"The Undesirable," a new documentary feature from Michael Jacoby

Our beloved friend Melvin Dwork passed away on June 16th, 2016 at 10:55am. Rest in peace Melvin. You are a true hero. This is Melvin's obituary:

Mr. Dwork became a renowned interior designer and, in 2011, won his fight to have his 1944 dishonorable discharge deemed honorable.

Today marks a milestone in Melvin Dwork's amazing journey as America's first known World War II Veteran to have had his "undesirable discharge" status repealed by the Pentagon. Later today The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), OutServe, and the Interbank Roundtable Committee (IRC) will present “Celebrating Our Heroes: A Tribute to America’s Service Members & Veterans” aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City. Marking the first anniversary of t...he repeal of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) law, the event will be a tribute to American service members and veterans and will honor former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen along with our own WWII Navyman Melvin Dwork!

Barbara Walters, ABC news correspondent and co-host of The View, will emcee the event featuring remarks by Admiral Mullen and three Broadway ensemble performances.

In total we have raised nearly $8,000.00 tax deductible dollars toward the making of this film. Over the summer our efforts to raise money have been somewhat futile It is our hope that through events like this evenings, donations will pick up and we can continue to move forward on this production. For now we are in a holding pattern. If you are looking to make a tax deductible contribution before the years end we do hope you will consider making that pledge towards “The Undesirable” via our 501c3 sponsor, Fractured Atlas. If your company matches contributions we are able to accept those matches as well. So please consider making those corporate donations!

Visit to make your tax deductible contribution now.

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart and please share this update with your friends and family!

Mike Jacoby

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Today Mel was interviewed by Amanda Lucidon, a freelance journalist and filmmaker working on a project for AARP. Amanda will be highlighting several members of the LGBT community and Mel is one of them. This video will post on the AARP website by the end of this month and I will post the link once it is up!

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Today SLDN posted a brief story on Melvin and our film. As part of pride month they are profiling one person each day. Congratulations Mel! Thank you Zeke Stokes!

Mevin Dwork never gave up on his fight for justice. After enlisting in the Navy in 1943, Dwork worked with the hospital corps, caring for the sick and wounded. Despite what was later described as an “exemplary period of active duty,” he was suddenly escorted off base to his surprise. Then, follow...

Hello Supporters of "The Undesirable,"

It has been a little while since my last update on the film. A little over a month ago Mel suffered a fall and broke his hip. The good news is Mel is recovering wonderfully, walking great and in superb spirits! During the healing process we decided to wait on shooting any more interviews. We will be back on track beginning in July. Despite the minor setback we have been hard at work on other aspects of the film. Our Advisory has been growing and over the past month or so we have been recording brief testimonials from some of the Council Members. I have also cut some of the fantastic news footage of Mel’s groundbreaking story into the trailer and added the Council Member's testimonials to the end of it. Please take a moment and watch the new teaser at .

Yesterday Melvin and I spoke to an audience of about 200 employees at NY Life. A while back, after hearing about our speaking engagement at B of A / U.S. Trust, Dr. Bernee Kapili from NY Life invited us to speak to the NY Life LGBT affinity group as part of their June Pride event calendar. Yesterday's
event was truly inspiring. Mel and I sat on a small stage at the NY Life headquarters in their learning center. A group of nearly 100 assembled to hear Mel’s story and watch the new teaser I mentioned earlier. In addition to the audience sitting before us, an estimated 100 employees tuned in via video conferencing from across the country. There were viewers in Clinton NJ, Parsippany NJ, Westchester NY, Atlanta GA,Tampa FL, Dallas TX, Austin TX, Cleveland OH, Minneapolis MN, Westwood MA, and Kansas City (Mel’s hometown)! Following the event over $1200 in donations came in!!!!

In total we have raised nearly $8,000.00 over the past year. This money has kept the production afloat but it is not nearly enough to make the film a reality. We are shooting interviews with Mel when we can but in order to shoot the reenactment portions of the film we will need to raise much more. If you or anyone you know may be interested in helping out by hosting a fundraising event please let me know and email me at . We have a great fundraising plan that can be implemented easily - all we need is the space! I do believe that one or two of these events may bring in the funds needed to complete this important film. If you have not already, please contribute to this important production today. If you have already made a contribution please consider making one more or forward this email on to others. The more people that learn about this project the more likely it is that it will be completed and our financial goals will be reached.

Visit to make your tax deductible pledge.

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mike Jacoby
producer / director The Undesirable
LookOut Films

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I just got off the phone with Cleve Jones! He is officially on board with the film and has agreed to help out in any way he can! What an honor!!!!

I just woke up to amazing news, Cleve Jones has agreed to part of our Advisory Council!!! Our council is growing daily! Others on the council are Stephen Macias, Page Hopkins, Jason Clodfelter, Nancy Ploeger, Todd Sears, David E. Ratcliffe and Mike Ruiz. Thanks to their commitment to this documentary we are on our way to furthering awareness about the project. For more on how you can help to ensure that this film is made in a timely manner please visit and share this post on your Facebook page!

Fractured Atlas Fiscally Sponsored Campaign

Robbie Cain has recently come on board the project as a Producer! We are also building an Advisory Counsel. Todd Sears and David Ratcliff are now the first members of that committee! We are continuing to build support for the film on a daily basis. We begin shooting the stylized vignettes for the Production on April 30th at space donated by Daryl Roth! We have also joined forces with Indie GoGo to help us raise $20,000.00 tax deductible dollars to start actual production! Please share this webpage with your friends and make your tax deductible contribution by visiting:

Fractured Atlas Fiscally Sponsored Campaign

Thank you very much Timothy Melnyk, David Kamp and Michael Rubin for their tax deductible contributions this week. We are now $350.00 closer to reaching our goal. While that is great we still need to raise nearly $45,000.00 more to get this project off the ground! Please make your contribution towards the making of this incredible story today. Visit and click any one of the donate buttons.

Today is Melvin Dwork’s 90th birthday!!!! As he enters his 90th year Mel continues to live a very active and productive life. Both he and I are working hard every day to ensure “The Undesirable” is made in a timely manner. Worth mentioning on Mel’s birthday is a recent contribution made by a previous donor. This donor made a second donation of $1,000.00 tax deductible dollars towards the making of this film in honor of Melvin’s 90th birthday. Mel was incredibly touched b...y this gesture. With this donation that donor has now reached the Co-Contributiong Producer level and will receive that same credit in the film in addition to the many perks that come with that contribution level!

Now is the perfect time to make a contribution towards the making of "The Undesirable" and a wonderful way to wish Melvin a happy 90th birthday. Please visit and click on any one of the DONATE buttons. Your donation is tax deductible and Melvin will be notified that your pledge is in honor of this momentous day!!

As always, thank you for your support and please SHARE this update!


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Justice Aaron McCartney is with Curtis Bigelow and 2 others at The Lobby Bar.

Just confirmed with Curtis that on Thursday April 19, 2012 we will have a meet and greet cocktail social at 8PM at Lobby with Michael Jacoby, to raise money for... his new film "The Undesirable" a story of one man's journey to change his discharge from "undesirable" to honorable. Any drag queens want to help me by performing to raise money for this cause?

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Gay BarSeattle, WA
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I want to thank Roy Hamilton for adding $1000.00 to his initial donation of $250.00 a few months ago. By adding to his donation Roy has earned a Co-Contributing Producer Credit on the The Undesirable. We have also recently received an additional $200.00 in contributions from Sally Kanin and Mitchell Owens. Each of them will be receiving official film t-shirts and credit in the film! Please help us to make this film and make your tax deductible donations at Your contribution goes strictly towards the making of the film and will be handled by Fractured Atlas, our 501c3 sponsor.

I want to thank Elizabeth Wilson for contributing $250.00 tax deductible dollars towards the making of The Undesirable today! As you know we have been using RocketHub as our crowd funding platform and in 2 days we will complete our first phase of fundraising. We attempted to raise $50,000.00 from folks just like you and we have raised 10% of that goal!!!! While that is amazing we need to raise much more in order to move into full production mode!! Please make a contribution today and SHARE this post to help spread the word!!!

Thank you so much to the 50+ people who have already made a tax deductible donation and are helping to make this film a reality!!!!


It's been a busy couple of days for The Undesirable! We took in just under $450 tax deductible dollars for the making of our film!!!! A big thank you goes out to Patricia Shackelford for making it happen! Patricia is a magazine editor and wrote a beautiful story on Melvin Dwork, the subject of the film, and made mention of our film in the interior design magazine well as on her blog !!! As a result of her links donations are trickling in from all over the country! Thank you Patricia!!!! And please read the article on Melvin, titled "A Modern Man!"