Nice mini drama by Digi

Zhuge Liang a legendary strategist in Chinese history finds himself here in the modern world. Why did this happen, and how will he go home? Get the latest of...

Exactly what i do everything I install the Windows...

MOBILE USERS READ: This video is blocked on mobile because it contains copyrighted music from UMG. Trust me, If I could enable mobile, I WOULD. Click here to...


Watch the first official trailer for Marvel's "Iron Man 3" coming to UK cinemas April 26th 2013, starring Robert Downey Jr. In Marvel's "Iron Man 3", brash-b...

Hey look what I had found! Spotted a huge Android figure inside Google Data Center with Street View!

Click the shortened link to explore more by yourself

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Now you can explore Google's data center with street view!

Click here to start exploring it by yourself!

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Morning guys! I am completely awoke by the mocha & the vividly coloured Android Mini, Red by Google! Red is one of the authentic figure in Android Mini Series 3!Did you know that you can purchase individual loose boxes of Series 03 at our web store? Grab a few of these amazing figures! You might be lucky enough to grab the secret chase figures of Series 03!

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The Taken Shop added 2 new photos to the album: The Taken Shop Packaging.

This is how we pack your precious Android Mini Collectibles!

A fun and interesting combination, phone + tablet...

The Asus PadFone 2 has been launched in Taiwan. The smartphone and tablet combo will be released in its home country this week. Starting with specs, the leaks have been pretty right on the money. The successor to the PadFone boasts the top-of-the-line 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, an...

Coffee, do you have your dose today? I.T. workers love this, at least i know i do

Is coffee, in fact, GOOD for you?! Find out why coffee is better for your health than we first thought...

Good morning

Tired of Fruit Ninja?

This is a compilation of videos from Will Keith The music is "Two Steps From Hell" from the album Archangel by OpusDeusMu...

Our web store went offline for quite sometime today... I just realized that I made a careless mistake. I forgot to pay the hosting bill after upgraded the hosting plan. It went from monthly auto payment to manual payment

Anyhow... just settled the bill... everything is working fine now!

Buy now before it is taken!

How is your day? The best thing about Friday is knowing tomorrow is Saturday.

The cases are selling HOT!
Have your ordered yours?
Get them before you miss them forever!

Order Android Mini Collectible Series 03 (Case of 16 units) Case of 16 Units @ RM 465.00 Qty: Android Mini Collectible Series 03 is back by popular demands… Featuring various designers such as Google, Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, MAD, KaNO, Huck Gee. Kron
The Taken Shop shared their photo.

One of the secret design! My favorite design of Android Mini Series 03 "Inner Working" by Kronk. Have you collected this?

Grab yourself one of these at before it is too late

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The Taken Shop

One of the secret design "Inner Working" by Kronk.

This is interesting!!! 'Cuddle Cafe' opens in Japan!
Checkout their special services LOL.

Customer sleeps in girl’s arm (3 min) – 1,000 yen
Girl pats customer on the back (3 min) – 1,000 yen...
Customer pets girl on the head (3 min) – 1,000 yen
Customer and girl stare at each other (1 min) – 1,000 yen
Girl changes clothes (1 time) – 1,000 yen
Girl gives customer foot massage (3 min) – 1,000 yen
Customer gives girl foot massage (3 min) – 2,000 yen
Customer sleeps with head on girl’s lap (3 min) – 1,000 yen
Girl sleeps with head on customer’s lap (3 min) – 2,000 yen

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