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A little studio silliness...

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Sudden influx of south east Asian followers. Have my sounds gained some exposure over there or something?


A quick question for you all. I'm preparing some smaller soundsets for synths I've not worked with before - this is for my new "Boutique" collection.

Of the following, which would you most like to see some sounds for?

Chromophone, ImpOSCar, OBX Pro, Oddity, Phonec, PolyKB, Razor and Sylenth.


(Please refrain from suggesting anything not on this list. If a synth's not on this list, I've already made a decision about it.)

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I occasionally audit where I am with unreleased synth patches.

Here's where things currently stand:

Absynth - 90...
Diva - 860
Hive - 60
Massive - 180
Omnisphere - 215
Uno LX - 130
Zebra - 1200

I think that might give you a little insight into what I've been asked to use in bespoke projects this last year or so. :)

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It's interesting that since I started working on my NatGeo/Discovery style Omnisphere soundset, that so many nature docs now seem to be scored like they're Hollywood action movies! :P

Since I'm not giving you any new toys to play with at the moment, here's a taste of something in the pipeline...

The Unfinished is me, Matt Bowdler. I am a composer and sound designer, producing synth soundsets and sample libraries - both commercial and bespoke. My sounds can be heard in Hollywood feature fil

A couple of new "Spotted in the wild" items for the News section. Seems I'm all over the BBC dramas at the moment. :)

New bespoke job asking for sounds inspired by Ex Machina, Stranger Things and It Follows. :)

Brand new "Spotted in the Wild" news item up on my site.…/resident-evil-the-final-c…/

film series, much like the zombies it depicts, seems destined never to die. Even though the latest chapter is named the “final” one, somehow I suspect there may be undead life in the franchise yet.

I'm writing a little article for the site about my favourite film soundtracks of all-time.

Trying to get it down to a top ten is proving VERY difficult! Although keeping it to one score per composer is helping a little... sort of... a bit.

Omnisphere Colossus II has reviewed 4.5 out of 5 over at Sounds and Gear. Check out their review here...…/

Hey what’s good fam! Back with a new review, this time I’m checking out an…

Here's my little Tuesday surprise - an exclusive, signature soundset for u-he synths!

u-he synthesizers and effects

Today is all about sorting through over 450 unreleased Zebra2 patches. :)

Something coming on Tuesday...

Short, one-take, horror film I recently scored. Recommend watching it in the dark, as it's shot in pretty low light and there's some clever details hidden in the shadows! :)

The Unfinished was feeling motivated.
January 21

This morning I start work on my most exciting project to date; synth programming for one of my all-time favourite TV series.

Welcome to the Facebook page dedicated to the music of composer, producer and sound designer: The Unfinished, aka Matt Bowdler.
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  • If you could only choose two soft synths. What would you choose?
  • So, U-HE have a sale - first time ever! Already have Diva but they a...lso offer 25% (for me) off Zebra. So, is it worth it? Zebra? I already have omni2, Diva, Iris, all Kontakt synths in Ultimate 11 - in your opinion, what does Zebra offer that makes it stand out from the rest? I know you like Zebra and have done sound sets for is so really interested in your opinion. Cheers in advance if you the time to answer See More
  • The demos are incredible, excellent music. These should be albums in their own right.
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