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Susan Hirtle
· February 14, 2018
This health and fitness center is by far one of the best places I have ever worked out and been a member of. They have so much to offer! Clean, affordable and professional staff.
I really appreciate ...that they offer on site child care. I drop my two daughters off for two hours every visit and those hours mean a lot to me considering I am a stay at home mom. I don't know if they are a licensed child care center or the level of training or college requirement it takes to become a child care worker at this facility but it's only two hours....whats the worst that can happen?
My toddler charlotte has had two injuries in the play hut but I feel like my concerns were heard and handled properly the second time around.
Change your kids diapers before you drop them off. Just to be safe ;)
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Lorie Caruso
· February 14, 2018
Amazing facility! The trainers are all very knowledgeable as well. I would give it a 5 Star but the daycare is a little glorified and it is a tough place for me to drop off my child. They may need tra...ining on how to appropriately handle sensitive situations. Needless to say we do love Becky � See More
Sean Dempsey
· December 6, 2017
Great gym. Been coming here for more than 12 years. Excellent fitness equipment, 3 full-sized racquetball courts, full-sized bb court, indoor and outdoor pool. etc etc - the list goes on and on. great place.
Jessie Shevenell
· September 18, 2017
We just had our 9 year old sons birthday party there this past weekend and it's was great. The kids had a blast and the staff was amazing which made it an easy party. I highly recommend it.
Terri Herrera-Terry
· August 28, 2017
I LOVE The Works! I've been coming for almost 3 years now and I very much enjoy the daily water aerobics classes and the beginner Yoga classes. The facility is wonderful with two heated pools inside... as well as another heated pool outside, but what makes it even more special are the staff who are always eager to help and teach. Shout outs to Mariette, Pam, Kelly, Claire and Tracey Day for their awesome classes! See More
Michael Pellman
· January 27, 2018
Great gym and amazing staff. Appreciate the responsiveness when something needs attention, it's appreciated.
Theresa Madison Monteiro
· August 8, 2017
The Works is great! It's clean, the equipment is new and up to date, the staff is always friendly, the babysitting is fantastic, and Amy Howard is such a great instructor in the group classes.
Bill Buckley
· January 1, 2018
Hands down the best full service workout facility in the tri city area. The staff is awesome too.
Doug Berrill Sr
· March 14, 2017
Face Book has asked me to rate my experience at The Works. Well my experience is awesome! I highly recommend the The Works to everyone in this area.

Before I ever joined I used to look at the "cost" ...per month and compare it to another gym that only "cost" $10 per month. But then I visited The Works and saw the "value" they offer. It is well worth the price! Those other gyms are ok, but they can't compare to the "value" that The Works offers you!!

The staff is awesome, and they have so much to offer like swimming pools, racquetball and tennis courts. A full size basketball court and indoor track. And plenty of different classes and a lot more.

Check it out today!!

And no I am not getting paid for this endorsement!! LOL
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Katie DuBois
· December 9, 2015
I started a membership, very impressed with the appearance of the gym. I became dissatisfied with several things. Especially with the "preschool" which is really a glorified utility closet. It is in a... very small room, containing several mops and full mop buckets, a couple of mats (seated next to the mops) for children to play on, and a small table for kids to have snack. I decided that I was spending too much money on a membership I wasn't happy with and wrote to inform them that I wished to cancel my membership. I was given a sales pitch to "suspend" my membership for four months. During those four months I would be billed $15 instead of $94 and then after those four months, my membership would resume along with the $94/month payments. I reminded Doug Eason that I wasn't interested in maintaining my membership and that it wasn't about the money, but if it was, that $15 to not use the gym is more than an active membership with full personal training at Planet Fitness. At this point, he stopped responding altogether. I clearly stated that I was withdrawing my consent to automatically withdraw money from my account and, again, got no response. Normally fees are withdrawn on the fifth. So, I was surprised when I saw that the fees were withdrawn on the first of the next month. I emailed Doug again and told him that if the money was not returned to my account, I would file a complaint with my bank and with the BBB. Again, I got no response. I waited one week and then filed a complaint with my bank. On the eighth, I found that The Works had withdrawn the membership dues for a second time in one week. Totaling $188 for one month after I withdrew consent to automatically withdraw funds. I have now filed a second complaint with my bank and a complaint with the BBB.
My advice is to look elsewhere. The pools are beautiful, but no one is ever on duty and the slides are almost never open. The rooms are massive and often house very little workout equipment. The childcare room is okay, but directly beneath the big weights room. The "preschool" is not a "preschool".
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Donna Hoitt
· June 7, 2017
I am a new member. I decided to work out with a personal trainer. Best decision ever! He's so encouraging and well prepared. The staff is so nice and helpful. It's always so clean! So many positives l...ike the classes, variety of equipment, sauna, steam room, pool just makes it easy to want to go workout. See More
Lindsey Wood
· April 26, 2016
I've been a member at The Works for about a year and I absolutely love it. I love that there is a "young adult" membership and I'm taking full advantage of the cheaper price while I can. I love the cl...asses because having a group class to push me is the only way I can push myself to go.

I did want to bring to attention something that really stood out for me that happened recently. As I'm sure almost everyone can relate to, my life got crazy busy and the amount of times that I was going to the gym dropped significantly. Instead of just ignoring that, I received a personalized email from one of the staff members, and it wasn't pushy at all- it was just a check in to see how things were going because they had noticed I wasn't going as consistently as I was. They also offered a free fitness consultation to "regroup and get back to my goals", which I thought was awesome. Also, when I responded and gave feedback, the same staff member responded almost immediately saying that he was taking steps to achieve my recommendation. Based off of other customer service interactions that I've had with other companies, I really wasn't expecting much of a response at all to my recommendation, so I was pleasantly surpised with how much they were willing to listen to me and accommodate to what I need. Thank you! I've gotten a couple friends to sign up for memberships since starting and I would recommend the gym to anyone!
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Cammie Phillips Hunt
· December 31, 2015
I've had a family membership at The Works for about 8 years. The facility is clean and the equipment is nice. They have a lot of newer stuff too. I like that I can do all of my workouts in one place, ...rather than having to have memberships at many different types of clubs. My only suggestion would be for the club to offer some programs for special needs/intellectually challenged people. My daughter, who has autism, is on our membership. However, she has never really been able to access what the club offers, as most classes are not appropriate for her. Especially since the club is owned by WDH, I would strongly encourage such programs to be implemented. This is a highly under served demographic. See More
Kat Basken
· June 16, 2016
My daughter took swim lessons here last year, and they were great. The facilities and instructors are awesome. I'm looking forward to signing both of my daughters up for swim lessons this summer, but ...The Works is impossible to get ahold of. They literally /never/ answer their phone, so you have to leave a message which the machine lets you know will be answered within 24 hours. If you happen to miss the call (which can happen at anytime within those 24 hours), you are told to call them back. But... since they never answer the phone, you then have to leave a message and camp out by your phone for the next 24 hours and hope you're able to catch it or the process starts all over again! All the while, you hope the swim lesson sessions you're looking at aren't filled by the time you talk to someone. See More
Crystal Hall
· November 7, 2016
I have been going to the works for 13 years. Although this past weekend with my daughter and her friend age (7) we had an unfortunate accident .While using the "family locker room" my daughter slipped... on some water. We covered up in towels, went to the front desk & let someone know that there was no caution wet floor or anyone to maintain the wetness on the floor from people coming and going . The two woman just looked and said "oh it's so and so's job to clean it, like I was suppose to tell her" . See More
Nichole Simone D'Orsay
· September 19, 2016
I love The Works. They are always adding new classes & monthly fitness challenges! It's never overcrowded- & they are 2 rooms for cardio. This place is great during the summer months too to bring your... family and lounge by the pool as well. This place has everything, it definitely holds ups to it's name. It literally is The Works. See More
Nicole Dionne
· March 4, 2016
I signed up 6+ months ago. They were supposed to bill my insurance and set up my membership wrong. Instead they withdrew money from my account for 4 months. Over charged me for my enrollment fee. Dec ...they finally got the insurance all set but have yet to reimburse me. I call and Tracey refers me to Doug and Doug refers me back to her. It is now Mar and it is still unresolved. Extremely unhappy and they don't seem to care. I like the gym itself but would like to see this resolved soon! See More
Lynn Marie Reid
· March 31, 2017
Had a birthday party for my grandsons, our hostesses Abby and the young man who were in charge were very attentive, they were nearby if we had any questions. If you ever wondered about have a party ...there don't hesitate! Great deal and the mess stays there! See More
Diane Marie
· September 30, 2016
The Works is a great health club facility. They cover every aspect of fitness one could want. Three pools, hot tub, aerobics all day, spin room, track, racket ball, basketball, volleyball... you name! The Price is out of reach for some, but fits the accommodations. See More
Gail Catherine
· January 6, 2016
I rejoined today after being away for about 5 years. I love the renovations made during my absence especially the remodeled changing rooms which now include complimentary shampoo conditioner and body ...wash. It was very busy there today but in a good way. The number of older folks utilizing the programs and equipment was amazing! I look forward to my new lifestyle change and with the Works I know I can accomplish my goals with the variety of programs offered. See More
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