I am going to try to show you how silly Thor is about getting boxes from Christa..had to do it in 3 videos sorry HAD TO SHARE MY LAUGH FOR THE DAY>>>
here is trying to keep me out lol

I have seen alot of people liking Thor's facebook I thought I would post his new page and life..You can follow him at Thor the Alaska German Shepard..

First and foremost Thank you all for caring about my boy Thor, He is the light of my life.....He has a great life with me and we get along just fine but I am not gonna ignore that he weighs as much as I do and is only 2 years old with a crazy mind due I think to his past trauma to his face. He needs some one that is able to give him a little more. I am weeding through my options and will get back to those that I would consider. Again Thank you from Thor and Teresa


Sad to say .and crying as I type this..I will have to find a home for Thor as I am no longer able to care for him. I will only give him to someone who will give him all he deserves.You can email me or message me here.He has come to be a great boy but he has some issuses that will have to be considered...

Hi Thor fans...i am here to say i will not be posting on Thor's page any more.i have had enough of all the people who like to hurt others..from the very bottom of my heart i want to thank all the people who gave my boy his mouth.Teresa

THOR's K9 Hero Bodie - High Paw Bodie.

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Sacramento Police Canine Association

On May 18th, 2012 K9 Bodie was shot in the line of duty and nearly died in a back yard in Land Park while saving his partner's life. Nine months later, with sev...enteen units of blood transfusions, five major surgeries, hundreds of hours at VCA vet hospital, and thousands of prayers for his recovery, Bodie was strong enough to go for a short walk and a swim today to celebrate life. Nothing is happier than a dog with a stick sitting in the sun after a nice swim in the cool water! Thank you all for your continued support and prayers during Bodie's recovery! He can't wait to get back to serving the citizens of Sacramento and keeping it a safe place to live, work and play!

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Wow.. Thor's page now has 700 likes.Big thank you from a big dog with a big heart and a mouth to tell it.

Thor is hearing that his K9 Hero "Bodie" is doing better - keep praying - it's working! Crossing paws for Bodie.

Thor is crossing his paws and praying for Sac PD K9 Bodie's speedy recovery and for Officer Randy. Please join Thor is saying a prayer for Bodie.

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Sacramento Police Canine Association

Good morning all! K9 Bodie update!! Last week while watching Bodie during his water treadmill therapy at VCA, Dr Runyan and I noticed he appeared to be dragging... his back toes slightly and walking strange. Dr Runyan performed some tests and then an MRI to attempt to find out what was causing the problem. The MRI confirmed that Bodie had a disk rupture in his spine. The disk material was pushing against his spinal column and causing him to lose the ability to control of his back legs. He went in for a short surgery where the surgical team removed as much of the material as possible to relieve the pressure off of Bodie's spinal column and allow it to return to its normal position. The surgery itself was successful with no complications. Now we just have to wait for the swelling to go down around the spine and see how much function returns for Bodie. He will go in for a re-check appoinment on Tuesday and then his staples will come out Friday. We will get him back on the under water treadmill very shortly after that to start building up the muscles around his back and in his legs again. Within two months of starting therapy, we will know if he will have the ability to return to work or if he will have to retire. Our goal is to still get him back doing what he loves to do if he is able. He is at home recovering under strict confinement and is doing great! He is able to walk on his own now and his attitude is as playful as ever! The positive out of this is that he has quickly learned to use his paw that was shot, he has a very cool haricut down his back, and he has a brand new scar along his spine to brag to all the other dogs on the force about! Please keep Bodie in your thoughts and prayers for a full recovery! He is one amazing and tough K9 Officer! Thank you all for your support!!

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There is a really ugly person trying to upset Thor's life on tweeter..i would like to say as Thor's mom I am lost for words...Thor and I would like to say if you see any one asking for money with his or my name please contact us..WE ARE WELL AND DOING GREAT>>as for the photos i use with my dog Thor.I will always ask to use them and i would also say that would be arctic German shepherd rescue pic that you are upset about..please find a new hobby ...thanks Thor and Teresa

Thor's K9 Hero Bodie and Dr Runyan (who did Thor's surgery) - so happy to see Bodie doing so well. High Paw Bodie!…/k-9-bodie-undergoing-reh…/…

Bodie, the Sacramento Police K-9 who was shot pursing a suspect last year, is on the road to recovery but still hasn't returned to duty.

Thor was thinking about all his peeps in Sacramento.sending prayers from his home

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SACRAMENTO, CA - A severely-abused German Shepherd from Alaska will be able to eat normally again, thanks to a successful 4-hour surgery by a Rancho Cordova veterinarian. Thor is a German Shepherd/Husky mix Teresa Downing found though a Craigslist ad ...


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