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Equipment T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition + T3PA-PRO pedal set add-on + TH8A shifter add-on


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Thanks to @DigiProst for this new video with the TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition 👍
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Reality Or Game? es una serie de videos donde intento enseñar que un juego puede parecer mas real de lo que nos imaginamos. , espero que os guste ;) Patrocin...
Thrustmaster 25 Anniversary - Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
TAG Heuer and Gran Turismo Sport Partnership Announced at the Geneva International Motor Show. Here are some exclusives pictures. The annnounce:
Our brand new T.16000M FCS HOTAS is now available! Fully ambidextrous joystick with 16 action buttons with “braille”-style physical button identification. >> US: >> Europe: coming soon!
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Mark Anderson
· February 1, 2018
Got the TX Ferrari 458 wheel recently. Wheel rim itself is ok, cheap looking and feeling but ok/acceptable (coming from a G27). Force feedback and the base is at another level over the G27, strong, sm...ooth and virtually no dead zone, brilliant. Vastly improved quality in look/feel/weight etc (It's obvious where the money went).
Pedals? Absolutely useless/hopeless and virtually unusable without solid mounting/bolting to something heavy. So easy to tip every time you touch the brake pedal in particular. They are a total joke and no where near worthy of the rest of the package, what were you thinking Thrustmaster? Compared to the G27 again the pedals are more than a disappointment, especially considering how much more expensive the TX is. I give the base 5 stars, the wheel rim 3 stars and the pedals 0-1 star for an average of 3 stars.
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Måns Lindgren
· February 19, 2018
I expected thrustmaster to have atleast decent quality products from looking at the price tags. First off my 599XX EVO Alcantara wheel addon started to come loose after a few hours of gametime, so i s...ent the wheel back to get a new replacement. While i was wating for the replacement i put the old plastic wheel on and after about an hour or two the wheel died and filled my house with a burnt plastic smell... So i contacted thrustmaster hoping they could help repair the wheel or atleast send a new PCB to repair it. After 6 months of emailing back and forth i have still not managed to get help from Thrustmaster, they have just guided me to update firmware and so on even though i told them it has burnt up inside and needs to be repaired. Thrustmaster is very slow to respond on emails and has several times forgot to answer at all, and in the end they dont even seem to care about the costumers that bought several of their products. I expected more from thrustmaster, now im sitting here with a dead servo base and need to put in another 500 USD if i want to use my thrustmaster gear again. However, the few hours the wheel worked it was very nice after buying the TH8A shifter and the alcantara add on, just a shame it didnt last long. UPDATE: got offered to pay for them to repair it or buy the spare part and try my luck. See More
Judy Chapman Williams
· March 28, 2018
Bought my husband the T GT for new PS 4 games. It started having issues within the first three months. After many back-and-forth emails and proof via video, they agreed there was a problem, and paid f...or us to send it back. Well it’s now been over a month and although they admit that they received it, they say they’ve lost it yet refuse to send us another one. They keep saying give us a week give us a day, give us 48 hours. It’s absolutely ridiculous that I pay $800 for an item, it’s under warranty, they lose it, yet they refuse to send us a new one. �� See More
Geza Peter Hajdu
· February 2, 2018
I have the T300 wheel, which was the only good, middle-range wheel option for PS4 in 2015. I loved the wheel despite it's poor pedals due to lack of brake progressivity which I solved with a set of T3...PA-PRO pedals.

However, 7 months after warranty expired the wheel got broken and produced the famous HAL sensor fault which results in a failure with the initial calibration of the wheel.
I trusted Thrustmaster's support with the matter, but after 3 weeks of mailing they concluded that I am better off buying a new T300 base, because their repair and spare parts warranty is only 3 months (!!!) and it costs around 150 EUR or more, depending on the fault, and of course it is a possibility that it produces a fault again (!!!) after the warranty which mean another 150 EUR of repair costs.

I am really sorry now that I have invested in the T3PA-PRO pedals as well, because it seems that I trusted the wrong quality company with my money. It is unacceptable, that I should buy a new wheel costing 300-400 EURs every 2-3 years, considering that there were almost 6 months when I didn't even use the wheel at all!

Support was polite and helpfull, but generally took them a week of respond time after every mail, which is frustrating.
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Lucas Vanderburgh
· February 6, 2018
Ordered thrustmaster tx for Xbox one. Used it for a total of 3 hours before it died. Took months to return it for warrantee. Customer service was awful. Gave specific instructions that I wanted an upd...ated design with an external power supply. Received my old wheel back. When it works it's great but quality is garbage customer service is garbage. Save you're money and buy a fanatic. An absolute waste of 700 dollars... See More
Randy Shipp
· January 23, 2018
T300RS GT Edition wheel is dead on arrival. Appears to have a faulty power supply or something, since I only saw the Mode light flicker one time and the wheel literally only twitched once. Is not re...cognized by my PS4 and does not show up at all on a confirmed good USB port on my PC. $400 paperweight. As many reports of DOA as I see, maybe Thrustmaster should plug each one in and confirm it works before shipping it? See More
Nicky Cumming
· January 28, 2018
My Son has purchased Thrustmaster T80 & it is not worth the money! Everytime he is using the pedals it is tipping over due to it being so light! He has tried using masking tape & taping it to the floo...r. The steering wheel is as light as & will not sit properly! He has tried jamming the steering wheel in his desk drawer so the whole thing itself doesn't move when he is turning the wheel! See More
Jeipi Campos Glez
· March 25, 2018
I bought the TX steering wheel for Xbox one. After a year of playing, Today the wheel it has gone crazy. It does not stop spinning for one side and for the other each time I connect it and I can not p...lay with it. Do you have a solution for this problem? See More
Wiz Hughes
· March 4, 2018
The thing I’m gutted about is that spares for the Xbox one Ferrari 458 spider wheel are impossible to find? I’m looking for the USB converter plug that connects the round USB to the standard USB into ...the Xbox? Can’t find it online anywhere even on Thrustmasters website? If anyone could guide me on where I could get one,I would really appreciate that or the steeri g wheel is basically useless! See More
Stuart Armiger
· February 15, 2018
Bought a T300 and now the wheel has developed the calibration sensor fault, the wheel now violently spins until it is switched off.

Considering how many people have had this problem which seems to be... fatal, I am surprised they still sell them, surely this damages their reputation more than it lines their pockets.

As a result I may leave the Thrustmaster ecosystem in favour of another manufacturer.
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Jarrod Lee
· April 7, 2018
I own a Thrustmaster Ferrari wireless gt cockpit... worked great for two days and then the paddle shifter started playing up.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it won't do anything, and sometimes it'll ...shift two or three gears at once, making it unusable.

From memory, it was around $300 and an absolute waste of money.

It's now wasting space in my room not being able to use it.

I've looked online and found many people have had this issue, therefore Thrustmaster must know they're selling a faulty product.

Very unhappy with Thrustmasters quality and would not buy again unless this problem was fixed.
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Ricardo Diana
· March 28, 2018
Tcpc racer, 6 months old , silent in operation till now. Contact Thrustmaster for help with this, only to be told the noise is normal. If it was normal why did it not it make the noise from day 1? Eit...her way its going back to the store for a refund. Thanks for hopeless customer support, make sure you purchase from a good retailer who is willing to help, unlike Thrustmaster. See More
Bill Weckel
· April 6, 2018
One would think that, after spending more than $250 for the T.16000 joystick, throttle, and rudder pedals set that, at the very least, someone at Thrustmaster would publish profiles for the most flight sims currently in circulation: DCS World, IL-2 Sturmovik, etc. They have some links on the website but these result in 404 errors. It's just sloppy. If a company doesn't care enough to actually play the games they're making hardware for, and care enough to keep their website functional and updated, why should we reward them with our money? See More
Andrew Lutz
· April 12, 2018
TX motor died in less than year(mmmm love the smell of an electrical fire /s), took about a month to go through the repair process. Pretty much completely useless to email these guys, just call, thoug...h the website was down when I looked for the number so I had to use archive(dot)org... Now I've lost the power cable and after almost a week of waiting, half a dozen emails, and 3 calls, they still haven't even placed the order. Can't use a $500 product because I can't plug it into the wall... See More
Jamie Snow
· January 20, 2018
Hi I bought a thrustmaster t150rs in October 2017 I have been using over the weekend half way through a game and my accelerator pedal is not working anymore. It isn?t springing back up to stop acceler...ating. The company I bought it off told me to email thrustmaster to sort the problem I would like to return back to thrustmaster
Cheers jamie
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Stephan Faessler
· March 20, 2018
Thrustmaster always having solid products and quality stuff lineup.

One point to highlight, disable / uncheck all Steam controller support settings inside your steam controller settings, otherwise i...t will not recognize your wheel and pedal in all steam supported games.

This should be noted in your Thrustmaster Support pages’ FAQ!

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Moreno Acedo
· February 16, 2018
Thrustmaster is the worst company I've ever met. My T300rs GT Edition has a defect in the connection of the pedal board with the base. In a random and intermittent way the pedal stops working. With 4 months from the purchase and less than 10 hours of use. Its after-sales policy borders on the surreal, having to record videos of the defect in operation and having to open the product at their request to make checks, without being technical and violating my rights as a consumer. They make me dizzy with the same, and I refuse to be wasting my time, so they tell me that they start a repair process, but with the warning that if they do not see that I have a fault I have to pay them 60€. It is a nonsense and a total abuse, since they leave the client defenseless before the criterion of a technical service without any veracity. Thrustmaster does not comply with the current regulations of the guarantee law in force in Spain, since it is illegal to give as a sole solution the repair of a defective product with less than 6 months of purchase. DO NOT BUY THRUSTMASTER.

Thrustmaster es la peor empresa que he conocido. Mi T300rs GT Edition tiene un defecto en la conexión de la pedalera con la base. De manera aleatoria e intermitente la pedalera deja de funcionar. Con solo 4 meses desde la compra y menos de 10 horas de uso. Su política de postventa roza lo surrealista, teniendo que grabar vídeos del defecto en funcionamiento y teniendo que abrir por petición de ellos el producto para hacer comprobaciones, sin ser yo técnico y vulnerando mis derechos como consumidor. Me vuelven a marear con lo mismo, y me niego a estar perdiendo mi tiempo, por lo que me dicen que comienzan un proceso de reparación, pero con la advertencia de que si ellos no ven que haya fallo yo tengo que pagarles 60€. Es un despropósito y un abuso total, ya que dejan al cliente indefenso ante el criterio de un servicio técnico sin veracidad ninguna. Thrustmaster incumple la normativa vigente de la ley de garantía en vigor en España, ya que es ilegal dar como única solución la reparación de un producto defectuoso con menos de 6 meses de compra. NO COMPREIS THRUSTMASTER.
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Thomas Nagy
· January 25, 2018
Why isn't it possible for your support team to react properly on to my request since end of december? After sending the needed files three times in a row cause of a technical issue with my t300 rs, i no solution so far.

Really Thrustmaster? This is annoying.
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Kurt Peel
· March 3, 2018
Had to send back 2 t300 sets before i had one that really worked as it should. Now i have the third for a few years and im happy with the perfomance. Still waiting on a handbrake and rev counter for ps4.
Russ Holton
· January 16, 2018
Tx base failed after a week. Works fine on a pc, but will not get past calibration on XBOX one. The store I bought it from exchanged it with a new one. Let’s see how long this one lasts......should bought a Fanatec! See More