Mowtendoo has arrived once again with more turkeys. "Golden Poultry City" is one of his remix masterpieces of Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal's Goldenrod City theme mixed with cries of the legendary turkeys. This chart was brought to you by Dell2150!

Check out the video:

Play Golden Poultry City now!...

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Play Mowtendoo Comedy, Video Game levels on ThirdStyle: Golden Poultry City, Snoop Dogg's Smoke-Out!!!, Time To Body Wash, Turkey X, playing and gam

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For those of you experiencing lag / delays loading pages on TS, fret not for the BADMIN team has found the issue and is working to resolve the problem!

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As you probably can tell, our server is giving us a bit of trouble, so we are in the process of migrating to a different, better one. This time, we won't be down for a week! Stay tuned for updates.

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Something new coming soon..

Any Vospi fans out there? Even though it was added late April, any time of year is a great time to dance a Waltz of Melted Snow! Our #1 active simfiler DefTeaMachine delivers a great stepchart to this piano masterpiece.

Play Waltz of Melted Snow and other Vospi songs now!

Play Vospi DnB, Jazz levels on ThirdStyle: Video Out E, Waltz of Melted Snow, Nervous, Excessive Sex, Eating Candies, playing and gaming on the fina

Renard is here once again with his dubstep/happy hardcore song, "Raatid Fiah". This upbeat song, stepped by DefTeaMachine, will get you pumped and set your fingers on "fiah"! (Yeah that was lame) Available in the store for 850 StylePoints.

Purchase & Play Raatid Fiah! [as Jackal Queenston] now!

Play Renard DnB, Electronic, IDM, Breakcore levels on ThirdStyle: Raatid Fiah! [as Jackal Queenston], Dracula, Carbonate [as Furries in a Blender], RT

It's about time we had another release from ParagonX9 in the game. So here we are with the well-known techno/DnB song, "Chaoz Fantasy", stepped by Nocturne. As many of you know, this is a very enjoyable song to play, with lots of jumpstreams, but a challenging slowdown.

Play Chaoz Fantasy now!

Play ParagonX9 Electronic, Video Game, DnB levels on ThirdStyle: Chaoz Fantasy, Chaoz Airflow, Blue Marine, playing and gaming on the final music an

The great Renard continues to be seen here on ThirdStyle, with his song "Dracula" being his 20th simfile! This 8bit/experimental song, stepped by DefTeaMachine, has a great beat that you will surely enjoy playing.

Play Dracula now!

Play Renard DnB, Electronic, IDM, Breakcore levels on ThirdStyle: Raatid Fiah! [as Jackal Queenston], Dracula, Carbonate [as Furries in a Blender], RT

Captain Vote4Nixon has risen from the dead, into the endless sky with this awesome new simfile! "Endless Sky" is a progressive rock/electronic song made by the popular band, I See Stars. This song also features Danny Worsnop, the lead singer of Asking Alexandria!

Play Endless Sky [ft. Danny Worsnop] now!

Play I See Stars Electronica, Metal, Progressive levels on ThirdStyle: Endless Sky [ft. Danny Worsnop], playing and gaming on the final music and rh

The second release of the batch is another song from the very well-known game among our community, Touhou Project! "the Dream of Scarlet" is a very short upbeat rock song made by dBu, and stepped by eiddiM.

Play the Dream of Scarlet no9w!

Play dBu J-Rock, Japanese, Video Game levels on ThirdStyle: the Dream of Scarlet, playing and gaming on the final music and rhythm gaming community

Along with the new judging system last month, five judges and four back-up judges were selected to make sure that we continue to see the best of simfiles on the site. Congratulations to samurai7694, Midigami, Nocturne, ichliebekase, and krunkykai22 for being selected as the judges, as well as eiddiM, DefTeaMachine, Housekeeper, and yoshl for being selected as the back-up judges.

Jonny and DefTeaMachine know how much you all love Dragonforce, so they whipped us up ThirdStyle'...s second Dragonforce file, "Scars of Yesterday"! This song was also the first release of our first simfile batch. You thought Fury of the Storm was long? Well this song is a whole minute longer to make sure your fingers stay in shape.

Play Scars of Yesterday now!

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Play DragonForce Metal levels on ThirdStyle: Scars of Yesterday, Fury of the Storm, DragonForce is somewhat of a rarity, based in London England, the

Well, it looks like this page has been evacuated for a while..
"Evacuate The Moshpit" is a challenging speedcore song, and also a remix of Cascada's popular "Evacuate The Dancefloor. This song was made by Imil and stepped by Housekeeper.

In other news, for all you simfilers and judges, a new judging system has been put into place by krunkykai22. Check it out here:…/8711-Thirdstyle-s-New-Judging-System


Play Evacuate The Moshpit now!

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Play Imil Gabber, Speedcore, Techno levels on ThirdStyle: Evacuate the Moshpit, Speedcore Vibes [ft. VWT], playing and gaming on the final music and

ThirdStyle is getting so wild that we need a Matador up in here to keep it calm. Stepped by Nocturne, Cranky's song "Matador" is an interesting sounding dance song that will keep your fingers entertained right to the end.

Play Matador now!

Play Cranky Breakcore, Classical, Rave, Trance levels on ThirdStyle: Matador, Conflict [ft. Siromaru], F [as Bubbles], playing and gaming on the fin