This is the video that started it all.

Manoj Bhargava is an Indian American businessman and philanthropist. Bhargava was born in India and migrated to the US at the age of 14. As a young adult he ...

Damn, he's better than many Malaysians I know!

Merci, m'sieur!

“Fasih weh BM duta besar Perancis! 😂😂

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Everybody think the supplement Berocca is the secret to his long life and vitality.

Actually it's the kari.

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MACC has confirmed the registration of my complaint on Taman Rimba Kiara development & Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan. Now when will investigation begin for Tengku Adnan?

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Malaysians are so patriotic right now. One of my friends even gave up his fake accent and started speaking normally again. #MalaysiaBaru

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Finally made @chrissyteigen banana bread and oooo baby. If she had to, would she choose this or her newborn son? Asking for a friend.

Seems like comedy is very much alive in Malaysia

“Media perlu adil kepada kami, kata pemimpin Umno

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Dear PM @chedetofficial

Ur wife, our beloved Dr. Siti Hasmah is concerned bout ur health. We know tht u r busy saving our country but it breaks our hearts 2 know tht she’s worried sick bout u.


So, tell us rakyat how we can collectively help u out. We want u 2 get enough rest.

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This is not your usual tourist destination! Wander through the eerie corridors of the abandoned water park in Vietnam.

This is why it gets irritating to see people get all excited about stuff they know little about.

If nothing else, people should have realized that TS Tony has always been Malaysian first, and has thousands depending on him for a living.

“I have been keeping this to myself for a while. The real story behind TS Tony Fernandes’s so called move to endorse BN during GE-14. He is a hero, not a traitor.”

Something to Think About

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“Most meetings could be calls. Most calls could be emails. Most of us could work effectively with limited human interaction and have a truly wonderful life. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk, no Q+A because see above.”
“Watch #CelineDion's Amusing Music Video For @VancityReynolds' #Deadpool2 via @forbes by @ScottMendelson

It's morning somewhere in the world.

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Never underestimate the power of a woman.

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Humankind Stories
We are women. Strong, amazing women.
Humankind posted an episode of Humankind Stories.

We are daughters. We are providers. We are leaders. We are teachers. We are WOMEN.

Humanity Restored 🙏💖

Thank God for unconditional Love..

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Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) is with Beautiful Amazing World.

This mother has to crawl on the floor to do household chores and take care of her four-year-old daughter.

Share this video and help Lucy give her child a better life! #KMJS

When that kid hugged that homeless man the look of innocence on the kids face mixed with the look of gratitude on the homeless man's face whew that kids parents r something special 💖💖💖

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Thank you for you kindness!

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