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Maureen Whitehead
October 20, 2012
A new and exciting program!
I am a new songwriter for young children and have worked as an early childhood specialist for more than three decades. I would love to have a look at my debut website which features 19 of my 200+ original compositions. The songs cater to all the interests of young children and are fun, educational and very engaging. Great for speech and language, movement and coordination! Wonderful for early literacy and reading. Learning masked as fun! Please feel free to share on your page.
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Allison Crane
· November 9, 2014
Love this page and practice! Heather is amazing. She's the kid whisperer!
Ahhhhh!!! Run!!! Hide!!!!!! We're under attack!!!!! #play #imagination #prekindergarten #preschool #childdevelopment #fun #happyfriday #occupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapist
When you're an #occupationaltherapist and you get to know your clients, you learn what's important to them and what's hard for them. When the task that's important to them is also the task that's hard for them, you tackle it head on. For this new friend, making friendship bracelets at camp this summer was important to her. And it was also hard for her. She couldn't do it. So, after some practice and work on a tricky method, she's got some confidence to make them for her friends. She also has some sweaty palms and refined finger movements too󾌴 We always say #occupationaltherapy is the Renaissance profession: we can't help you do the activities you want to be able and need to do unless we know and learn them ourselves as therapists. So we can make friendship bracelets if that's what you need or learn how to change oil in a car, if that's what you need too 󾌵 #renaissanceprofession #occupationaltherapist #parents #parenting #friendshipbracelets #crafts #finemotorskills
Wo/man's best friend. The research connecting human mental health and pet ownership is too powerful to ignore. We don't realize the unseen benefits we gain from connecting with and caring for an animal. Taking care of pets is an IADL and area of occupation addressed by occupational therapy, if it's important to clients and/or families. Research suggests children who grown up with pets have better empathy and less allergies. Our pets can learn and they communicate with us. We're better in tune with ourselves and the world if we take time to connect and listen. Sometimes they aren't subtle about communicating their needs 😂😂😂 . . . . #occupationaltherapist #occupationaltherapy #childdevelopment #pets #petsofinstagram #englishbulldog #mastiff #bullmastiff #dogs #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #cats

Can't. Wait.


Sometimes trying to fit in, means having to stand out. Atypical arrives August 11.

Wow. Just. Wow.

"An MRI scan a month after the 40th HBOT session showed almost complete reversal of the brain damage initially recorded. Researchers believe the oxygen therapy, coupled with Eden having the developing brain of a child, had activated genes that promote cell survival and reduce inflammation—allowing the brain to recover. The case report is published in the journal Medical Gas Research."

Eden was submerged in 5 degree Celsius water for 15 minutes and was unresponsive after being resuscitated.