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Mikko Hilario
· February 23, 2018
Thanks for your videos. I can't watch MSNBC on cable in the Philippines, we do get Fox News though 😶. Keep up the good work.
Kevin Horton
· March 15, 2017
Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange
Kissing in a Tree....
The LooooooooVe BooooaT......
They are Raping in the Universities..
They are raping in the Army..
They are raping in the Marines..
They are raping in the Air Force.,
They are Raping in the Coast Guard and the Navy..
They are raping in the Prisons..
It is like One Great Big Orgy.. Wooo Hooooo....
They are sending Military Officers to Prison...
Sending more Amerikan Soldiers to Prison..
After Releasing the Soldiers of Islam from Prison..
They are sending your unprepared unarmed Children to war
the war against the people who are not in the country you are sending them to fight...
Their Army is Here....
You can be a feminist..
You can be a Homosexual ..
You can Be a Lesbian...
You can be a male to Female Trans person ...
You can be a Female to Male Trans person ...
You Can Smoke POT..
Your Daughters can Marry Women..
Your Son's Can marry Men...
Your Sons Have become your Daughters..
Your Daughters have become your sons.
Your Grandchildren are no longer your Grand Children..
The United States are not reproducing as a nation..
Wrong will be right and right will be wrong....
They want You to do what ever the hell you want...
They just don't want you to do one thing..
What ever it is you don't do...
Don't wake up..
Go Back to Sleep...
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Christina Syrgiannis
· March 3, 2017
I really like Rachel Maddow , but you are not her and this is a fake page.
Now that you added the word "Fanpage" you're no longer a Fake page but you allowed people to think you are the real Rachel M...addow for to long and people"liked" this page thinking they "liked" the real Rachel so only adding one more star for now. See More
Susan Rattray
· February 22, 2018
I love this informative page. You should follow this too if you want info on Trump.
Paula Hamilton Fiore
· January 28, 2018
The truth -- with disclaimers when needed. Doesn't insult your intelligence.
Vanessa Neser
· January 26, 2018
Thanks for making the full episodes available that I cannot watch in my time zone.
Steve Bush
· March 2, 2017
Thanks for these uploads. I get internet through my apt complex landlord and have no specific TV contract (like with Comcast, etc) and so cannot legally pay for MSNBC. I pay HBO, Hulu, etc, but a few ...networks only allow subscriptions through TV provider. Landlord uses Comcast, but I cannot use their account (internet provided to over a dozen individual renters). So "legal" or not, you are filling a great need. Yes, I'd be lost without Rachel Maddow, she is doing a really great job. I'd be happy to pay MSMBC $10/month for service, and if they ever change to on-line subscriptions (like Hulu, HBO, etc) I will do so; in the mean time I will give *you*, TheNews4, my $10/month. Thanks for doing this! See More
Glenn Simmons
· February 7, 2018
A very good source, I watch on YouTube all the time.
Smith Klein
· March 5, 2018
Thanks for keeping us, living abroad, informed with fact based shows.
Eric Murray
· June 11, 2017
Spam page. This user is constantly uploading youtube videos of MSNBC content with misleading titles. All the videos are days old but have today's date on them.

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