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Allison Crane
· November 9, 2014
Love this page and practice! Heather is amazing. She's the kid whisperer!
Ahhhhh!!! Run!!! Hide!!!!!! We're under attack!!!!! #play #imagination #prekindergarten #preschool #childdevelopment #fun #happyfriday #occupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapist
When you're an #occupationaltherapist and you get to know your clients, you learn what's important to them and what's hard for them. When the task that's important to them is also the task that's hard for them, you tackle it head on. For this new friend, making friendship bracelets at camp this summer was important to her. And it was also hard for her. She couldn't do it. So, after some practice and work on a tricky method, she's got some confidence to make them for her friends. She also has some sweaty palms and refined finger movements too󾌴 We always say #occupationaltherapy is the Renaissance profession: we can't help you do the activities you want to be able and need to do unless we know and learn them ourselves as therapists. So we can make friendship bracelets if that's what you need or learn how to change oil in a car, if that's what you need too 󾌵 #renaissanceprofession #occupationaltherapist #parents #parenting #friendshipbracelets #crafts #finemotorskills
We would be painting a beautifully inaccurate picture if we didn't tell you that every year for the last 8 years we've had a kid (or two) throw up during our pumpkin carving activity. The bonus is all of them manage to toss the beans right back into the pumpkin 󾌮We know it's coming when the gagging reflex can't be stopped after a touch or two. Talk about sensory overload. If you're an #occupationaltherapist all you want is for the kids you work with to be able to handle anything life brings them. Well, if you're the parent, that's also what you want. And sometimes life brings them carving pumpkins requiring a whole host of touch and smell experiences. We don't try to skirt around it. We tackle it head on. Diving right in. If we induce a gag then we take it back a notch. Can they spoon it out? Still too much? What about placing pumpkin seeds on a baking sheet to be cleaned? It's one step at a time. So the next time they have an open pumpkin they want to carve, they can dive in and not think twice. #occupationaltherapist #occupationaltherapy #parenting #parents #halloween #pumpkinpatch #pumpkin #kids #mom #momblogger #autism #autismawareness #specialeducation #preschool #toddler

What a pleasant surprise when unpacking a new school backpack to see #occupationaltherapy on the tag. @llbean is already great but even more so now. @aotainc we appreciate you! #widelyrecognized American Occupational Therapy Association - AOTA L.L.Bean

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"So here’s my advice.... If your son or daughter doesn’t learn to read in kindergarten, relax. Because many, many things are worse than not learning to read in kindergarten."

The year Sam started kindergarten, he turned 6 in October. He was one of the oldest children in his class, and he didn't know how to read. When he starte...