Justice!!! New Dumpstaphunk video for "Justice" ft. Trombone Shorty ! Shoutout to Billboard for the premiere !

""Change your mindset change the laws, change your concept eve the flaws, so together we can all stand tall"

#InFunkWeTrust #Justice

Iconic New Orleans band Dumpstaphunk makes a plea for equality with new video "Justice."

Operation Christmas Child is a great way to show God's love to children from across the world. You can even build a shoe box online for just $25. 2 days left!

Build-a-box online! The official place to build your Shoebox online for Operation Christmas Child.

I have requested termination of our royalties account at the end of our billing cycle and I've turned off our streams as of a few minutes ago.

Royalty rates are about to increase again to the point where it's just not going to be reasonable or affordable anymore. The labels have decided to kill off the little guy and our government has taken their side. We fought hard for and won the right to broadcast the last time this happened and we've hung on as long as we could this I just can't do it again.

I just want to thank all the listeners that have tuned in and supported our DJ's over the years and a big thank you to all the DJ's that have ever added their voices to our station.


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We’re making strides in raising PTSD Awareness one haircut at a time. Check out CBS 58’s story featuring our Milwaukee Big Cut event and visit to learn more.

Just days earlier Guitars 4 Vets issued the challenge on CBS 58 News. On Thursday night, many asnwered the call in support of Veterans in Kenosha. The Big Cut Fundraieer was held to mark PTSD Awa...
Veteran Suicide Awareness and Prevention Through Empowerment


Since I had a lot of fun putting together a fun mash up with Star wars and Kill Bill I was thinking all the dog fights in star wars would go great with Kenny Loggin's…

Call or email your reps!

Save Internet Radio

UPDATE! The new bill (HR 1733, known as the “Fair Play, Fair Pay Act”) is currently being discussed in DC! (It is before the sub-committee on “courts, intellect...ual property and the internet.”) RIGHT NOW is the time to contact your local congress representative to really make a difference!

You don’t need to take the time to write a long letter. Just email (or call) your congress representative with a short note requesting that the SMALL WEBCASTER AGREEMENT (of 2009) BE RESTORED FOR SMALL, NON-INTERACTIVE WEBCASTING.. Suggest that this may be written as an addition to HR 1733, or suggest that congress ask Sound Exchange to create a new Small Webcaster Agreement.

As a reminder: the essence of the Small Webcaster Agreement (SWA) is to allow small, non-interactive online radio stations to pay performance royalties as a percentage of their revenue – thus making it financially sustainable for small-scale hobby webcasting to continue. (Small independent stations keep niche music generas alive, and are often the only source of airplay for independent artists). Keep in mind that we want the SWA renewed for NON-INTERACTIVE webcasting (where listeners have no control over what they hear next , and is essentially like an AM or FM station that broadcasts over the internet instead of a tower), which is very different from INTERACTIVE/ON DEMAND streaming (where listeners can choose what to hear any on demand).

HR 1733 does indeed resolve some of the artists’ concerns with on-demand streaming royalties. We want to work TOGETHER with these artists, while asking the bill to be modified to include the Small Webcaster Agreement for non-interactive webcasting. (A good place in the bill to include small webcasters may be Section 5: “Special Protections for Small Broadcasters” ).

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Toad the Wet Sprocket

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of 'fear.' #Lyrics #fear25

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Kevin Smith

I didn't make this piece of Internet art but I do feel like I was the co-author of the joke all the same. May the Fourth Be With You, @starwars fans! #KevinSmith #StarWars #ReturnOfTheJedi

In case you missed it! Check out Angelo Moore performing Prince's "Purple Rain" with Slightly Stoopid and Bob Weir at TRI Studios.

RIP Prince. "Purple Rain" with Slightly Stoopid featuring Bob Weir, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), and Karl Denson - Live at Roberto's TRI Studios 4/21/16 Full Sho...

Check out our friends at Stoic!

The award winning and BAFTA nominated saga continues in The Banner Saga 2. Continue your journey soon after the climactic events of The Banner Saga. The choices you made in the first game will affect who is alive and who is dead in this exciting sequel.

We could shut down as early as next month under these new rates.

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!   SAVENETRADIO 3.0 Just before the holiday break 2015 the CRB (Copyright Royalty Board) made a decision on new royalty rates for all U.S. based webcasters that helped the BIG webcaster and eliminates the small webcaster. Prior to this decision there was a special CONGRESSIONAL..…
Independent musicians are losing many of their best supporters because of a major increase in royalty rates charged to internet radio stations. Over 5,000 stations on are forced to shut down at the end of January and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s not that these stations don’t…
It doesn’t take a Pulitzer winner to see that media has changed since the advent of the internet. Publication mediums have shifted, advertising has increased...
With this new ruling by the CRB there was NO provision for small webcasters and the prognosis is not good for about 100,000 United States small internet stations. The old rates under the Small Webcasters Agreement of 2009 (set by congress) were adequate, as long as you didn't make over $1.25 million…