Woo, it's Fri-yay! Here's one of our favorite photos from last weekend at #RagnarDelSol

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There’s nothing like crossing the finish line after months (or, maybe for some of us, a few panicked weeks) of training, looking back at all you’ve accomplished, and thinking, “I can’t believe we just did that…” Well, friend, you did.

There’s nothing like crossing the finish line after months (or, maybe for some of us, a few panicked weeks) of training, looking back at all you’ve accomplished, and thinking, “I can’t believe we just did that…” Well, friend, you did. ... Read More
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Joey Rodriguez
· November 15, 2017
Where do I begin?
As our team arrived to get our t shirts we were notified of a Volunteer fee of $360 that was required and an additional late fee of $20 for everyone on our team. This was for not re...gistering on time when we had payed on the second day of ticket sales. Cash grab much?
Exchange points with no lighting or restrooms in random parking lots.
Not a single person working the event had any idea what was going on or what.
The course ran through an area that the police stopped people from entering forcing the race to cancel three legs.
An App that contained incorrect course information but instead full pages of ads for sponsorship
The finish line wasn't even lit enough to see who was running through it and there was no photographer in sight.
Running is free we paid a premium price for logistics and you failed hard on that.
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Mike Kraft
· November 13, 2017
I loved my team and what we shared. As for the event complete joke. I can run for free. I paid for an experience what I got was my teammates in dangerous situations because of running routes in danger...ous parts of town at night and runners placed in harms way by extending runs in the Florida sun with no water and unbelievable lack of organization #reebok should be ashamed See More
Claudia Isabel
· November 15, 2017
This morning Facebook informed me that Ragnar took down my first review, making it clear to me that they are not trying to get feedback and put on a better race, but they are just trying to cover thei...r tracks and make us feel heard but will run away with our money and we will never hear from them again. Ever since Reebok took over you can tell this race lost it's grassroots appeal and they no longer care about the details or ...planning, for that matter....also, since when did it become ok to give runners fruity drinks over beer eh? Sorry Ragnar....but you should have never sold out to Reebook....It's time for someone else to start a new race that is not clouded by corporate greed! We were just numbers to them, who are we kidding, things will not get better and they will not pay attention to details like they did prior to 2016 when they sold out....this race used to be put on for runners BY runners.....sad to say this is no longer the case. Do not run Ragnar Relay, in particular the one in South Beach - the routes are so dangerous the police advised them to cancel three legs, there were no sleeping areas and it was raining so everyone slept in the vans, water was scarce and many had been stolen, the information on the APP and the website were off and many people ran more than expected, in the heat, with no water, and many vans would get lost because the directions were off. The post race finish was simply a merchandise tent so that was weird and clear that this was all about money. I will not run this race again unless you guys take some responsibility and compensate all runners accordingly. Running and Fun are both free, we paid for logistics and safety and we did not get that. We DEMAND Justice. See More
K Elleen M Agro
· October 20, 2017
The concept of the race sounds like fun and challenging, however I can't speak from experience. I have signed up twice only to get both races cancelled. The race isn't not cheap to begin with and it'...s hard to build a team willing to participate. Most ppl have to take off work in order to run on a Friday and travel at an added cost. The options they offer are terrible for a situation like mine and you feel the only option is for a refund. But beware you won't get a full refund of the teams money. Option one: pick a race the following year - holding onto you team plus finding time that everyone can run again not likely. Option 2- Wait around to see what happens maybe they will reschedule the race - again not a great option and most likely your team can't do it on the new date. So you choose option 3 and get screwed. They get to keep about 15% for nothing. And don't bother getting insurance on the races that won't help. Let's just say I won't be supporting Ragnar in the future and will not recommend to others. See More
Sarah Lindell Orosz
· September 24, 2017
Had a awesome time at DC Ragnar. Only thing i was disappointed was thay you didnt jave different finisher shirts for ultra or any merchandise that said ultra. Cant wait to try a trail.

Othee feedback... was there many points where directional signs got moved our turned. 3 times we had ppl do extra mileage. We also picked up a girl at 4am who missed a turn more than 1/2 mile doen the road. Luckily we missed the turn also. The blinking light was almost dead so when its 4am and sleep deprived waa veey easy to miss.

Seemed like ultra teams werent desifnated very well. We accidently weny exchamge 16 insteaf of 15. Out runner got 15 and within 5 mins had another runner text race command who said they would text me the captain. Meanwhile we thinn shes lost bc we heard a sign was turned and we finally figure out we're at the wrong exchange and head back. I finally get a text bc our runner asked the volunteers to f/u with race command. When she tells me about the first text i asked race command about it and then said they said they said "sorry, we had the wrong number for van 2". You would think if we didnt respknd they would try again. But we had no van 2. When were getting out medals and cups they both tried to give us 12 each time. Yes our runner should have had her phone and we went to wrong place. But if we also depended on race command to have the right info on each team.
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Steve Schaefer
· September 24, 2017
My team is out at White Cliffs.. we spent collectively $15,000 to do this (registration, airfare, van rental, hotels etc) and between us we’ve done over 50 Ragnars.

Our team is averaging a 11.6 minut...e mile on the course and they are breaking down the exchanges an hour and a half before scheduled times. I ran a 10 mile leg and 5 miles of that had no signage.

This is 7 hours before the finish line closes and apparently there are between 14-20 teams left on the course (no exchange has the same number). Runners are getting lost.. massive safety issue. We notified the demo crews, exchanges and spoke to other runners... and still they are pulling signs/breaking down exchanges with runners on the course.

Not to mention only 4 toilets at major exchanges, night runs that lacked signage/blinking lights that went through areas that should not be run at night.

White Cliffs is an epic fail.
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Becky Stelljes
· August 27, 2017
I captained a Great River team this year and have run that race and several other Ragnars every year since 2009. My team and I run for the challenge and the camaraderie. This year the challenge was ...again there but the camaraderie not so much. All the teams were staggered so far apart that there were far fewer runners with us on the road and at handoffs. We also found out many of the faster teams were started much earlier than we were and finished before noon compared with our 8:15 a.m. start and 5:45 p.m. finish. What is up with that?????? You need to start the slower teams first. Maybe you need to clamp down on people cheating with their pace per mile on their profile. Or we maybe need to start estimating long, too. Out team finished within 5 minutes of our projected time and that 5 minutes was lost when we had to wait for a runner to find a bathroom elsewhere because the handoff she was starting at didn't have portapotties. You said there would be biffs at every handoff. Either make it so or let us know ahead of time which ones will be either missing or in the wrong place like at Hidden Falls park in Minneapolis. I am reading the complaints below and know that some of those could have been mitigated had people actually read Ragnar posts or gone to the captains meeting but we have been doing this for years so we knew the routine and it still ended up being a big disappointment. Bring back the old Ragnar experience. See More
Christopher Wright
· July 16, 2017
I am a team captain for a Ragnar Northwest Passage Team that has been running this race for close to 10 years. Of course we love it or else we wouldn't keep coming back. But there is always room for... improvement so I would like to offer some feedback that I hope Ragnar finds helpful. 1. It was a negative experience to be charged for the runners that I added after the deadline at the start of the race. I would have much preferred the opportunity to pay for this online weeks earlier rather than being embarrassed by this unpaid item with half my team standing there. 2. It is hard to understand how these so-called "late" changes are a cost to Ragnar, this fee seems more like an excuse to grab some more cash after an already expensive entry fee. As captain I ended up having to eat this cost myself - I can't blame the runners I found after the deadline. Maybe I don't want to be captain anymore, its a ton of work and then I get slapped in the face with these fees. 3. We were disappointed that Ragnar stopped publishing the map books a few years ago. Environmental impact was the excuse but most teams print them off at home anyway (and at much higher cost). I would rather pre-pay a fair price ($5 each should cover printing cost) for a couple mapbooks at time of registration and pick them up at check-in. 4. Elimination of cups was not a positive change. Again the environment was the excuse but compared to the CO2 emissions of this event a few cups make no significant difference. I have never been to a running event that did not provide cups, its part of what we pay for with our entry fees. 5. Some of my team members were unhappy that the year was removed from the window sticker. 6. As captain I used to be able to see my team's shirt sizes - that was useful both for distributing the shirts to those who didn't remember the size they ordered and to order shirts we design for ourselves every year. If you go back to gender specific sizes then that's what I want to know since we order our own shirts that way. 7. I want to be able to sign up more than 12 runners and leave some without leg assignments so I can substitute them in as alternates later if needed. It is already possible to substitute runners informally (not that I ever have), why not make it legit? The more runners I sign up the more people I expose to Ragnar, its a win-win, why not? 8. The difficulty rating (easy, moderate, hard, very hard) of legs seems to relate only to the length of the leg. We already know the length of the leg, the difficulty rating should relate to elevation change, not length. On the positive side this event was well organized and an absolute blast, strongly recommended. See More
Cheryl Ames
· February 13, 2018
I don't like the fact that Ragnar allowed us to register under submasters and then they decide in the middle of the game to drop that division and replace it with the crossfit division. If you took m...y team's registration as a submasters team then you should honor it. Not cool, Ragnar. See More
Dan Moschkau
· August 20, 2017
Love the people, love the event. HOWEVER, if you make a point of reminding us not to pee in public you absolutely MUST ensure your runners have enough porta potties. Numerous exchanges at Great River ...this year had half the number as last year and lines to match. Customer service regarding our 6 pack status was problematic as well. A simple van preference box to check would have saved a lotta time for all. Several of our team members noticed fewer amenities this Year. Even a few exchanges with coffee Saturday morning would have been amazing (and profitable ). Several members of my team mentioned that if amenities (including 1 free beer at end and unisex shirts) continued to dissappear they would be hard pressed to continue justifying the expense. Hopefully we can provide feedback that helps keep such a fun race running each year!! See More
Love The Locals
Trick or Treat, Don't Smell Our Feet!
Made Immortal

#RagnarLove; a mixture of soulmate, teammate, and van mate.

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Congrats to our #innerWILD contest winner for #RagnarDelSol! She captured the beauty and chase the sun along the way! 📷 @brittani_montana

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#RagnarLove: If it weren’t for our Ragnarians, we would just be 200-ish miles of cones and lonely "one mile to go" signs.

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"Umm... If you can run a 5k, you can run a Ragnar" 🤣

"Shit Ragnar Relay Runner Say" Brought to you by Girls Gone Miles Like Us at

When someone asks you to go for a run after Ragnar

Ragnarians, you did it! You helped us kick off the 2018 season right. Here are some of our fan favorites from last weekend at #RagnarDelSol!

They came, they saw, they sweated a lot, and then conquered 200-ish miles down in the Arizona heat. Ragnar Del Sol kicked off the 2018 race season at Ragnar Relay in style. There were new course changes, hilarious Ragnar motivational ... Read More

You took the leap of faith and you're a captain now! You've got it all figured out, except.... the budget. Here is a breakdown of how to create a budget so you can focus on more important things like matching your van Christmas lights, with your tutu:

Here is a breakdown of how to plan your Ragnar Relay so can focus on more important things like matching your van Christmas lights, with your tutu.

Good morning, Arizona! One more day of kicking ass, sweating like we just showered and cheering on our amazing teammates!

📷@audrey_mable, siggimasson, and novakphotos

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We're kicking off the Ragnar Relay season in Del Sol this weekend! Are you ready?

Check out our packing checklist, and leave us a comment with your pro-tips below!

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Race weekend is among us... and we have a few words of advice for you.


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How we all feel after surviving the Monday workday and still have to get to the gym.

📷 Thong Tran

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While most of us wish that post-race libations would do the trick 🍻, we need to be smarter about replenishing our bodies after race day.

Stay hydrated with more than just water during your next Ragnar Relay. Read these hydration hacks from nuun to be prepared for your next run.

This is your opportunity to live the #VanLife!

The Ragnar van is the icon of your team. Here are tips on how to decorate your van to make it epic.