Sorry that our friendship had to end this way.

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Just leave, ok?

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Craziest Things Leonardo DiCaprio Has Done For A Role
This Rat Is Clean!
The Most Ironic Wipeout You'll See Today

Tom Cruise makes his staff do ridiculous things.

Here are 15 rules that Tom Cruise’s staff must follow at all times, unless they want to face his wrath.

Johnny Depp's daughter is likely to become more famous than him

Celebrity kids are becoming celebrities in their own right by becoming models

Who knew the Duggar's were such penny pinchers.

The Duggars are devoted Baptists and they are following a very strict set of rules when it comes to spending.

You're a genius, Hank!

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These celebs don't want to give their kids a "silver spoon" all their lives.

The following are 15 rich parents who have decided not to leave their millions to their kids.

Everyone's gotta start somewhere

Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood have been around for years and have only recently been discovered.

A lot of actors are unworthy of movie world

Some of them should have really stuck to the small screen

Talk about a role model.

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While Kate gives away her hair, Harry is picking up logs of wood to help rebuild Nepal.

It's undeniable that they do a lot for charity, using their influence to make sure that people who aren't as lucky as they are get the chance to live

These are surprising royal rules.

There are a selected few who actually get to grow up as members of the royal family and live a life quite different than the rest of us.

It looks like a lot of celebs want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Ryan Seacrest's scandal has swept Hollywood, and stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Jimmy Kimmel, and even Howard Stern have spoken on the matter.

Hopefully, he can get back on track.

Joey Lawrence is facing some financial difficulties. It was recently revealed he has filed bankruptcy, and his monthly earnings were released as well.

Backstreet's back... kind of.

The Backstreet Boys are back! But not musically. The group has announced their own tequila brand, which will surely make their shows more fun.

Whether they've got serious baggage or are are little too wild, these Hollywood bombshells can be too much too handle.

These 15 stars are famous and attractive, but you may be far better off being alone forever than dating one of them.