It's summer, get outside with your dog and enjoy.....Tilly , Sept, 2015
Tillman stairs L.A.
Sully, Tillman's lil bro, getting into the Easter spirit.

Just because...........Miss you buddy,,,#rideliketillman

tillman doing his thing on all types of boards WWW.GOTILLMAN.COM

And Tillman was a great retriever too.......

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Rincon 2012,,,,,,,,,,He loved to skim

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Posted by Morgan Maassen
Morgan Maassen

Probably the most special part from my newest video "Growing"... I was at Rincon filming Bobby Martinez surfing, when i saw this Bulldog, Tillman, skimboarding ...on the inside of the cove. It was such an odd moment, that continuously brings me so much joy. Check out Growing here:

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Focused and fast, he was so good....

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Sometimes when you are 1000 miles south of the US border, you walk into a 150 year old stone room, look at years of history on the wall, an occasionally Tillman might say hi.
Look closely.

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Tillman doing his best E.T. impersonation. Elliott............

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Tillman shared The Inertia's video.
March 9

This video pops up and goes around every few years , great times with Tilly,Roseand Sully

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Posted by The Inertia
The Inertia

Three Bulldogs surfing to some Ethiopian jazz is easily the best thing you'll see all week. These dogs are so happy that they bark the whole way to the sand., is this the longest wave ever ridden by a dog?

Here's what dogs think about while surfing:
(credit: Ron Davis)

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Rose Parade Grand Marshall,,,,Capt. SULLY..........hard to believe this was over 8 years ago........Tillman, Capt Sully,,,Sully, and Rose.

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I found a litter of 8 puppies 6 weeks ago in Baja Sur , Mexico. I brought them, and their momma to my house. It’s been a long, long 6 weeks , but it’s all worth it. 6 are reserved for homes, but I have 2 females needing homes. Sancha and Bullfrog.
They are pit, lab, retriever and street mix. Anyone who has had a Baja dog understands their loyalty. Also the momma is surfing now too. I swear. They are super friendly and have had more love than you could believe , a bit spoiled.... If you are in The western US or Mexico , I’ll get them too you. They are almost done with vaccinations and are 7 weeks old

UPDATE ;;;;;; both females were just adopted to two local families full of kids. Prepaid for their spay in few months and sending them off next week with toys, blankets, and 100lbs of food.

Thanks for all the kind words, I’m sure everyone here would do the same if you stumbled upon them. Cheers !!

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Friday strut by Tillman.


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This was a pic we took at the Arizona Cardinal Stadium in Glendale ,AZ. They have a great statue of Pat Tillman( my dogs namesake) and a fountain. I named Tillman after Pat turned down a multimillion dollar football deal to join the Army Rangers and defend freedom, ultimately he was killed never to return home.
Tillman sent chills up all our spines when he decided to lay down and block the date of Pats death. Basically to show , I’m still here. .....zoom in 1976-.....2004, blocked by my lil pot roast.
Thanks to both Tillman’s for all you did

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Tillman could fly ,,,,,,,,,,, #rideliketillman

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Going back to the very beginning, 2006, a young 1 year old Tillman is showing his skills........Amazing how good he became as he aged, but this was in the first month of him getting all four paws on the board. Richard Evans did a great job making this vid back in the day, pre all the now standard editing software...My son Reef is now 6'1" and prepping for college, time flies.....Stoli, my Rottweiler was Tillman's best friend and mentor and gets a cameo at the end..

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Posted by Tillman

The very first Apple IPhone commercial ..... #rideliketillman…

Newest iPhone commercial featuring You Tube on the iPhone.

Tillman would stare at these mice for hours,,,,,easy entertainment between skate sessions when you are doing grand openings for Petco....

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That time we walked past some fancy house in Washington DC....

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