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(official fixed upload) TimeSplitters Rewind Discord Server: I joined the Rewind team in mid November of 2017, and up until that p...

Thank you for all your support in 2017, here's to 2018!

We are making some progress on Rewind and feel its time to update you on how things are going. Thanks to Classyham for providing the voiceover for the update...
TimeSplitters 2 to TimeSplitters: Rewind

Another comparison GIF between the original Siberia and Rewind. **This is currently being worked on so subject to change!**


A comparison GIF between the original Siberia and Rewind. **This is currently being worked on so subject to change!**


Happy December everyone!

It’s been an eventful year for everyone at TimeSplitters: Rewind and its been invaluable to have the continued support of all the fans that want to see the game as much as we do. The part-time nature of the project has meant that the life events of individual members can have a substantial impact on development, we thank you all for having the patience while we work through these things.

Since the project came into being in 2013 there have been a of Project Leads, all with the challenging task of pushing this project to completion. Rewind however has not been in continuous development since 2013, with changes in direction sometimes putting development back. Since moving onto CRYENGINE 5.4 four months ago, the team has essentially rebuilt the core of the game from scratch. With the technical assistance (in an advisory capacity) of Crytek the team has made steady progress and currently has perhaps the most stable iteration of Rewind to date.

We’re going to be posting another Developer Update video before the end of the year that will explain exactly where we are in development and approximately when you can expect to play Rewind. The initial release of the game will contain a small selection of features to get the game out there, we’ll gradually add to these features as they are produced.

For now, check out this link showing some in-engine shots of Siberia (TS2 Story) where we hope to be included in CRYENGINE’s #IndieShowcase

**Please note Siberia is still being worked on so is a Work in Progress**

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As part of the Xbox One X enhancement update from Dambuster Studios you can now play TimeSplitters 2 arcade easter egg in native 4K on consoles!

A good excuse to pick up Homefront, much improved since launch.

“It's not just Homefront we've improved on #XboxOneX, the TimeSplitters 2 arcade is now rendered in native 4K!

! Join Us Now !

We are in need of a Texture Artist who is familiar with Substance Painter and/or Quixel Suite who will be available to begin work over the next two months.

Knowledge of modelling workflows is a plus.


Apply by filling the following form :

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Graeme Norgate

The imaginatively titled "Multiplayer game" and the then, work in progress, Time Splinters... compound with a different tambourine rhythm...I certainly knew how to blow minds back in 1999 !

Here's the interview with Tom Clarke-Hill, voice of Cortez from our charity stream a few weeks ago.

The interview section with Tom Clarke-Hill (the voice of Cortez) from the TimeSplitters: Rewind charity stream, helping those affected by hurricane Irma and ...

In aid of those affected by hurricane Irma, the Rewind developers are doing a special charity stream from 12pm to 9pm (GMT+1) tomorrow (10/09/2017) where there will be a Q&A session, showcase of previous builds, in-development work and a special guest appearance.

There will be a chance for watchers to donate money to those affected by the hurricane, which also includes some Rewind developers. We hope to see you there!

Sun 12:00 PM UTC+01
148 people interested

Here is our first Timesplitters: Rewind Developer Update (29th August 2017)

Here we hope to provide brief but regular updates on our most recent progress, featuring a quick rundown on what the team have been working on.

We are making some progress on Rewind and feel its time to update you on how things are going. Thanks to Classyham for providing the voice over for the updat...

- IMPORTANT - Call to arms

So we here at Cinder Arts are looking to grow our team by a sizable amount, this means there are a lot of jobs openings.
We are willing to consider everyone hence why we haven’t provided requirements although you will be expected to perform a test of your ability.
To apply all you have to do is fill in the following form:


We will review every applications, so if you feel you could help in any way; please apply.

Feel free to share this publication, so we can reach more people and get everything we need.

Thank you.

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/!\ - If you see any fake website like this one claiming to sell TimeSplitters Rewind please ignore. TimeSplitters Rewind will be totally free. Thank you.

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Since our last post we’ve had a lot of responses with a lot of things to consider. Firstly, we’d like to clear up some statements made that unfairly criticised the engine used. We made reference to the amount of time taken to achieve certain milestones within CRYENGINE, compared to other game engines. While this seemed to reflect the usability of CRYENGINE, it actually represents the skill area of the team and where we are not as conversant, compared to other engines. With in mind we are still looking for individuals with professional experience in CRYENGINE or C++ in order to fill this skills gap.

In addition, it is important to consider that as this is a small fan project (with big scope), replying on part time input from members across the world means we can’t respond to large engine updates/changes as quickly as we’d like. This reason, combined with the many others associated with the nature of a fan project like this, means TimeSplitters: Rewind will not fall into the usual development cycle expected of a game this size.

Currently we are in talks with Crytek in an effort to iron out some of the roadblocks we’ve been hitting, we have every faith that these discussions will be positive and help us achieve the goal of remaking TimeSplitters in CRYENGINE. For this reason, we are postponing the poll vote to a more appropriate time so we can, in good faith, explain the state of Rewind and how we progress. We are aware of the unique opportunity to work with such a beloved IP, so will not take any decision lightly.

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Recently development on Rewind has gone stagnant- we are completely unable to work with CryEngine with any momentum. What takes us a few minutes in another engine took us up to four days in CryEngine. With that said, we have been waiting for a new release from Crytek that changes a lot of the core systems of the engine and includes new documentation. The problem is this engine update was supposed to release over four months ago and the delays continue.

On the other hand, we ...have a working build in Unreal Engine 4 that the testers have played on and enjoyed. This version worked at a playable framerate on all hardware we tested (including integrated graphics). The problem comes that if we use this version, we cannot use the TimeSplitters IP and would likely have to re-brand.

This is something we have talked about internally and we have a clear idea the direction we would take with it. If this is to happen, we would likely do our own interpretation of what we think TimeSplitters 4 could have been.

We don’t want to make a hard choice just yet without consulting the community. We have very little faith in CryEngine although we don’t want to give up on TimeSplitters- after all, it is what has brought everyone here.

We invite you to discuss your views on our Discord server at in the #rewinddevelopment channel and a poll will be uploaded at the end of the week.

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