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Palle Steensgaard
· August 24, 2017
Spent 8 fantastic days at ”The Summit Resort Hotel” and am/was very pleased with the service and with the room. There is a small grocery shop nearby and a really nice little French Bakery shop with aw...esome sandwiches. And if one happened to get tired of nearby Mullet Beach (not likely) – the Pool area at the Summit is a really nice relaxing area with a wonderful view of the bay. See More
Karen McClellan
· March 31, 2017
I just spent 8 days at The Summit it's a very unique and beautiful place. The staff was very nice, always working hard. The location is close to Mullet beach I walked to the beach several times. I wou...ld highly recommend The Summit. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality 😊 See More
Diane Schooley Wells
· June 20, 2016
We had a wonderful stay at The Summit. The staff was very helpful and accommodated every request. The bar and restaurant were the best! We went in June so the island was not too crowded, which is j...ust fine with us. I totally recommend The Summit Resort to anyone going to St. Maarten. See More
Bob Nevill
· May 18, 2017
It is the nicest resort on the island. Can't say enough good things about the staff and resort. We own 5 weeks and have been going there over 30 years.
Bryan St. John
· January 16, 2017
Original trip advisor report that was declined due to character limit. The Summit Resort was the best destination I could have chosen for a surprise honeymoon with my new husband.

I will openly admi...t the resort has choice real estate close to the lagoon and that advance planning is necessary to procure it. I booked a full three months before even telling my October groom we'd be there this January.

Now for a few disclosures:

1) If you're looking for a cheap hotel room this is not for you, not because the resort is not affordable, but because you need to know that you are paying more because these are not hotel rooms. These are private to semi-private bungalows - you have little to no directly connected neighbors with the largest buildings containing two rooms. Each room provides a full living area similar to a studio apartment here in the United States. This setup provides an ambiance for the perfect romantic getaway.

2) They are out of the way of most night life (walking distance only; the entire island is easily accessible by car). For us, this was a positive factor. Our intent was to spend time together on the island in a relaxing atmosphere, without the interuption of every day experiences we could have anywhere else on earth.

3) During early January of 2017 the on site resturaunt was not open. I would have loved to sample their cuisine but was not able to. <joke> If I was a braver soul, I would have offered to apply for a cook position if I could stay longer... not sure how well I'd do at Carribean, but I'm a master of New Orleans' Creole. </joke>

4) They are currently remodeling some units. This is not necessarily a negative, just a fact. Many people don't understand that the island's size and location make it very susceptible to storm and environmental damage (including issues related to excessive humidity). I don't consider this a fault of the resort, merely required maintenence. It's also why there will ALWAYS be cracks in the cement. Let's call that physics.


1) Bring sun screen and bug spray. Also, listen to the airport lady when she says apply sun screen before bug spray. They did not take the time to record that message for their or your entertainment.

2) Enable wifi calling and texting (don't video chat). The resort's connection speeds can handle VOIP and SMS data levels at about 2 mbps without incurring international calling surcharges to North America [Bruce, please thank the Dutch side for using international dialing code 001].

3) Chord cutters, your options are limited. We brought our Roku. Netflix does not stream here, more due to the island's infrastructure than the Summit Resort itself. No one gets the Gbps we are used to; you must use the download service. Amazon and Hulu are worse - lacking that option; even though Amazon at least worked with original content. You can only watch original programming due to IP blocks unless you have VPN (which is still notoriously slow even without the island limitations and many times cost MORE for a US VPN unless you know someone that set up a private network - this includes a full block on alternative "cable" services such as Playstation Vue or anything with the word "Live" in it).

4) Bring more money than you think you need for food. We budgeted 1k for all expenses. We were sticker shocked regarding milk, eggs and meat products. I still cooked breakfast and lunch during our stay on the island; though we usually went out for dinner. The average cost per day for food items (within walking distance) was $60 USD. There is a convenience store just beyond BB's down the road from the Resort.

5) Be aware and protect yourself. The exchange rate between the Antillean Florin and the dollar is 1.79 FLS/Naf pegged per USD. Pegged means this rate does not change. So we were very shocked when the shopping center Northwest of the Summit tried to charge us $125 for a bathing suit that cost 25.00 Naf (this is not attributable to the Summit Resort, just a warning about the area). After reading another post; I'd like to remind potential guests that the Summit Resort offers a free in room safe... using a safe to store your valuables while on vacation is recommended no matter where you visit.

6) If you're fine eating a 6% exchange charge (which you're charged if you exchange anyway). You can do everything on the Dutch side with USD.

Photos attached to my TA review, assuming I've counted characters correctly.
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Rossy Pérez
· June 19, 2017
It a very nice place, romantic, quiet and good service, greats food, variety drinks..
Rick van Eeden
· April 5, 2017
Very nice place to stay. Quiet and secure. Around the hotel there are some great food opportunities. Service is good and friendly.
Tushar Gianchandani
· July 10, 2017
I liked it a lot. ...nice and quiet and peaceful . ..gr8 food...
Shari Lee Sugarman
· January 4, 2017
Home away form home - been going there for 20 years
Theresa Mcgee
· March 24, 2017
Very quiet views are beautiful staff is amazing I will be back !!!

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Please let me know if you have any questions on the above.

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Now that the cat, or should I say the Pat, is officially out of the bag, I am happy to share with you the news that former Summit General Manager Pat Evans has taken over as Director at Belair Beach Club. I had a chance to visit Evans, as she prefers to be called, in her new office at Belair last week and it was great to see her back in the swing of things once again. Look for great things to start happening at Belair now that she is there. Congratulations Evans!