We hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays these past couple of weeks! Just wanted to quickly let everyone know that we're really excited about all of the exposure we've received lately. A lot of views, likes, impressions, etc.

The most important thing to do above all is sign up on the website! And, if you want help with the crowdshipping revolution please share this with your friends today and help us get the word out there!

Welcome to 2016 everybody!

While we are still growing wings and folding boxes, you can ensure earlier access to the service by inviting your friends.

High volume shipping always puts a strain on shipping firms during the holidays. The advantage to using Tiny Carrier will be the high volume of travelers during the holidays. This will enable our service even more to ship items without delays!

If you and your friends haven't already signed up, do so now here! -

December is always the busiest month for shipping packages, but this year's bigger-than-ever e-commerce push has put even more stress on delivery companies.