Christmas Caroling in the S. E., Compassion and Jesus is the biggest gift for Christmas John 3:16
Showing generosity!
Thursday free time with Michael Jackson and the Green Team. Go GREEN TEAM!!
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Angie Wright
· October 27, 2016
Such a wonderful program! The love I see here, the compassion, the kindness and the guidance is absolutely beautiful. The children learn about the love that God has for each and every one of them thro...ugh Bible lessons. So many fun activities for the them. Nurturing their heart, soul and mind. See More
Jessika Jefferson
· December 9, 2015
Tiqvah is such a great place... they help my daughter so much and she loves going every single day. This place bring such a positive impact on a child's life. Thank you for all the things you do for the kids
Esther Burgundy Kostich
· September 3, 2014
This place makes such an impact on children's lives. I received more there than I ever gave, and I never regretted a moment I spent there. I would highly recommend volunteering. You will stretch, you... will grow. What better way to spend your time than stretching and growing? See More
With a mission to impact the lives of children body, mind, and soul; we had better have some incredible tools to make that possible. We have things like iPads, school supplies, books, and of course a stellar group of volunteers. One of our most prized resources to accomplish our big goal is our staf

SNOW DAY! We will miss our kiddos today and hope we get to see them tomorrow. How are you all spending your snow day?While you are home with the kids, catch up on what is coming at Tiqvah.
As a new mom, I am beginning to appreciate the unique need of having other moms in my life. Aside from the obvious questions and concerns we parents have, there are experiences that are sweetest when shared. I have been fortunate enough to have friends and groups to be a part of that have provided t
Tiqvah - Hands of Hope is celebrating success.

Kelly is a GREAT friend of Tiqvah and provides some exciting and unique enrichment opportunities. We are so thrilled he has been honored this way! Congratulations Kelly!!

Kelly "Prodigal Son" Williams Sr. has been in the music industry for more than 15 years.
Yesterday was our elementary age Report Card Field Trip. What does that look like exactly? That means that the children who have excelled at school with good marks on their report cards were rewarded with two games of Laser Tag and CiCi’s Pizza! We had 30 students earn the trip this time, which is

Ryan Solida, a friend of Tiqvah and a local app developer, teaching some of our kids the basics of coding. Tiqvah is not only about body and soul, but also the mind. We strive to expose our kids to the jobs of the future.

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It's hard to believe our big fundraiser dinner, Evening of Hope, is right around the corner! This year we would like to invite you to RSVP using our website ( An exciting twist; your RSVP is free! Dinner will be provided through private sponsorship of each table. As usual, the

So I just wanted to take a minute to share how awesome God is and how there are some really generous and kindhearted people in Canton!!

So around 7:30p Ms Karla gets a call from the crew out in Papa Smurf...something is wrong there is a tire pulling on the muffler and it’s stuck on the other tire. Ms Karla and I (Ms Lesley) head out with another van to get the rest of the kids home and see what in the world is going on.

Upon arrival it was true, a tire that was laying in a w...ater hole got caught on the muffler and pulled it down, jamming it against Papa Smurfs rear tire. And there Papa sat in the middle of the road.

AAA had been called with no real answer on when they would get to us. I went back to the church to get some saws so the Mr. Kelly could try to cut the tire. Upon my arrival and after trying the saws we got nowhere. And that’s when God stepped in for us...

A kind man with a work truck stopped by to see what in the world our issue was. He said he would go get his jack and come back and help us. And sure enough about 5 minutes later he and his friend returned to help. With a lot of pushing and pulling Mr. Kelly and these two neighborhood guys got the tire off and were able to bend the muffler so it wasn’t hitting our rear tire any longer.

These two men were such a blessing and so very kind and helpful. They were all dirty and sweaty when they got done. They didn’t have to stop and help but they did and we really couldn’t thank them enough! These were our two Tiqvah angels tonight, they came through and helped us big time!! Just another reminder that God’s got us 😉

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Welcome to the new year! 2018 is off to a great start at Tiqvah. Programming started back up this cold blustery week and we were thrilled to see our kiddos after a long break. Keep checking back here at the blog to see updates on the many fun things coming up in our Tiqvah family. To get the blog ba

We’re back!!!

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What an incredible month we have had here at Tiqvah Hands of Hope! We love our kids and we especially love seeing the wonder in their eyes during all of the holiday merriment that this time of year brings. There are few things that top it. One things that comes close is seeing our volunteers, donors
We have had an incredible month! Our celebration of hope went so well, we've had delightful events for our kiddos, and we have had friends bless our program in numerous ways. We are going to be spending the month sharing all about these incredible happenings here on the blog, so check back often. To

Just wanted to show off our new addition in the sunlight since it was dark last night when I shared the video...I was a little excited! And still am, God is so good!! This may appear to be just a van but to us it’s so much more. To us it’s a way to reach more students in Canton who need hope. To us it’s security for our kids and dependability because they can still come to Tiqvah when they may not have reliable transportation. To us it’s a way to expose our kids to things they may not ever get a chance to experience. To us it’s a way to grow positively in our community and continue to do Gods work in Canton. To us it’s hope and a future. So again I say, thank you!!

Ahhh check out this video for some awesome news!!!

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Happy #GivingTuesday! You can be part of something big by giving to Tiqvah! We are working to impact children's lives body, mind, and soul. Want to know what that looks like? The words of our Site Director Ms. Karla I believe say it best. Below is a link to her fantastic blog post about what a day at Tiqvah looks like from her point of view. Read it and then visit our give page to find out how you can help make those days possible.

Two weeks ago, I was introduced on this page as the Site Director. I thought today I would take the opportunity to show you what that looks like. Tiqvah is a very quiet place in the early afternoon….right up until Miss Elaine’s “INCOMING!”, as she alerts us that a school bus has pulled up. F