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Video #2 is ready!! https://buildmathminds.com/ns-free2 You can speed it up to get through the video faster!

WATCH NOW: Number Sense Video Series!
Click here to watch now ==>
The Recovering Traditionalist

Okay, I get it...my number sense videos are LONG, and you are short on time. BUT, these videos are SOOOOO foundational if you work with PreK-2nd grade kiddos. ...

So, I was testing out watching them on different levels of speed to help you be able to get through them faster, yet still get the content. It was so hilarious that I recorded it and had to share.

Watch the video below (make sure to watch what happens when I bump it up to 2x!!) and then get on over to the video series and start watching (I recommend 1.5x speed...but if you want a good laugh while you learn, bump it up to 2x!!)


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Do you work with 3rd-6th grade kids? Do any of them struggle with fractions?

If so, come watch the first video in the FREE fraction sense video series.

In this video Graham Fletcher dives into the foundational understandings kids need to have around fractions. When you register to watch the video, you will be sent Graham's Fraction Subitizing Cards.


Yup, that's right....older kiddos need to subitize, also! This amazing freebie gives you cards that you can print out and start working on getting your students subitizing with fractions!

Go here to sign up and watch the video, PLUS, get the Fraction Subitizing Cards: https://buildmathminds.com/lpfof-free1

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Free Number Sense Video Training for PreK-2nd Grade Teachers
FREE Number Sense Video Series
I know you can help out victims of Harvey via Red Cross (text Harvey to 909-99 to donate $10) but a follower of mine who teaches in Houston recently emailed saying that posting and asking teachers to find and adopt a fellow teacher from Houston and/or Texas would be a big help. So....in an effort to help connect people who want to help with teachers who need help in the wake of #Harvey, here's my attempt. If you are a teacher in need of help, please post in the comments what help you need. If you are a teacher who can help, private message that person to find out how to send them stuff.