NEW Podcast: Whit Honea talks to Heather Buchanan Spohr and Mike Spohr about their new book, "The Toddler Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Whiny Unfed." Lots of practical, non-judgemental advice for surviving the terrible twos (and threes).

Los Angeles parents and bloggers Heather and Mike Spohr share humorous, but practical tips from their new book, The Toddler Survival Guide: Complete Protec

We were on Good Day L.A. talking about The Toddler Survival Guide and how parents can survive having the kids home over winter break!

Mike and Heather Spohr are parents who can offer some advice to those who want to keep the kids busy during the winter break.
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The Toddler Survival Guide: Complete Protection From The Whiny...

Santa says, "You can still order 'The Toddler Survival Guide' in time for Christmas!"

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Today the Washington Post published this "toddler survival" piece Heather and I wrote about surviving the holidays with your toddler!

It can be a wonderful time of the year but not for everyone.

Nice five-star review! "The Toddler Survival Guide is laugh-out-loud funny."

The Book ✯✯✯✯✯ Appropriately short for frazzled, worn out parents of toddlers, The Toddler Survival Guide is laugh-out-loud funny. Any p...

Here's some toddler survival tips from Heather and me about taking your kids to meet Santa!

It's the most wonderful time of year, when visions of perfect mall Santa photos dance in the heads of parents with young children. Some of these...

On Tuesday we shared our appearance on KATU's AM Northwest talking about The Toddler Survival Guide... Now here's our appearance on their afternoon show, Afternoon Live, dishing about how you can survive the holidays with your toddler!

Authors of the Toddler Survival Guide, Mike and Heather Spohr gave tips on how to survive the holiday season with toddlers!

Here is our appearance on AM Northwest discussing The Toddler Survival Guide!

It's a hilarious parody of Max Brooks's The Zombie Survival Guide (and survival guides in general) that will leave parents laughing out loud even as it provides practical advice on how they can make it to the other side of toddlerhood intact. Authors of T

A friend sent this photo of these Toddler Survival Guides found out in the wild — at the Barnes and Noble in Burbank, CA. Have you seen the book somewhere? If so, let us know!

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Good to remember when, say, your toddler is loudly tossing apple after apple onto the scale at the supermarket.

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You're not alone, toddler keepers!

Toddlers, the pint-sized dictators of our hearts.|By Mike Spohr

Important advice, toddler keepers:

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5-star review! Key quote: "The book made me laugh until I almost peed my pants..."

5/5: I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for an unbiased review. Basically written much like a zombie survival guide, THE TODDLER SURVIVAL GUIDE is meant to amuse while showing parents how to basically toddler proof their lives. Helpful reminders about needing to step up the baby proo...

Toddler parent fail #49

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Good list of books!!

Parents, you are NOT alone.