Christmas Day 2017
Today is Do Something Day, a day focused on the positive things we can do for others. We are lucky enough to have volunteers from Clubs NSW spending some time at our Croydon My Salvos Stores today. They're helping sort and hang clothes, tidy up the shop, man the drop-off area and price, polish and move items. One of the volunteers shared these words with us - "Proud to volunteer on Do Something Day at Salvos Croydon." This Do Something Day, what can you do to make a difference in someone's life? #DoSomethingDay #GiveYourBest Your local club
Our group of trekkers recently returned from the Kokoda Track and we're able to raise more than $166,000 to help change the lives of others. Check out some highlights from the trip below. Want to join us? A physically and emotionally demanding adventure will not only change your life, but your fundraising efforts will also help change the lives of others. To find out more go to

“Fighting for social justice doesn't have to be big and dramatic. Of course there are large-scale issues which need to be tackled, and we need to be sure we are playing our part in this. But in the day-to-day, social justice can simply mean smiling at someone who needs it. It can mean giving something to someone who has little. It can mean treating someone who is different to you kindly, and with dignity. It can mean many different things.”

On the World Day of Social Justice..., we are called to reflect on how we can show justice in our daily lives.

Today, let us be inspired by these words from Casey from our Social Justice Department as she shares what fighting social justice on a daily basis means, and how we can think in a socially just way.

“Social justice is not just a list of issues - it's a lifestyle. Our aim is not to "do" social justice - like it's a tick list of some sort; our aim is to live lives that bring social justice. Get to know the person who lives next door to you. Ask them questions about their lives, rather than simply telling them about yours. Try to understand where they're coming from and why they think they way they do. Learn to love someone who is different to you.”

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Calling all cyclists! Join us for the Red Shield Ride in 2019 🚴🚴‍♀️

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The conversations we have with those looking for help often begins over a
cup of coffee.

Whether it's our street teams handing out a warm cup to someone without a safe place to call home for the night, or an outreach worker connecting with someone going through hard times, a cup of coffee gives us a chance to lead in to deeper conversations.


And it’s something we can’t do without the generous support of the community and people like Sean Payne (pictured) who is co-owner of coffee shop The Black Addition. With Sean’s support, our street team volunteers in Adelaide, South Australia, are skilled in barista work and are provided with fresh coffee to help connect with those in need of assistance.

Coffee, anyone? ☕️

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On Valentine’s Day we’d like to share a story with you which we think shows love in action ❤️

We’d like you to meet the ‘Masterchefs’ at our Hobart community kitchen, Gina and Max. Not only have the couple been together for 40 years, they’ve also had a strong relationship with the Salvos across four decades.

During Cyclone Tracey in 1974, the couple first volunteered their time with the Salvos as chefs for the hundreds of displaced people in an evacuation centre. Today in H...obart, they plan and prepare community meals at their local Salvos, where up to fifty people gather each fortnight to share food and friendship.

"It's always a really good crowd and we look forward to the lunches every fortnight. A typical lunch is a roast or a stew… and we always make sure they get vegetables so they're getting a proper, solid meal," says Gina.

A love for their community motivates them to continue volunteering, where they hope to continue giving their time as long as they’re able. "It's good to give something back," she says. Thank you for sharing the love, Gina and Max ❤️

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"We're potentially talking about a relatively small group. We know who they are, we know where they are … and we know what their contracts say. We should be able to end slavery for this group of people."

Last night on Four Corners our National Manager for The Freedom Partnership- to End Modern Slavery, Jenny Stanger, shared about the work we are doing to support domestic workers living in slave-like conditions in Australia.

You can read more about last night's episode below or watch it here:

A Four Corners investigation reveals that in the shadow of the nation's Parliament, domestic staff are escaping conditions likened to slavery.

We love seeing what Salvos are up to around Australia! Have some photos you think should be shared with our community? Comment yours below 👇

📷: ACT, Coastal & Country Salvos

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How can we better address the emotional needs of young people at risk of homelessness?

Our 'Reconnect' program has a creative solution: non-contact boxing.

The program, in partnership with headspace Frankston and Fit Body Fit Mind , is delivering sessions to empower young women and create a positive space where they can release stress, have fun and meet with others.


For 17 year old Shilo, the program has allowed her to work through her emotions through routine exercise.

“It’s getting me active and it’s a way to get out the stress.’’

See how this program is making a positive difference.

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WHEN the teenage girls in Sheridan Deane’s exercise program come out swinging, she couldn’t be happier.

He cares for us ❤️

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"Chaplaincy is a presence ministry, where we don't push anything on a person. We walk beside people and allow people to tell their story. We will offer support, we will sit with a person, and we'll offer information about what goes on in the court.”

The Sydney Morning Herald sat down with three of our dedicated court chaplains based at the Downing Centre in Sydney CBD to find out what a typical day looks like for them.

Major Andrew Schofield is on a sugar-free health kick. To that end, the 59-year-old, who is an ordained Salvation Army minister, baked his famous sugar-free muesli bars last night.|By Jacqueline Maley

This week, we’ve launched a 6 month pilot program called ‘concierge’ so that we can better connect with those sleeping rough in Melbourne’s CBD.

We’ve employed 8 people who have previously experienced homelessness to reach out to those without a safe place to call home and assist them in accessing vital support services 7 days a week.

Concierge Chez values the opportunity to let people know support is there for everyone.


“If we treat these people like human beings, treat them the way they’re meant to be treated, we can turn these people’s lives around and I’m living proof of that.”

See our plans to make a positive impact:…/0f0a73871f06c965790a345936bc3…

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A CHARITY has employed “concierges” to help CBD residents and businesses deal with persistent issues posed by rough sleepers.

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“With our four childrens’ birthdays all in a row, and Christmas, then back to school costs, we just couldn’t cope. It was the toughest time of the whole year.”

As families recover from the costs of Christmas and purchase back-to-school essentials, we're reminded of families like Penny's, who find this time of the year challenging.

When Penny suddenly became sick, her husband had no choice but to give up his stable job to care for her and their four children.


The new school year soon approached and expenses including shoes, books and uniforms began to mount as the family already struggled to make ends meet day-to-day.

That was, until they connected with their local Salvos. By reaching out, Penny was able to ensure her children could begin the new year with properly fitting shoes, the right uniform and essential textbooks.

“The help we got from the Salvos was just amazing. A huge relief at a really hard
time. I don’t know how we’d have coped otherwise."

Have you found a way to navigate costly periods, like Christmas and back-to-school? Share your tip with us below 👇👇

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When Salvo Captains Lincoln and Leanne Stevens moved to the Western Brisbane suburb of Inala, they quickly realised that many in the area were lonely and struggling to make ends meet.

Their response? Drop the traditional church service and instead host a weekly Sunday morning community breakfast.

“We aim to give people a really good meal at the breakfast, but we are also getting to know them, becoming their friends and creating a sense of community and belonging with people... they can trust,” Captain Lincoln says.

Through the breakfast, the Stevens have seen countless stories of people finding hope. The team was able to help a girl in a domestic violence situation. They connected her with the Department of Housing, who arranged better accommodation for her as where she was living was uninhabitable. The team also assisted her to find appropriate schooling for her son, who is now doing well and is happy and settled.

“By doing this over time, we are seeing what issues and needs they have and can help direct them to the right support services. As a result, people are coming and doing things with us, getting to know God, and seeing dramatic changes in their lives. It’s not a quick process, though, but it’s a process that is certainly working here in Inala.”

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A Salvation Army centre in Brisbane is literally serving up a new way of doing church in their community.

At the Salvos, we’re so grateful to have so many wonderful people who make an incredible contribution to their communities.

Today, on Australia Day, a number of them will be honoured by being nominated for various awards in their local area.

One of those people is Salvo Nathan Moulds. He's been nominated for Ryde Citizen of the Year for his work bringing about positive social change. Nathan has lived in the Macquarie Park community for 5 years, running our No 47 Community H...ouse based in the Ivanhoe Estate. No, 47 focused on being available and responsive to the needs of the tight knit community. We asked him for his thoughts on being nominated.

“It demonstrates the incredible support and love and encouragement that I’ve had from so many generous people. Leaders, other staff, volunteers, my neighbours and my family. From Jesus, of course, who motivates me, inspires me, nurtures me and sustains me in all the work that I do… Any accolade is not about me. It actually just speaks to all of the people around me.”

Was a Salvo honoured in your local community today? Let us know in the comments below 👇

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Everyone, meet Fatemah! 👋

Fatemah is our volunteer manager at Café Salvo in Adelaide, South Australia, where she serves those in the community in need of assistance.

But life wasn’t always smooth sailing for Fatemah and her family, who left Iran in 2010 in search of a better life.


Her first encounter with the Salvos was a chance one, when our music program ‘Just Brass’ visited her daughter’s school for free lessons. It was then that Fatemah decided to reach out to her local Salvos to volunteer, where she gave her time at the local op shop for two years.

Today, Fatemah’s family are an invaluable part of our community. They regularly participate at their local Salvation Army, her eldest daughter enjoys playing in the Just Brass band and Fatemah thrives in her busy role as café manager.

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“I had a feeling it was a forever job.”

Last Friday, after 29 years of faithfully serving her community, our North Albury op shop store manager, Leola, retired from her ‘forever job’.

“The mission of the Salvation Army is to care for people first and foremost. People talk about agencies like ours as places that hand out food vouchers but we’re much more than that.


“Our ministry starts at the front door; part of our mission is to care for people and it’s great to be able to help people move on in their lives.”

After almost three decades of running the shop, Leola said her body was telling her it was time to retire – even if her mind wanted to keep going.

But she won’t be gone for too long! In three months, Leola will return to the store as a volunteer.

Thank you for your years of service, not only to The Salvation Army, but to your community. Enjoy retirement!

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Salvos manager retires after 29 years but she won't be far away