Conjoined twin girls separated at Texas Children's
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Program teaches water survival skills to infants

"I told the supervisor, 'I'm going to call the sheriff. This just doesn't feel right to me.'"

When two teenage girls tried to check in for a flight from Sacramento to New York, American Airlines customer service agent Denice Miracle noticed something wasn't right.


One of the most famous voices from Texas has betrayed his Lone Star roots to hawk burgers for the Tennessee-based chain.

Police say a middle school student in Ohio brought a gun to school and shot himself in the bathroom.

MASSILLON, Ohio (AP) - An Ohio seventh-grader who brought a gun to school and shot himself inside a restroom just before classes began on Tuesday also had a device in his backpack meant to cause a distraction, police said. While investigators said the device was not an explosive that would have harm...

The two-time Latin Grammy winner said he wasn't feeling well after his Austin show and decided to go in for testing, which revealed he suffered "another stroke."

Michael Salgado, the San Antonio-based singer of Tejano hits like Cruz de Madera and Palomita Blanca, was hospitalized after suffering a stroke last weekend.

The last time a Texas governor greenlit commuting a death row inmate's sentence to life following a board recommendation was in 2007.

In a rare victory two days before his scheduled execution, the Texas death row inmate convicted in a murder-for-hire plot to kill his own family won a unanimous recommendation for clemency.

Texas Children's Hospital doctors have successfully separated two identical twin girls conjoined at their chest and abdomen. For the full story:

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According to a preliminary police report, Rodriguez admitted to having a sexual relationship with the victim after police found the two in the hotel.

A San Antonio ISD middle school teacher and coach was arrested Sunday after she was found in a hotel with a 15-year-old former student.


Innovation: a new idea, a new method, or a new product. The idea of innovation recently has come with so much controversy, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why.

Counselors advised Angel Muñoz to take several steps in order to overcome her anxiety and depression. One of them was to return to college. Muñoz enrolled in classes at Midland College and began participating in the college’s veterans’ student organization.

As part of the healing process, Muñoz said she was also encouraged to change jobs. Having worked in doctors' offices for the past 10 years, her psychiatrist advised her to look for a job in a completely different line of work. So, for the past two years, Muñoz has been employed at Mulberry Café.

Parents of students at Midland ISD’s magnet schools have been sent a letter that after-school programs will no longer be funded by the district.

In a letter dated "Feb. 20, 2018," the district reports MISD is undergoing a request for proposal process for enriched, after-school programs by an outside organization that will provide options for elementary campuses. Decisions have not been made on which third party will be selected, according to...
A candidate for Texas A&M University's student body president apologized Monday night after student groups discovered an Instagram photo with a racist caption that he posted five years ago. The student, junior Ben Johnson from Houston, later deleted the photo, which included degrading language about...

The victim was struck several times, threatened by a knife and robbed of his money.

Three teenagers face aggravated robbery charges in connection with the robbery of a mutual friend last weekend. Susan Marie Mize, 17, and a 16-year-old male juvenile are charged with felony aggravated robbery, while a 15-year-old juvenile suspect has been identified and deputies are filing a warrant...

Two boys went viral on Friday after trying to get the two-for-one special while seeing "Black Panther."

"We tried getting the two for one special at Black Panther. The manager was not having it."

More than a dozen dog food products have been pulled off store shelves after a euthanasia drug was found inside them.

Two dog food brands have had their canned food pulled from store shelves after a harmful drug was found inside.

The mugshots of the two teens arrested in connection with a shooting on Sunday evening have been released:

Two teens are being held in connection with a shooting on Sunday evening that left one man with superficial injuries, according to the Midland Police Department's spokeswoman.

With wells vying for space, “frac hits” occur when hydraulic treatment from one well -- the active or child well -- communicates with another well -- the passive or parent well.

With all those wells vying for space, "frac hits" occur when hydraulic treatment from one well -- the active or child well -- communicates with another well -- the passive or parent well.