MISFIRE continues its festival run this WEEKEND at the New Hampshire Film Festival. TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

MISFIRE: The Rise And Fall of The Shooting Gallery Documentary , 80 MIN, USA Screenings: Saturday, October 18: 03:10 pm, The Music Hall Buy Passes

THE LOST GENERATION OF INDEPENDENT FILMS - Article about indie film in the '90s highlighting Matthew Harrison's RHYTHM THIEF. Worth a look!

Hats off to the critics Nick Pinkerton and Nic Rapold for bringing one of them, “Rhythm Thief,” back tonight.

Now available on iTunes, DRUNKS, written by GARY LENNON. An early TSG film with an amazing cast including Parker Posey Sam Rockwell Spalding Gray and many more.

Watch the trailer and download Drunks 1997 on iTunes.

A BIG THANKS to everyone at the 3 films festivals we're at this week: Phoenix Film Festival, RiverRun International Film Festival and Atlanta Film Festival. From the programers, to the volunteers, to the audiences, you're making our festival roll-out a great one. Thank you!!!!

Great review of MISFIRE coming out of the RiverRun International Film Festival. Well worth a read!

By Chad Nance The dreams of youth often make for a bitter pill once the bloom withers and dies. For a young man in the early 90’s with a dream to write novels, make documentary films, and li...

MISFIRE will be playing at the RiverRun International Film Festival this week-end. Here's an article on the festival which includes a Q&A with Bob Gosse.

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We highly recommend Alisa Perren's new book INDIE, INC. which gives a concise overview of the indie landscape at the time of The Shooting Gallery.

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We're also proud to announce the Phoenix Film Festival with three screenings. Thanks, Phoenix!

MISFIRE: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SHOOTING GALLERY is a documentary about the independent film company responsible for art-house hits YOU CAN COUNT ON ME and LAWS OF GRAVITY; a company that rose to the top of the independent film scene in the 90s before financial risk-taking and mismanagement caused...

We're also excited to be part of the Atlanta Film Festival!

directed by Whitney Ransick USA, 2013, English, 79 minutes In 1991, a group of young filmmakers banded together to make films and found great success producing Billy Bob Thornton's Academy Award winning “Sling Blade.” But the company's success came at a cost and it eventually collapsed under massive...

We're honored to have been invited to a number of upcoming film festivals including the RiverRun International Film Festival.

A documentary about the independent film company that rose to the top of the 90's film scene with the Academy Award-winning Sling Blade before financial risk-taking caused its spectacular crash. This is the story of the "Enron of independent films" and features testimony from Shooting Gallery foundi...

Had an awesome time at the Whistler Film Festival. A big thanks to the entire team there for the great screenings, great panels and great parties!

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Sat. at the Whistler Film Festival Variety's Independents Party: A celebration of the new doc on the American independent film scene, Misfire: The Rise and Fall of The Shooting Gallery. We're truly honored!

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