Play, shop, play, eat kettle corn, and listen to a live band.
We used to go about 4-6 times per week during the summer and 2-4 during the fall and winter.
Now, my girls say, "it's boring." I have to drag them there. It seems more like "work" for me; when going to the Promenade used to bring my family such enjoyment.
I really thought it was an issue for my family but after reading others reviews, I needed to mention how disappointed we are with the removal of the Hippo park.
I used to tell my daughters' it was temporary because I would see how much attraction the Hippo park would bring. It was a nice place to get together, kids to see each other during summer break and Bolingbrook was beginning to seem like a real community. But the remodel seems to have been completed and there is no sight of a new kid area to be built.
Many traditions have been started in the Promenade Mall. For instance, visiting Santa during the initial lighting of the Christmas tree, the taste of Bolingbrook, all the runs that are initiated here, etc.
I would really like to see more family elements such as the hippo park to be started again because you would make shopping so much more fun for the family and seem like an outdoor "activity". Otherwise, I will need to start shopping online again and that is not just as fun.
Bravo on Cheryl's Candy shop! It took me back in time to my childhood!
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Marjorie Hathaway
· June 3, 2016
This mall use to be great. In the summer time it was a great place to hangout with the kids at the hippo splash pad. In the winter time the light show was always entertaining. Now there is nothing fu...n to do at the mall. Children can no longer run around and play. There's no where safe to sit while kids play. I sure hope all the stores in the strip where the street was built is making lots of money. I can guarantee you are not getting any of my money. Congratulations to mall management for making bad decisions. See More
Ralph Sporck
· July 28, 2017
I was here for the first time and stayed for the concert series. Billy Croft and the 5 Alarm was off the hook! I love country and love this band! Gordon Biersch's corn dogs and garlic fries were awes...ome and a real deal. We'll be coming back! See More
Nancy Ross Pingul
· July 7, 2017
I dont like the remodeled mall. The set up is goofy for listening to the band's. You can't see them if you are in the back. Doubt that I will go back. Ya know if it ain't broke dont fix it. The Christ...mas Tree that doesn't light up to the music is just not the same either. See More
Michael Gonzalez
· June 22, 2017
Great but not much to see. There needs to be more stores, and honestly I'd like to see some fast food restaurants if possible. Some times I want something quick and inexpensive, but there are only sit... down restaurants. But for young people there's really only five stores to go to. And for adults over 40 there's a much larger range of stores. See More
Craig Gunty
· November 20, 2015
Seriously did anyone listen to the disappointment in the crowd! They had a tradition of the musical tree, this was there big draw. When they turned the lights on and there was no light show, so many p...eople around were very let down. Granted the new design was nice, the mall was pretty, it was not the same! Many people clearly said they would not return again. I think our family tradition will likewise change. To think we moved out of Bolingbrook and made a special trip back with out of town people in tow, yeah...dropped the ball on this new owners! See More
Sarah Sadowski
· December 22, 2015
Went as a family to see the Symphony in lights this year and was very disappointed to see you didn't do it anymore. It had been a while since we had been there and also didn't realize there is now a s...treet that runs through the middle of the mall now. I guess that was due to there not being any sort of warning that it's a road. That needs to be fixed immediately! I was pushing my son in the stroller and was halfway across before i could figure out why there was a car coming up behind me. Very stupid design! I have no reason to shop there anymore. You killed any reason to shop there during the cold season. Im not sure who thought it would be a good idea to add the road and have more traffic through the middle of a mall. I realize its outdoors but its definitely not for family's anymore. See More
Jessica Lyn Marchluk
· August 11, 2017
I love the Promenade but I do think they need to fill the stores. That being said people also need to shop there more to keep the businesses going. It's fun to walk around the Promenade and it's beaut...iful at Christmas time with the Trees. See More
Traci Skocik
· December 7, 2015
I went and visited the tree for the first time this year with my family. I was really disappointed in the unsafe location of the tree. I don't understand the thought process of putting a giant tree, in which children want to run up to and people want to take pictures by, in the middle of a roundabout. Cars were constantly trying to avoid pedestrians. It was dangerous. Also, the new "street," right by the ice sculptures, does not look like a road at all. Again, people and children were walking in the middle not realizing cars were coming up behind them. Or people were backing up into the street not even realizing it while they were taking pictures. There is not even a curb to help identify that you are in a danger zone. You could here people making these same comments while walking around the Promenade. I hope to see some changes for next year. Thank you. See More
Josie Campagna
· November 27, 2016
I enjoy shopping at this mall. It's not hard to find parking. Even on black Friday, we went at night, but the stores were not so crowded, and we were able to enjoy shopping. Lots of food options, the ...stores are new and nice. They always have lots of activities. We miss the splash park. See More
Jillian Johnson
· December 23, 2015
I have brought my kids to see the Symphony of Lights and for shopping for the past several years...what a huge letdown to find out that there is no more light show! I'll skip shopping at your mall and... shop closer to home, since the holiday draw of the light show is gone! I wonder how much revenue the mall lost this year over this!?!? You definitely lost customers over this. See More
Kimberly Lynn
· November 20, 2016
I always love going to the tree lighting. Shopping, Christmas and family. It has become a family tradition that we love. My only complaint is the rude people who decided to start walking and pushing t...heir way past me and my family literally when the light festival started. Stop what your doing and watch the damn show and don't ruin it for all of us who picked our spots for the show. See More
Michelle Vaz Can
· July 14, 2015
Hippo water area needs to be altered for the safety of the children. Watch out for the bridge and butterfly when wet as they are extremely slippery.Ii witnessed My son and another girl slip when on them and my son got hurt. It is common sense that they should be removed during summer or altered to be safer. I would hate to hear of another child getting hurt even worse. See More
Maria Bright
· December 6, 2015
The mall looks beautiful with all of the Christmas lights and decorations. I was there last night for the Fire & Ice show. Enjoyed watching the small children playing and taking pictures with their... families. Then went to Tamari Japanese Kitchen for sushi and warm saki. Had a nice time. Go see the Christmas tree and lights, take great pictures before it's over. :) See More
Jennifer Roche Minogue
· September 3, 2017
My daughter and I went there for the 1st time yesterday and we will be shopping there from now on!!! � it there!
Tish Sanborn
· August 12, 2015
It was cool before they started destroying the beautiful places where people could gather. No more village green, hippo water area for kids, fire pit, concert area or Christmas tree. Guess putting in... a street was more important than having a facility that was pleasing to the eye and family friendly. See More
Lori Kopesky
· November 26, 2016
Really enjoy the new look the promenade has done. The pass through and drive around circle really makes for convenience. Also was pleasantly surprised how quickly I was able to do my shopping when the... stores opened Black Friday. Nice job Helzberg, Ulta and Bath & Body Works. I'd go here any day of the week compared to those big malls. See More
Angela Curry
· September 23, 2016
The layout is unique. The down side is, it's an outdoor mall. In the winter, it can get pretty cold. Good selection of stores. Stores are a bit pricey, but what mall isn't.