"The human pecker comes in a range of wonderful shapes and sizes." Indeed, they do. Check out TheyFit feature in Emen8.

Many men dislike regular condoms, as they can be too tight or too loose. And even some larger or snugger … Continue reading "How to get the perfect sized condom online, custom-made to fit you"

What a great day to learn a few new tricks

There's big, and then there's BIG.

Thank you Sarah Callaway for the epic review of TheyFit!
"Basically the bottom line is, I would recommend these condoms to anyone."

I am not affiliated with the company and have paid for the products I speak about in the video with my own money. Link to the website:

Ant Smith's story. Definitely worth a listen.

"Sex should be a lot of fun, you should be enjoying constantly exploring. There isn't an ideal body shape or ideal position. It's a constant fun exploration."

#HeroStatus #LetsTalkAboutPenisSize

Ant’s penis is officially smaller than average – but it hasn’t made his love life any less interesting

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upcoming TheyFit collaboration with Kuoni?

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haha, thanks Cosmo!

"9. The largest condom isn't the Magnum. As famous as it is, the Magnum can accommodate an average-size penis and stretch to fit larger ones. TheyFit actually offers up the largest condom at the market: the G31. It can fit, as they put it, a penis "not far off the circumference of a Pringle can." So that's something."…/things-you-didnt-know-about-…/

This is shocking.

seems TheyFit is too rude for the NHS wifi..

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Morrisons need to learn to use our discreet size codes..

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um, someone should tell the scientists about TheyFit...…/condoms-that-offer-pleasure-ins…/

Scientists are in the final stages of developing condoms that do not rob the pleasure of sex, but instead work at making you ‘feel good’.
South African doctors have achieved what they call the world's first successful penile transplant operation.

'the average human sperm cell or spermocyte contains about 37.5Mb of genetic data. So when orgasm occurs, roughly 1.5Gb of data is ejaculated in about 3 seconds, a data transfer rate 6 orders of magnitude, or a few million times, faster than an average internet connection'

"Doctors may also use the graph to help men find well-fitting condoms, said the team."…/the-results-are-in-study-revea…

International study of 15,000 penises is being used to reassure men concerned they are not within the ‘normal range’

trialling a new pricing structure for TheyFit

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Thai health officials Thursday said teenagers who are too embarrassed to choose condoms that fit are partly to blame for a recent spike in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among their peers. In a statement ahead of Valentine's Day -- a time when Thai officials often issue a flurry of warnings…

as if buying condoms in-store wasn't already embarrassing enough! It's easy to stop shoplifters - sell ONLINE.

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Mississippi boasts some of the highest rates of teen childbirth and young-adult HIV in the United States. It also prohibits "any demonstration of how condoms or other contraceptives are applied." What's a responsible sex educator to do? Why, demonstrate how to properly apply a sock, of course!